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“April 18th, 1951 The ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community) is established by a Treaty signed in Paris by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the Federal Republic of Germany.”

It was the first step towards an united europe… I thought when you tell a story you better start with the basics ;-)

18 years ago, June 11, 2003

Hmmm, where’s this one going? :D


d’u feel a bit of sarcasm?


i just wanted to give feedback. i gave a 2.0 for this, but want to explain because i don’t think there is anything really bad about the design. there just isn’t anything being really pushed.

i know you are laying the groundwork and you wanted a clear start, but i think it is too spelled out, too literal. so my problem is that there isn’t any real depth on a conceptual level. and the execution is okay. how does the style you are using really reflect the subject?

i am really interested to see how this will go, good subject matter.




NEW WORLD ORDER, PEOPLE! NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM! New Social Order. 1776 Annuit Coeptus! The Year of Conception. E Plurbus Unum! Out of many, ONE. Everybody, Everybody Get Your Latin On! Cthulu is comin’! Lovecraft is laughing. Europe ain’t nobody compared to the USA. So they gotta get their USA style biting dentures on. Nahm Sayin. Start speakin’ in tongues. Who in the UN. What in the world. May I take your new world order please? I would like some KCF Shredders. “Get the shred, in your head!”

Tacosaurus Speaks.


i think thats a very thoughtfull and accurate critique, fashion.