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seeing robot chapman dancing made me feel that sharing his talent was the only way people would belive that he’s not just a boy, he was sent here to battle Luce the Goon. seeing is believing - peace down.

18 years ago, January 31, 2005

I will pop and lock with you soon. Good start.


Love it.


Yeah this site needs more work like this.


i think the mouth is on the wrong side of the shadow. ;)

interesting piece… i like the touch of blue!


Revenge of the B-Bots.. Dope img, I like the one with the steel plated comb-over.


Maybe my browser is pulling the wrong image, But this is one of the gayist things i’ve seen on this site………..

Besides the one with the hot pink people falling out the sky


Oh my..


my most sincere apologies Eurip. I think your browser must be playing big tricks, massive tricks in fact, on you. not gay, but proud


ooer, contraversy.

I had an art teacher, once.

He said ‘art is anything that evokes a response’, so, well done, kiddy.

I dig the idea, but I’m curious about the method… and why pink, anyways?

The suspenders rule, btw.


“But this is one of the gayist things i’ve seen on this site…”

What are we like 14? (if you are in fact 14, my apologies, carry on with calling everything ‘gay’)


Yeah, what’re you stoopid!?

Come on, I mean everyone knows it’s spelled ‘ghey’ when used in a derogatory sense.

; )


ja bless. ‘ghey’ - word

as for the pink club scene, pink is blatantly the classy clubs’ colour of choice.

and how many self respecting, b-boy robots do you know that would frequent a discoteque branded anything other than classy? questions…


Nice illustrations, cute lil breakn metal men.

The only thing i would say that the text could have been worked on more…


if you have not seen kiddy nutkins illustrations before.. (i’m assuminmg kiddy nutkin is who i think he is..).. then you probably might think this is gay or geigh even.. but if you spent some time looking at his work… you would realize that it is not so gay at all…

nice to see some yh’rs taken part.


Wow! I know the way it is spelled (right) Gay Gay Gay…

Alot older than that quack, i mean Doc. oh sorry i mean Doctor. See one thing i do not do is lick balls, which seems to be some Designologuerz Favorite passtime.

Flare, Backspin, Uprock that , Oh don’t get your kicks Dirty……


Drama! Damn Eurip just cause other designers are WACK or “special” deosn’t mean you have the right to diss them…….Forall you spell checkers this message was thoroughly spelled checked so don’t even try nuthin’ ………..G


Can I at least complain about Eurip typing ‘alot’?

and for the record, I’m down with crudely drawn b-boy robots 7 days aweek


I almost feel bad for martini, what with all this attention before this ‘logue is really even going…

that and he has to work in pink. :p

w3rd, yo. -.-;


Its not pink, its coral… :D


Capitalize your R’s When quoting my name……


dirty kicks? quack? ball licking? backspin? (alot?)

eurip, do you insist on speaking in riddle?


Why don’t you two take this to the dance-o-logue floor, I mean most logues are friendly, lets see what happens when opposed forces unite to create art.. I mean…. call me crazy but aint that the point?


Riddles? seems like a poser has entered the circle, windmills, downrock…… these involve skill my lonesome friend…….. Maybe you sould research before posting. you may now headspin that one is TRENDY.


Did I just “get served” or something?

{the rev jumps up and starts in on a traditional irish jig}

Take that EuRip you dastardly dogmatist! You can’t handle the speed of my fancy footwork!


is this image about breakdance or riverdance?


PS , neon lotus why you dodging me?


Check this 6 step ,(freeze) One Handed Leg Trust,(freeze) Lead into a windmill, (freeze) Smile and Pose…. One leg crossed (Of Course)

Doc, Water and a towel…Please


haha nice

Don’t make me break out the Redneck Woman on your ass!


this is awesome. I’ve typed rap-battles before but you guys are next-level.


Hells yeah, thats the love im talking about. Doc, where the hell did you find that? but check your boy out, compliments to the one Jerm Dawson..


think you’re the self confessed bad man of verbal robot dance offs hey?

drop the beat g-money

sausage roll, (pause) forward roll (pause) seated crouch exploding into a piked pencil jump (tap tap tap) one handed spaffing. tilt head left and grin

you have mere skills, i have BAGA 4. look that up

eat my chat ‘EUrIP’ baga bad man


….Sausage Rolls are basic…. Holy read neck shuffle. Thats a power move!

ahhh, My Legs Hurt…….


Sheer time passage should never be the impetus for a DSNLG upload, but I’m whiling away the time before I leave for home, cause I can’t see any good reason to go home sick an hour early.

Call me crazy.

metal trevor has a challenger.

18 years ago, February 3, 2005

Damn…. I should’ve read the comments before uploading. I’d have waited for better inspiration. I had my work cut out for me.

Oh well, I’ll pick it up on the next volley.


well this sucks…


LMAO at these comments; whut whut? No airwalk in/out? Noob.

This image looks like a doodle gone awry: I do like the gold and the hat - shading’s awright, but are there multiple light sources or what? :P

That Gene Kelly vid is eerie. o.O


Yo, is he throwin up the Shocker? Two in the P, one in the…


hehehe… the robot shocker.

actually, he’s imagining having enough opposable digits to throw gang signs.


Wonderful Theme


effing amazing. I heart this.


IMG01 reminds me a little bit of Invader Zim. Not sure why though, maybe because of the palette. And I don’t think it’s gay at all, or pink. And even if it were…??? Or am I missing something?


An Invader Zim reference! Rawk!


love the theme here! I’m jealous! I wanna do a robot dance off too!!!