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To me, the word “potential” means that you have yet to reach perfection. Let’s start there.

18 years ago, February 2, 2005

that’s hot!


Oh man, great start. I’m psyched to respond!

The only thing I don’t think I like is the font, but all else leaves tons of room for growth and discovery. And after all, isn’t that in many ways the essence of youth?

Mmmm.. precious white space..


Most of my youth was spent dreaming of bigger things. What state of consciousness I was in didn’t have much to do with it, but the fantastic longings of my mind carried me through most of my childhood.

18 years ago, February 2, 2005

Damn.. love the first img. Not too crazy about img 2 tho, but not bad.


Wow, you’re fast! I like the concept of your image, but I think the execution is lacking. The carry over from the first image is very literal, and i like that. I gave you a lot of white space to play with, but I don’t think it’s activated enough. The style of the text has a magazine cutout feel, which implies randomness, yet it’s placement is very rigid because of the perfect white rectangles that it sits on.

I really like the fact that I still have a lot of negative space to play with. This should be a great conversation.


sweet; dig image 1 - the font does clash slightly, but the rest is gorgeous.

image 2 looks harried/hurried - and the text makes me cringe. Do like the carryover of content, tho.



Thanks for the comments! Gives me a lot to think about.

I tried to keep it simple, I suppose it does look a bit hurried. As to the “magazine cutout” look of the text; that is what I was going for after all, as the memories of my youth often consist of millions of random images.

I meant to convey a path of the mind, which often leads you somewhere by going in many directions at once.

Live and learn I suppose. Bring on the next one! : )


fresh starting image, the second image does look a little rushed. maybe if each word was on seperate pieces of paper..

Good Start


Number one would be better without the type.

Number two would be better if I couldn’t name all those grunge fonts, and then hate my brain for retaining that knowledge. I am not sure if all those wacky letterforms mean anything conceptually, but it doesn’t seem like it, and so it is distracting. If you were going for a grunge ‘look’ I would rather see the type done by hand. Oh and the bed part of the image is just odd, I had to stare at it for a minute just to figure out what it was.


Image 1 was off to a great start. Really left it open with all that space and the come-hither look. Kind of touched me (in an entirely innocent kind of way of course).

The text of image 2 seems to imply a fairy tale type narrative but doesn’t have (or hint to) any particularly dreamy or fantastical elements. The edge of the bed is disconcertingly unrecognizable.

The two images do acheive a strong visual connection and work well in a story board kind of way.

I’m interested to see more….