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The Definitive Critical Deconstructive Analysis of frazereddyandthegimP (athesisauthoredbyLincolnandcreighton)

Creighton and I are examining no. 124: frazereddyandthegimP with the intent to interpret the subtle themes and techniques used by the artists by taking apart this misunderstood masterpiece, which as of now ranks as the lowest completed logue to date on the site; in presenting the source material that we have in new light, we hope to reveal new truths and hidden beauty, the origins of the apocryphal ‘frazer’, and bring to light the truly profound nature of what, we feel, has been overlooked by the design community.

19 years ago, April 21, 2004



You guys are awesome!!


now we’re talkin’!


this is so esoterically titledthegimp… you guys better turn this into a comedy.


Lets go hang out in old busted ass designologues. sounds fun. I’m up for a fieldtrip.




April 24th, 2004 AD 02:23 AM EST

My research of frazereddyandthegimP has, so far, only lead to more questions. I’ve laid out an outline for study and focused in on all they’ve given us, origins. Particularly, where the ‘eddy’ is most likely to dwell. In North America, in a region called California, known for the Valley Quail and sparkly whips. At this vantage point, the terrain takes the likeness of a portentous beast. Some sort of alien squid creature with all-seeing, lazer beam eyes. Could this be a hint? inconclusive.

Two others dot the map (seen in figure 124_1). gimP, in England, and the mysterious 3rd figure, frazer referred to here as [f], in Canada

Curiously missing, is Asia and the greater parts of Africa and Europe. Discarded for irrelevance? or omitted to cover up some secret past life?

Finally, the only direct message we’re given, ‘and we all live in harmony on top of [f]’s bald head’ appears simple at first, but when probed further, we find a physical anomoly that makes my brain hurt:

Frazer lives in Canada We all live on Frazer’s head. Frazer lives on his head…?

After hours of exhausting legwork, I felt I must pass the laborious inspection on to my colleague.


April 24th, 2004 AD 02:26 AM EST

In this image, I’d like to point out a few of the subtle nuances and semi-hidden story within no. image number two of the aforementioned logue, beginning with the non-participating “frazer,” referred to in the image simply as “[f].”

Firstly, some of the obvious references position “[f]” as simply not particpating, hence the strong foreground textual element stating, “[f] don’t play”. However, we’ll also notice the guitar and dumbfounded look upon his face, suggesting his lack of musicianship with the instrument. His hairless scalp possibly suggests a feeling of vulnerability, or even a grasping at his unborn past — [f]’s nine months in the womb.

Upon further examination, however, we sense a deeper meaning lurking amongst the Photoshop Stretch™ and overlayed imagery and texture. Note, the over-large textual element in the lower right stating, “Piss off” repeatedly, suggesting a sense of angst within this astounded [f]. The streaking red beside him possibly representing this anger, or even more likely, a writhing bloodlust, commonplace amongst 20-somethings in his generation.

The Jack Daniel’s “Old No. 7 Brand” stamp in the upper right presents the possible drowning of sorrows due to exclusion from participation as well as the pointing out of his lack of guitar-playing skills — the sunburst behind it pressing the idea upon us that the drink may be his only source of hope. The lack of clarity and half-toned gradation feels reminiscent of a specific year of bottles manufactured in the early 1960’s, implying a not-yet-forgotten episode from his past, literally “branded” upon his poor psyche.

I try to heighten the awareness of [f]’s lack of participation and feelings of abandonment through his absence in my own piece. Also, I present the “[f] don’t play” in a slightly different light — its repetition a symbol of a command from the archgimP and eddyism rather than a statement of fact. The fractured ground becomes a visual metaphor for his shattered feelings and sense of belonging. The Photoshop Stretch™ transcends its inital meaning and manifests itself as a literal wall, holding the ghosted [f] away in the corner.

The patterned stamp from the upper left corner of the original image (a hand perhaps? or maybe even a skewed flame reinforcing this demonic anger?) leaves a taste of deeper mystery. A faint air of primitive man’s cave paintings comes to the forground in these markings, leading one to believe that frazer considers himself somewhat subhuman — or perhaps this is merely how the gimP and eddy perceive him.

The story unfolds as we continue this lecture of a truly remarkable series of emotion and struggle.

19 years ago, April 24, 2004

The success of this dsnlg rests on its ability to score LOWER then frazereddyandthegimP.


Do you guys have any insight as to [f]’s enlarged ghosted figure in image 2? A representation of his diminished impact on the musical world?


May 6th, 2004 AD 07:35 PM EST

I’m afraid that my colleague, creighton, has made a slight, but significant error in his interpretation of these two phenoms’ cryptography. His assumption that the phrase ‘Old No 7 Brand’ refers to Jack Daniels Liquor seems like a fair and obvious connection, but I’ve found that it is probably not correct.

After close inspection of the third image (fig. 124_3), I’ve found clues that support an altogether different hypothesis. When broken down to ‘old’, ‘No 7’, and ‘brand’, we see it’s in fact a sly reference to corporate America’s age-old abuse of the 7 deadly sins.

