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I’ve been working on this image for awhile - drew the figures out on paper, scanned it in to Photoshop, colorized and viola!

19 years ago, March 28, 2003

wow You drew that yourself…

Hm.. lesse.. what will my move be…


her shoes and socks and pants.. they all match!


Why, that’s why he’s helping her out - she’s a fashion victim!


next, you should draw him taking her to GAP.. safely, ofcourse!


Wouldn’t want her to fall into the GAP. That could be dangerous.


Good, he’s lifting with his legs.

I’ve got to admit, I really like how this is starting out.. Jeromius isn’t saying much with his image, but he’s left a HUGE door for Krystman. Sequential ‘Logs are cool.


What’s wrong with red shirt, white pants, white socks and white shoes?? That’s the outfit I am wearing right now.


I wanted to keep this first image simple, I feel it’s easier to build on an image like this.

fashionvictim - I think a red shirt, white pants, white socks and white shoes look sexy on a woman.

Hmmm … where have I seen this before?


Hmmmm… I was wondering why that guy lifts this woman… and then I struck me…

I have changed the style though, I proubably couldn’t keep up with you.. I guess it was the idea behind DSNLG anyway… ^_^

19 years ago, April 1, 2003

Nice one, Krystman!


very nice - I think that this DSNLG is going in the right direction. I don’t mind the style change, I figure the whole idea behind this log is to just kind of play with illustration a bit, not necessarily build on the previous image. As long as we stick with the theme, I think this will be a pretty cool log.


Funny! I want to see fig.3 and fig.4 now ;p


oh, you will … thanks for leaving that open. I’ve already sketched out an idea for img 3. Should have it up sometime tonight.


Kind of a take off on img 2. - figure, no matter what your profession may be, you have to excercise some caution.

19 years ago, April 2, 2003

mmm, blood }••{


that’s simply awsome…


This has certainly taken an unexpected, alarming turn! Is that guy stealing her wallet or just copping a posthumous feel in Fig. 2?! Jesus…


bring out yer dead. bring out yer dead.

(monty python anyone?)


I’m going to leave fig. 2 up to the imagination.

I also realized that maybe I’m watching way too much adult swim lately.


Those are some great illustrations, jeromius. I especially like the texture on the blanket - nice touch!


My old professor would be so proud of me. I mean, I even included DIVERSITY in this img. That’s one thing that he used to drive into our heads.


It makes me feel so much better to know that not all serial killers are white men. Thanks for the enlightenment.


… and that they can work together in harmony.


U… N… I… T… Y…

Making it work.


thats a great image… great job.. simply brilliant.



Guess my slump is over. It really is true what they say about “slumpbusting”.


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr KASPLOTSCH

Er, I’ve tried some more indirect approach.

(sorry for the delay)

19 years ago, April 9, 2003

heh heh heh … cool. I’ve got the perfect response for this one.

Nice texture on that manual - is that all in Photoshop or did you scan it in?


Funny! And terrifying!


I am a sick, sick bastard.

19 years ago, April 15, 2003

At least you took the time to reflect…some people just can’t be bothered.


LOL “Reflect”

Hmm, but we are kinda stuck.. gotta think about something new Pounder


That’s hilarious! I hope this didn’t happen at the guy’s work. He’d be in violation of the Health and Safety in Employment Act!


I have to say that this last image is fantastic. I really enjoyed what you wrote jeromius just as much as I like the images you created. Nice work!


Thanks for the comments everyone! I think that this log has had some of my best work yet, and I’m really liking the way it’s playing out.

And it’s important to reflect. Sometimes, we just don’t take the time to stand back, think about things, and admire them.

Now I notice that I have a random “n” and I forgot to add a space in the text. So I guess I should reflect on that.


You can’t lose when you use blood in an img. Nice job.


i love this one jermoius… my only complaint would be that the dead guy is in a sleeping position.. so its like, he’s sleeping on the job, and some guy with a chainsaw has come to make sure he is ok, and poor blood on him while he sleeps.. lol.


That’s not a sleeping position - that’s a “Holy shit! I just got a chainsaw to the back!” position.

I thought that was obvious. Perhaps not.

Oh, and this image was inspired by the chainsaw scene in American Psycho (the book or movie), I even contemplated drawing this guy so he only had sneakers on.


…naked with sneakers would’ve been better.


that’s what I meant - naked with sneakers.


Krystman - I’ve loved your images, and they’ve been a lot of fun to play off of. I thought I would get stumped with the chainsaw image (not really sure how that tied in to safety, but that’s okay).

Personally, I’d like to explore the safety aspects of dangerous chemicals or fire or something like that.

I’ve only got one more illustration to go - and I want to make it good.


My bad, I must’ve overlooked the word “only” in your, “only had sneakers on” post.


slow day randy? That’s 3 posts!

I should be one to talk … cutting and pasting is starting to put me into a coma.


What did you do your illustrations in, Jeromius?


I sketch them out, scan them in and then clean them up in Illustrator. I then bring them in to Photoshop, colorize them and voila!


Nice - so you retrace them in illustrator? You seem to keep the line quality quite well…


yeah, basically I trace over the sketch and try to clean the lines up. Another trick I use when I’m feeling sort of lazy is to import the sketch in to Photoshop, clean up and problem spots with the eraser tool and then define the image as a paintbrush - then I just use the brush tool, place the image where I want, click it a couple of times to get nice, bold lines and I get an almost near-quality duplication of my original sketch. It’s ghetto, but it works (I used that technique in image 1 of this log).


Where did Krystman go?


I’m reflecting -_^

Seriously - I’m quite busy at work because of a very important Project but it should be over this Weekend… I should be able to post something new then.. cya


this makes me feel good. like a deep inside kind of good. a deep, fluttery feeling that makes the bowels just EXPLODE in wonderful awesomeness! wow! rub a nut


Has this conversation died?


ahhhh! one more new dsnlg update and this log will be buried forever!

And I was looking forward to finishing this sometime this year.


c’mon you guys, don’t give up on this yet! t’woodn’t be safe!

this parody brought a smile to my face at the end of a long thursday.


now, get back to it you two!


Yeah, more please!

Chop, chop! :P


I have no idea what happened to Krystman, I’d love to finish out the rest of this log (to date - still the best one I’ve done).

I was just browsing through my unfinished dsnlgs - and it’s a shame this one will never play out completely.

My next image is still sitting on my computer, waiting to be uploaded.


Shite this is a funny one… damn shame it didnt get finished…


Excuse me whiilst I add this battle to my favorites… :D


/*— I liked the progression of this DSNLG a lot. At the beginning it’s a giggley demonstration of the theme, but, in a glorious twist of events, it becomes this dark-humored death manual with blood spatters, fingerprints, chainsaws, and… reflection.

Hilarious. Great job you two’z. —*/


man this was shaping up to be an all time classic logue shame it never got adding it to my favourites anyway :)


I would love to finish this, it’s been far too long.