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I’ve tried to focus resistance as an icon of necessities in contrast with a suspicious offer.

There are no characteristics or price for the supply because the vendor (we don’t know where is coming from) takes advantage of the target customer condition.

19 years ago, January 2, 2004


19 years ago, January 2, 2004

this may be a bit trivial, but in looking at xends image the only aspect that i’m not able to discern is the graphic on the t-shirt. this gives you endless options for the next volley as you can use the shirt as a new canvas and give any interpretation of what the graphic might be.


Viewing xends image I thought about other images on the way. Then I remembered that one. This image was talking by itself, so I’ve just tried to add some drama on it. June 1989, Tiananmen square. I’m shure you know what I am talking about…

19 years ago, January 4, 2004

I really like your use of color. Can’t have a resistance dsnlg without this image!


You will get run over…


awsome image xavi . It has a great feeling to it (full of suspense and drama ) really cool!


thank you mate, I’m glad if you like it :)

I’m having fun with this dsnlg, I can’t wait to view your next step!


there is always a better way than killing

19 years ago, January 5, 2004

cool! I like so much that one but… what does tiananmen tank and guy flying out there in the sky? ;-)

I interpret that you are talking about a bigger enemy than a single guy (or student group) resistance… the background fields and the armed men are talking about…? I don’t know if I’ve understood it as is.

nice shot!


those colors are really interesting..


there are a lot of resistance kinds

19 years ago, January 5, 2004

the background fields— farmers resisting the army the tiananmen tank and the gut symolize what would be one of the enemys……… img 05— is beautiful …. once again it has a lot of feeling to it


19 years ago, January 7, 2004

Conceptually I’m feeling really good with the way is taking this exploration. I was thinking too in oldness as a resistance example when I thought on img 5 but I let it for the 7th to give some chronology condition on the whole dsnlg. It could have been great to think about it earlier and give a double coherence to the whole dsnlg: resistance landscapes conditioned to diferent ages.

Now I’m glad to see that in certain form is going that way at least.

Aesthetically, I like the colors of this img, though I’m not so convinced with the text treatment. I think it’s so focused and it contrasts so much with the entire composition.

Nice work mate!

p.s. I’ve just given me an idea for img 7…!


Resistance as a way of existence: rexistance. I’ve kept a some of previous image stuff and colors.

Last shot!

19 years ago, January 11, 2004

The colors in this ‘Logue have just been amazing. Concept is running strong, although I got a bit lost around Image 5. But let me try to interpret this one..

Resistance as a way of existence is the fight to stay alive. The only way to truly winis to stay alive forever. Historically, the way humans do that is to procreate. This is about making babies. Or cloning? Am I even close on anything??


well, I didn’t reach to think about procreation! The background woman and child are representing, as my interpretation, the double side of resistance.

Slaves going/coming back from (direction is not focused, I thought it wasn’t important) working on the fields should be a resistance example. At the same time there is another resistance issue, they have families in similar conditions or working in other places or worried and waiting for them… in other words, other people resisting out there.

But the way you thought can be represented too in img 5, that demonstrates that we are able to give different view points to the same representation. I’ts fun to see how things can be viewed ;-)


I tried to show different forms of resistance And that the sum of it all is … we all try to grow free

19 years ago, January 17, 2004

I really like the end mate! nice work. I’m really happy with this conversation and its results.

There are only a couple of things that does not convince me from img 8… there is kind of confluence with a repeated petal on the top/center that in my opinion whould be better being a continuation of the prespective lines instead of a confluence. And the conversation images choosen, which is the criteria to put on there? I mean, why did you choose that images instead of some others? Does it have any conceptual relation with the composition or is just an aesthetic matter?

As I see that point, maybe putting the whole dsnlg parts in prespective from the flower or something like whould be really cool.

There is are lot of text lines here but I really like the concept of the last img of this dsnlg, and the consecution of the whole dsnlg. I’ts been nice to explore with you mate!