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For those who are to young, Bros, was one of the worst boys band ever, in the eighties… But I’m an eighties freak, and the worst, the better!

17 years ago, May 28, 2003

From all the words in the english dictionary, freak is a good one to describe that thing someone, sometime ago, called band: BROS! So, is this a Designologue about Boys Bands, Bad Boys Bands, Really Bad Boys Bands With Gay Look or Really Bad Music Made By Madonna In The 80’s? Or is it about what fame does to people, that modern trauma of not being famous? I can only see one answer… FAME!

PS: Only now I see that omnipresent B-52’s path… Talking about a REALLY GOOD 80’s band…


all of this is good and fine, but watch what you say about Madonna.


good start here herr…heh I was alive throughout the eighties, but I don’t remember ever hearing bros. Prolly too busy with mario bros…or maybe its a euro thing…or maybe I just haven’t kept up on my boy bands of yesteryear I like the theme…hope you don’t limit it to just being about boy bands…but that’d be aight I guess


oh and I don’t know if inman cares, but I think the thumbnail is generally supposed to be clipped straight from the image


Lincoln: as a designer, I believe that understanding and getting the information correctly is far more important then anything else, and since the thumbnails I tried didn’t worked out, I thought this was the best.

Anyway I’d rather stick to the Fame theme :)


thas cool wasn’t trying to be picky or anything…just noticed but as a designologuer, one of my favorite parts of the process is taking my image under the microscope and selecting the essential part to be thumbed


This image lacks unity for me. The gradient rings, the oversized diagonal pixel lines, the multipied layers and the screening is all too much. As a result the colors are either too washed out or over saturated. The type is defintely the focal point but then there’s nowhere to go from there bacause everything else is that same 35% value. And the amorphous photo/illustration in the background does nothing but clutter the composition even further.

Ditto what lincoln said about the thumb…


fame, fame, fatale fame .. it can play horrible tricks on the brain - Morrissey


Hey Hey Hey. sorry i havent been around to make everyone angry. But i broke my hand and was unable to design. but alas it is free again. I am in Los Angeles. Just started a new company and working on the album Ps Oh yeah sorry to break it to you, but most of everyone here isnt gonna make it to be famous. And the 80s music isnt gonna help. I like Vice City to dog, but not like that son. why college is a waste of time and money