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kick off !!…… 1:0 (1.)…….c.ram

19 years ago, May 2, 2004

Futbol! I like this, but what’s the deal with the space invaders?


Was wondering when this was going to start…nice beginning. Not sure what the space envaders mean, but looks kewl none the less.


you´ll need 11 space invaders to complete a football team, and 22 to have a soccermatch.


Nice image you got there c.ram. I like it a lot. I think the problem with the space invader issue is we will relate those little guys with plane, sky, shooting, more than on the ground. It’s just my opinion. But good job overall. I’m interested to see how will this dslg go^_^


2 - 1 inVZbl takes the lead with a flying header…

Liked the little space invaders dude’s, and that made me think of an old lcd game i used to play when i was a kid…

so i decided to take it in the old asian hand held game direction…

19 years ago, May 10, 2004

nice image invzbl..back to the old computer love…. football with invaders rocks………


hey…it was offside ! it is an iregular goal…..refree…..


“heya heya heya heya hey…cram ist the best you have ever seen !!”…sorry about my fans in the curve behind your goalkeeper….that my hools - the real fans.. “ihr könnt nach hause gehn ihr könnt nach hause gehn ihr könnt ihr könnt ihr könnt nach hause gehn!”….our soccersongs for you invzbl….create some stadium atmosphere


“ke tora, bo-ri-te, na pana gamithite. ke tora, bo-ri-te, na pana gamithite!!” the greek fans yell out in response… There all getting riled up now…

even the aussies are joining in “where’s your father, where’s your father,where’s your father referee. You never had one, you never will, cause your a bastard referee..


c.ram where u at????

you only got a yellow card not a red, and u have no more subs left… come on take the throw in.


Based on c.ram’s explanation of the invaders, I just started laughing.

Then inVSbl throws this out. My sides hurt. Not to mention, I love that old handheld. Just nice.

I will wait for a few more to come out, but you can prolly count on some 4s if all goes well. You guys are really conversing well together on this one.