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real graff level…. if u r a styler beat me mother……! hardcore to my heart…… nutsonerism

19 years ago, April 16, 2004

c.ram aka daer aka read aka …. here some real graff stiyles…. unn isch saach noch des sin hier ka richtisch graffsteiler..des sin nurema all zusamme kinnä.. ma gugge was di e it dem scheissdrechzeusch hier mache..

19 years ago, April 16, 2004

he c.ram, eat this. hope you can manage this! dont bite my style. he alter, was ab. des bockt keinen von den narretschabs. die buggen tschie was. bis später…………………………..n.

19 years ago, April 18, 2004

ok ok ok….du willst es wohl net anner habbe .. jetzt gibtswas richtich uff die ohre geknallt.. die ganzen tschabs fangen bald an hier zu poste..wat ab.. wo ism waxerman sein kommendar ???


whats up?


Not quite sure what u fella’s are on about, but all the images are nice, but the last one i think is the best so far… nice style and use of colour.


so…go out and bomb… my activity spreads over my cpu…. now comes the real more cpu styles wanted..….where are your trainz and your wallz..let me see your old skool aerosouls !!!


19 years ago, April 26, 2004

sorry….there is no link behind the bold type.. it was just a mistake ..sorry…..dead link image behind..


nice images. #3 is the strongest so far. The them stylerism is either beyond me, or makes no sense.


thus I had straight my firstlines bombed, there I heard dogs and as I looked around the cops already catched me. That I could still photograph as I from the prison came. sorry my translation tool writes only shit……………

19 years ago, May 3, 2004

excellent image - apart from the red paint in his roller tray ;)


maybe the roller tray is red.. I have seen green, silver, yellow.

Nice image, great way to flip the style, and stay with the theme.


Sh*t, I love this idea for a graff battle I wish I used it in mine.. The only thing I would have done differently is used that nasty shade of brown they actually use to go over graff at least in chicago…


did anyone see the ‘subconscious art of graffitti removal’? i saw it at commudesmax’s pad on a Rezfest dvd. its a very deadpan documentary style short that treats covered graffiti as a high art. that shit was genius! They go through its history and process with this boring, serious tone comparing it to rothko’s styles.


This is a great one to me, because it did an excellent contrast to the last image. And as Lincoln mentioned that documentary. (wink at linclon) If it’s applies in here, it will be even better.

me dig this a lot~~wow