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What can I say? This Wolfboy Toy, tryed to step. But now he is catching beef. One should research their opponent. That is, before getting in the thick with them. I ain’t taking no shit from nobody. And neither is my Throat Slitting Box Cutter.

DEL TACOSAURUS WREX Hostile Designologuers.

17 years ago, July 14, 2003

If the concept is frontin’ then taco be king. Slick design here. Nice how you used found elements and made them fit into a cohesive composition (rather than letting your elements dictate your style for you, which I feel we let happen a lot on this site). Concept is random and silly, but eh… could be fun.


Wolfboy took offense to a comment I made about him being gay. He tryed to initiate a Dsnlg with me about prehistoric gayness, I declined. Instead I initiated a logue themed Throat Slitting Box Cutter: To let him know I don’t fuck around. He tryed to flip his gayness on to me. So I slit his little toy throat.

Bwooolah. Blood drips. Tacosaurus Wrex.


I like the image…

But the content is pretty infantile. Is it a joke?

“To let him know I don’t fuck around. He tryed to flip his gayness on to me. So I slit his little toy throat.”

wtf? Joke or not, that’s pretty lame.

pointless antagonism + violent threats ? Maybe wolfboy is on the same trip.. I don’t know… but it’s silly.


Dearest Anethon Maybe this will clear it all up for you.

The original Designologue initiated by WOLFBOY.

Theme……..: Gayness is prehistoric Description..: Camp Dinos: the first to fudge pack? When were the first uphill gardners in operation? When did the rear gunners attack?

I thought this was a bit of an attack on me, right? I declined that one, and initiated this one.

He accepted by saying “bring it on bitch boy”

You tell me where this is going, because I thought I made it very clear. Some fuck wants to be a smart ass with the King of Smartassedom. He will surely be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Add injury to insult.

Tacosaurus Wrex.


hmmm well yeah, that was some fukd up stuff to say…

“In a slightly Rottenesque Britainican accentuation…. The Tacosaurus replies to this designologue in such a fashion that bewilders buffoons.” — sounded like you were making fun of their accents and calling them buffoons..

But anyway… I’ll just sit back and watch then…


I was talking about Jonny Rotten’s accent, Crypto-Ebono-Tron™ style.

Rottenesque Brittainican accentuation! Johnny Rotten-like British Accent. I hate the Beatles.—> “I ate the Beatles!”

What is Rev.Dr.Luv talking about right below this post? Man, your crazy.


You fool.



shhh. Rev. Don’t blow my cover. I’m hunting Wabbits.


You people do realize that I am not going to actually kill Wolfboy?


I like the eyes, I will be with yo bitch ass shortly….


kind of have a pulp comic thing going on here. I like it.

And that box cutter in the image is weak-ass. Those damn things always break because they have those breakaway sections on them.

Real throat slitters trust Stanley®


Damn Jeromius, you use a full on utility knife for your slashery? That is industrial grade homicide, you must be a contractor!


Hey - only industrial grade for me. I don’t need any of that flimsy Wal-Mart shit breakin’ on me when I be cuttin’ they bitches wit da quickness.

Choosy contractors choose Stanley® brand utility knives. A trusted name for some number of years. The brand you can trust and so forth.


Opening salvo, you’d better run egg. you’ll only go the way of the rest. Your only hope is that a super rich guy thinks you are interesting enough to have as a living theme park attraction.

17 years ago, July 16, 2003

okay - where is this going? I don’t see any relation to the theme and the design isn’t really all that interesting.


I think this has to do with wolfboy’s original theme. This is getting weird. He is hunting my little bitch nephew barney. Shoot the fucker, I hate him anyway.


I might have taken this totally wrong but I thought Taco’s theme was the diss, the cuss, the verbal threatery. I have replied as a threatened wolf does in the wild. I pull my piece and pop caps. Far more to the point than blades. I think i rushed this one a little because I am going to the seaside tomorrow and will not be around for a few days. I am ashamed to look upon this image now. I will return with fresh air in my lungs.


Well, it looks like Barney flipped the script.

The Stanley® Utility Knife seems to have done very well in the throat slitting department. Almost too well in fact. It seems it works better for amputating Toy’s heads, instead of just slitting their little throats.

Barney replies “Uhh hu hu, uhh hu hu Thanks Jeromius!”

The Tacosaurus WREX.

17 years ago, July 16, 2003

Stare at this one for like twenty seconds, then look at a white wall. It is pretty sweet. Barney stains your eyes.


now that’s what I’m talking about!

