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One day, One day this will be a reality.

19 years ago, January 17, 2004

Sorry it took so long for this one, I was playing with alot of ideas of what it could mean. everything from Jewel going Britteny Spears, to space in heaven being full. But I rested on this.

Vivi La PEPSI!


Man, you’re all “the peoples’ alternative.” First Sega over Nintendo, now Pepsi over Coke! Not to say we’re not in agreement… ;D


No, I haven’t forgotten you, just having a bit of trouble getting the concept to work visually.

But maybe now I can do it with my Wacom pen!!!

((ecstatic little dance))


Whoever can identify the most logotypes wins!

I’ll get you started: A is for Apple

19 years ago, January 20, 2004

that’s really good nerdy.

k is for kmar… oh.. nevermind.



Apple Big Lots or Bed Bath and Beyond. Coca Cola Dell Eckerd or Exxon Ford General Electric Hewlett Packard IBM Johnson and Johnson K Mart Lowes Microsoft Northwest Airlines Oracle Pepsi Quaker Ryder Sears Toys R Us UPS Verizon Wal Mart Xerox Yellow Pages? Zenith

hmmm… there was no Z…


Taco’s got them except: B M U Y


now I’m sure I’m down to the B and the Y…


B = Best Buy


This is a really fucking great 2nd image. What a stellar concept. Great job nerdartist.


She has souled out her morals, she souled out what she believed in, then she souled out herself.

19 years ago, January 23, 2004

It’s amazing where working on images takes you, this changed like 6 times while i was working on it, at one point i had marilyn manson, and bach on there, then it was angelina jolee, then man I dont know. The ever changing images are always the fun ones tho.


I’m missing some color on that one… but is a nice shot!

fmi, are you using enya’s typography? Is too similar, don’t you think?


Well I was not fimular with enya’s type but I have just looked at it and no, I mean they both have that hand written quality, but they are conciderably diffrent.


Sorry this one took so long, it got a bit on the personal side.

19 years ago, February 3, 2004

nice text treatment!!!


I think this one is great. I gave you a four for this one. Best of the series so far.

All of the elements are treated so carefully. I love the way the ballerina’s and her toe aligns with the radiating lines from the shelves behind her. There is a lot of motion, yet everything looks really static ( a very cool dynamic). And the text treatment is really wel thought out. It’s been done before, but you took the time to do it right. I love the way you selected text so that it alludes to the concept, but doesn’t spell anything out.


No, I actually have the balls!



Figgured I would go Social Issues with this one.

19 years ago, February 14, 2004

is the broken english on purpose? or is that a typo?


me fail english? that’s unpossible!


The colors in here seem a little flat, and the image seems to be deteriorating, like it was resized too much. It’s a lovely composition, though.

I won’t harp on the mispelling, but there really isn’t a lot of text here to have made proofing too daunting…


Sorry this has taken so long - we’re moving, and things are just crazy right now. Hopefully I’ll have a chance in a week or so…


must be a LONG week…