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i decided i wanted to create a plaid out of text… specifically the comments from my favorite designologues. i tried using colors, and different fonts, but simplicity was most effective.

19 years ago, April 9, 2004

WOW, this will be hard to beat from its baseness. Sheat. You got me cold on this one. Time for the thinking cap…nice one.


Well I think the image fits the theme perfect, which is very important. But I don’t like to look at it. Nice work… Did you get this idea after the new strike image or before?


its a neat concept. im not so keen on the visual factor. looks like a lot of text.


it looks best from 15 feet away…


HA. you used the Natfields and NcCoys!!! wha?


i really like the idea behind this image… i would have preferred to have seen it in a macro (rather than a micro) perspective (you prob would have lost the readability of the text you used here though, which is part of what makes this good). color could not have hurt this image either



Sorry I have been so lax…I’ll just post one reason, shut up & get crankin’ on a response next week…

My current helll and heaven


Nice concept, and treatment. Did u use the fonr for anyreason? (just wonder) Kepp up the good work^_^


the idea I like, it fits with the theme, but It’s not visually pleasing to me at all.


OK, so I have been MIA for a while…long while…reno’ing our new home or rather managing it & such. That and a very busy studio this summer has kept me away from more pleasurable “leisure” activities. No excuses but check this out, and you’ll see why…

my 24/7 challenge