Here, I’ve taken a detail from the image, turned it 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and presented it in different light for clarity. We see a dark, industrial landscape, billowing smoke from 7 stacks, silhouetted by an enormous, burning sun (a suggestive green in the source image).

And what about the focus of the original? the closet. Possibly a sanctuary, a hiding place from the marketing monstrosity that archgimP sees the world around him to be. But curiously missing from the closet, is any sign of pants. Does the artist feel that no matter how hard he tries, part of him will always feel naked and vulnerable? Reminds me of the old saying, “you can buy every shirt in the store, but it won’t keep your woo-ha from dangling.”

It seems to me that this unique series is both a defiant fist thrown up at big business and a desperate cry to anyone who is willing to listen.

Yes, it truly is this green.

19 years ago, May 6, 2004

I’m really enjoying these analyses.


talking about art is like dancing about architecture


It seems that eddy was saying a lot more than I gave him credit for! The Marijuana Logo only seems to support your theory about eddy’s desires to overturn corporate america’s values, Lincoln.

We’re through the looking glass here, people…


Let me begin by stating that the fourth source image from the DSNLG under analysis has been by far the most mentally exhausting communicative piece from the series. I intend to shed some light and reveal some truths that my research team and I have most fortunately unearthed.

Judging from eddy’s question “this green?” we begin to see eddy’s true nature: eddy, once a former human being, is now in fact a robot. His misunderstanding and complex computations of the gimP’s former statement “it truly is this green” forced him into a period of solitude and analysis — a duration of aproximately 42.5 hours. He attempted to make a quantitative representation of the statement, visually responding with a complete lack of objectivity.

The real discovery here during this rendering of a robot’s logical behavior is the evidence of eddy’s journey into the age-old dichotomy within all humans: good versus evil, made apparent by the two rectangular stripes in the upper left corner of the image. Using our team’s two super-computers, we enhanced the resolution of the original image to bring these elements to the foreground of our analysis — revealing eddy’s comprehension of good and evil: a plus and minus — positive, negative. Our resulting image also produced some unwanted artifacts as it traced through the various pixels, attempting to make sense of the ambiguity at hand. After seven days of computations, our two supercomputers evolved into a state of consciousness just before self-terminating. We were fortunately able to salvage the hard drives and retrieve this resulting image.

The effects of this image on our computing analysis lead me to believe that not only was eddy a former human and now robot, but that he had discovered how to time travel effectively. We hope to reverse engineer the evidence left behind (after we receive some grants for a more powerful set of supercomputers) in order to fully understand the complexity of eddy’s genius further.

19 years ago, May 23, 2004

I hate to pollute the analysis but this designologue has done much to restore my faith in this forum. I say again, “Wicked.”


yay! .. err… ehem. We’re glad you appreciate our research efforts. Your contributions and support will go far as we strive to understand the complexities of this DSNLG.



I am peeing my pants with laughter….

Er, and excitement over this exciting discovery….


Wonderful man, now is this green? Keep up the good work.


Lincoln now I wonder… image 5 is just odd.. what will come…


June 23rd, 2004 AD 03:50 PM EST

After spending over a month alone with fig. 124_5, carefully studying its intricacies, I can say two things with assurance:

  1. There is a nipple in it
  2. My colleage, creighton, is high on crack cocaine

I mean, really…robots?

19 years ago, June 23, 2004

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if all pornstar not have perfect nipples, they not be considered PROFESSIONALS.



August 18, 2004 AD | 11:14 PM

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19 years ago, August 19, 2004

couldn’t have said it any better myself.


I was always under the empression that graphic design convays a thought or idea threw imagery,if one needs to write explanatory paragraphs and spoon feed concepts along with the image is it good design? Don’t get me wrong,some concept may be quit abstract, so one might not see what the intensions of the artist are or the thouht they are trying to convay. By the way is going to rain today…….


its just with this logue these guys like to talk shite, sorry i mean explain the metaphors and impact behind thier piece :P… nice work though


Zed is Dead !


Who’s Zed?

I thought the lorem ipsum was a bit of a cop out. This logue requires deep verbal explanation.


“Don’t worry about it. Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead.”


February 9th, 2005 AD 04:43 PM EST

What do you know? The question echoes across figure fig. 124_7 as it has in my mind ever since we started this epic journey.

What do we know? Not much. At this point, without going back to my notes, I can say only this much:

there are two beings, emotionally conflicted souls, known as gimP and frazer (and maybe someone named eddy), who are cosmicly aligned to some distant fate (and we think one of them is a robot), and that they’ve left clues for us to decipher about their destiny to change the world, themselves, and maybe even the world.

So what do we know? Perhaps the better question would be Who wants to know? A shadowy figure looms over a street sign with an air of mysteriousness. The sign proclaims boldly ‘Gimp vindicated - People Porn!’. or is it ‘born’..i think porn, but aren’t they really two sides of the same coin? Perhaps the gimP already knew about the recent nipple induced ratings spike in an otherwise lackluster critical response. Maybe it was planned. An intentional diversion. To distract unwanted eyes away from the key issues hidden in the subtext. Who’s responsible here is plainly clear…

the Free Masons.

I leave this to my colleague to draw the final conclusion and give these souls peace.


18 years ago, February 9, 2005