Don’t fuck wit the purple dino, yo.


Wolfboy got decapitated by Barney. I think that constitutes some serious heckling on the playground.


I am back from the seaside and now sucking on the city exhaust pipes with new verve after a heavy dose of vitamin D. I needed that. Conflict can become so tiresome, it is a mental strain and gets to one and all. You just begin to hear the noises outside the cabin and the wolves close in on there prey like so much retarded meat.

17 years ago, July 21, 2003

What does this mean. I see a lack of congruence. Maybe I am retarded.


let me see, in pst, we have match/game/battle

in designologue we have monologue/dialogue/argument?

. ahh, community. .

as to the design of the last four pieces?

1) hmmm, more retro-stylistic-grandiloquence technique:2.5 (decent composition, needs more depth. come on now, you could bring the element to life with getting too busy.) aesthetics: 1.5 (i get it. but that’s about it. design might have worked better left to right.)

2) dialogue? don’t see it technique: 2. (com-posit-ing) aesthetics: 1.5 (1.2.3 -|wham|- wolf-sniper-deadino and then the text takes it in another direction entirely.

3) hmmm, an actual conversation begins technique: 2 (could have worked on the shadow/contrast of that purple guy, as well as the white ouline on the wolfy’s leg. i’d have even gone so far as to let the text sing a bit with a similar rear shadow as the big guy aesthetics: 3.1 (composition actually works. however, type in lower left could have gone modernisticly flush/butt left/bottom, or moved over to the right and up a bit. right now seems a bit off balance for no disernable reason

4) ahh, actual dialogue here. an epiteth for whom however? technique: 2.5 i’d have gone for more d&s as a means to and end against being forced to use the photo. and the text, a little less grunge please aesthetics: 3.5 deep sense of mood here. if there were a word ‘ballooned’ from the mouth on the left, t’would have to be “ANGST”. the [watching] wolf doesn’t really do much for me. the way it is.

sorry to be so direct. i must be hungry.


Damn, but cajebo is a harsh critic.. We need more of you here!

You really did manage to set a mood here (blissfully distant from the previous three), but my only major complaint is with the text. Sure, it’s grungy, but it’s barely readable. Far too pixelated for my taste. Maybe it doesn’t stand out enough from the rest of the image?

I’d have also made the more of the wolf’s head visable, but that’s just me.


Cajebo gets his FULL ON critique on. Moses, I never thought I would hear such things.


Finally, real critique and discussion next to the images that has to do with the images! I don’t think you should apologize for being direct. We need more of it here.


It is a a fresh voice we hear, but I think one reason we have seen a lack of good dialogue is that there has been a lack of quantity of work. We have dropped from 3 or 4 dsnlgs a day, to that many a month. So, for all of you who are so hung up on good chat, how about you go do a dsnlg.

Taco - I was at the super market today, asking the produce guy where the chives were. He took some wierd instrument out from a cardboard and rubberband sleeve, and sliced open a box and gave me some chives. Now I know what a real throat slitting box cutter is, and you are way way way off. They are square tipped, like a straight razor, with a nice wooden handle and a protective sheith.


Ooh, ooh, Cajebo do me next! Damn that was thorough. I am ashamed of my posts to date (especially this one). I thought I was direct!

I lean towards dismissing this image because the text was such a challenge to decipher. Not because it was cleverly masked but because of the irregular anti-aliasing. The wolf as a subtle thing works for me and you definitely established a mood here.

The thing that’s killing me here is the jump from one image to the next. My original vision of Designologue is a fluid conversation, each image building on the foundation of the last. Like good fiction with a steady pace. Our catalogue of existing images doesn’t really reflect this though. Anyone interested in returning to that ideal?


OK, a lack of congruence? This is has been a hostile designologue from the off, where is the harmony in that? I see no smooth discussion and flow to an argument (unless you are in an 8 mile style rap show down) I think the jump and erratic nature this thing has taken is quite a good visual representation of a verbal assault. Do you people want some kind of rulebook to work by? Do you want every design conversation/argument/debate/discussion to feel the same? Inman, your original vision? Are you looking for little design bitches? Some kind of design master race… will your next trick be anexing Poland?

I am not sure about bharpers comment about quantity, sorry to sound cheesey but a couple of phrases spring to mind to sum up, certainly this designologue,

  1. Quality not quantity. Speaks for it’s self
  2. More speed less haste. I think the main problem could be rushing to get a reply up there. I think image 2 and 3 suffer from this in this set.

