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When hearing something “Something Light” i couldnt help thinking about developing a cereal type ad. Those always have something light in them….

19 years ago, April 5, 2004

nice start…i like the “light”ness of the modern building in the background…

still has a strange dreamy quality…almost contrived lightness…like a clockwork orange feeling…everything all happy but soon…ultraviolence.

of course, it could just be me…projecting impending doom on a happy image.

response soon


Is this heaven? Or just the ceral of the Gods?


thanks for the comments, cant wait to see what physcotic lightness you come up with…


I like it…this would be a hard one for me cause I have a hard time leaving white spaces open even when I know I should…but I think you did a good job I would have taken this in the direction of wieght…just to avoid this…. I like the fact that you did both… it looks crisp..good job…


where are my droogs ? is that really the moloko bar in the back ??


so i order some milk !!


Had a little delay in coming up with an idea after the first image. This is pretty close to my original idea.

19 years ago, April 12, 2004

Thats kewl, love the image… kinda thought he was taking a shite at first, but afterwards it seemed to me he looked like he was pecking something like a chicken…


actually, I’m thinking he’s about to take off.

This is weird…when I first clicked on this I was listening to a song by The Bug called Superbird and he’s singing ‘I’m a super guy and I love to fly. Spread your wings and fly’ over and over again’

I gave it a 4 for nice vector work and weird synchronisity.


Yeah I thougt he was about to fart. But I love how the guy looks, great job.


ha…fartin feathers that had crossed my mind thanks for the comments…and dig the synchronisity factor

i was definitely trying to convey taking off…not pecking or pooping…heh


It is a lovely image you had there chickenafro. the feather at the right bottom corner looks like he has a sunglasses on :: da Bad Ass Feather~~


something light lucidity damp dreaming….

19 years ago, April 16, 2004

nice collaboration of two visuals (better integration than mine) and nice addition of sperm…

what are we trying to say here? cereal, flying, spooge, dreaming,falling…

nice and disturbing i like it


I’m adding this to my favorites!!


sorry for the delay…lotsa work goin on

18 years ago, October 10, 2004

I loved the flow of the conversation until this image. It subscribes to a totally different style than the others. Each of the other images directly tied into the previous, but this one only relates metaphorically. I think it’s too abrupt of a change.


I like it afro dude… the idea and theme from the last one is still there, but the creative execution is has gone in another direction which is great.

As long as the main idea and communication is coherent between pieces, it doesntmatter if the style changed from piece to piece.

nice work.


Reminds me of the ResFest Site….


Beerad, I was just about to say the same thing. Though, I still like its interpretation and style


thats so funny

i actually was trying to make a direct relation to the sperm from the previous image and kept picturing them as balloons and that is where I came up with the idea

i wasn’t referencing resfest (at least consciously)