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Here it is :)

I love this outline from jacques tati. He always give me some courtesy feeling. So, for urbanity (understood as refinement and elegance of manner) it was perfect. And I’ve mixed that outline with some urban expansion image. Hope you like it!

17 years ago, October 17, 2005

/*— Great image! Very bold contrasts and the figurative silhouette adds a great dimension.

Just to make sure I don’t destroy your lead, I have a question. When you say “refinement” and “elegance of manner” are you referring to the refinement of people specifically or the refinement of surroundings?

Just want to make sure I begin on the right tangent. Thanks! —*/


Thank you ^_^

I’ve tried to talk about the refinement and elegance of manner in people specifically (the surrounding is pretty invasive, don’t you think?) mixing the clean and lovely shape within some kinda hard environment.

Anyway, my feeling is that both “refinements” are really close so both ways should work together.

… in fact this is a conversation, you can say waht you want! ;o)


/*— Great. The comments were helpful — I think this is a very interesting combination of elements. I’ll be thinking about this design and working on it throughout the week. It may be 7-10 days before I upload an image.

Thanks! —*/


I hate stress. Take your time but don’t forget it! I have too many designologues unfinished!



/— xavi: Sorry about the delay—I guess 7-10 days was meee-larky. I intend to take this one 12 rounds if I can come up good images. I’ll be uploading soon! —/


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