Cajebo, that is some sweet critical writing but I am not a person that uses many of these new and fangled web abbreviations, what are d&s?

I am quite happy with this image, it is about the mental breakdown in argument when you might be flowing with words and ideas but deep down you know that you are spouting bollocks and not making perfect sense. It is supposed to be grungy and dark in style, I am still not convinced that I needed to make the text any clearer because it puts across the confusion of the situation.

Finally, I enjoyed reading the comments on my last image, particularly that fact that they all seem to be taste based and different.


The six designologues I linked to do not all feel the same (maybe Neue Moderne and caution a little but that’s just our style) but utilize the same progressive visual development.

That layering is what makes a designologue a designologue and not a disconnected visual narrative. So no, there’s no rule book, but there are guidelines. This isn’t some whipped together, phpBB forum where everyone is pretending to play Photoshop Tennis with their pirated copies of Photoshop. There’s a method here that distinguishes this site from all the others. A method that’s not being adhered to.

Your argument is like saying that all things baked taste the same regardless of ingredients. Not so. And I’m not singling you guys out this is just the latest straw on my hump.

I’m all for quality over quantity but I think the issue here is that neither is being delivered as of late (I have maxed my limit and am awaiting responses in my designologues) and one is better than none to some eyes. Again, not directed solely at you two, nor am I exempt.


wolfy, my comments weren’t directd at you or this dsngl. I am telling those who complain about a overall lack of comments, that they need to make some art worth commenting on if they want to have it ctitiqued.

I also think that your image does represent a mood and documents the change in feeling during an argument. But, I can also appreciate Inmans desire to have a cohesive thread that continues throughout the series. This one started out with toys, insults and barney. Now it is deep and moist and dank and emotional. I can appreciate if you are trying to give some validitity to this dsnlg, but it does feel a bit disconnected from the previous images.


Yeah man, I know it can be hard to maintain. Case in point.


I thought that mine were pretty funny. A toy is someone who thinks they got it going on, but don’t know the history (graff term). Toys get dissed, means they get painted over, or potentially beaten. Toys tend to think they can go out and go over anyone. Wolfboy was stepping on my toes with challenges for his SECOND designologue, when he has only posted one image to this site, despite his one-offs. So I maked it clearasil that he would be getting his throat slit challenging the likes of me to a verbal skeet shoot-out. Then he came back with guns trying to kill Barney. I reinforced my point by allowing Barney to turn around and kill him. Even if Barney is lame, he still has more cred than Wolfboy, and thus EVEN BARNEY could kill Wolfboy.

Now it is on some EMO tangent where someone is sitting in a cabin somewhere, crying for mommy because the wolves are outside. I think the next one is going to have Wolves eating Wolfboy, for fronting and not really being a Wolf, but instead just a measly TOY!

How is that for Justification of my two images, pictured in this violent hole of a Designologue.


geez Ben - I’ll finish CLUE this evening!


Not sure what cred has to do with being called gay by some skater ponce. I just thought a bit of a visual slanging match would be more preferable to some verbal bitching (which is clearly far more your style Taco), this is a design site isn’t it? I didn’t realise you had to be hanging around for several months on this site before you can respond to insults. Maybe this whole thing would have been easier if I had just posted ‘your beard looks shit Grizzly Adams, you redneck bitch’ as a reply to Tacos original diss on the no. 216: wilco cnvs. Wolfboy designologue.

And OK I’m sorry for not following suit with the style of side splitting images to do with knives, I tried with my second image and it was shit, I just thought they were fucking boring.

I will try harder in future to tow the line.


If you were to call me Grizzley Adams, I would take it as a compliment. At least he has CRED.

Love is the same as hate, just admit it. You love me. You love my Grizzley Adams beard. You sweat my American nuts. You want to grow up to be just like me.

Skater ponce? Get your facts straight. What makes you think I am a redneck? I live in the fucking HOOD.

What have you been doing all this time? Researching me? Checking out my presence?

I am full of HUMILITY. INSULT ME ALL DAY! I love it, I swear. Your insults are compliments to my chef.

Del Tacosaurus Wrex!


Taco, you’re brilliant!!!


That is the gayest comment I have ever seen in the history of comment making anywhere. I may be sick.


? you need a mirror.


Ah, the diplomacy of designers and their transAtlantic relations. There’s a reason we all sit behind computers all day. ;D The world doesn’t need anymore George Bushes. Or flaming bushes for that matter.