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Just some nonesense random lines generated by a flash file I made, then screenshotted into Photoshop.

I know it’s crap, but I like it for that “bar graph” kind of quality that it possesses.

18 years ago, May 17, 2003

Visually I don’t find it very interesting. I think it’s the colors.

The idea is cool though. I hadn’t thought of random in that way. I remember tripping out when I talked about randomness with a programmer friend. He was telling me that in programming a “random number” isn’t really random.. it’s just an algorithm that approximates random…. I asked why, and he said “well…. what is random?”

??? I guess it’s a thing that has no cause. Seems that everything has a cause though. We may not understand the causes, but there always seems to be a cause….

which means… of course… that free-will is an illusion…


This is flash too. Getting them to fade like that was something new for me, but I like it, I’m sure I’ll get to use that trick again. I put the swf up: ||||||||

18 years ago, May 18, 2003

i like the 2nd one in how he used the 1st ones elements.


Nice idea guys. I think these pieces would be more interesting if there was more integration with “designed” elements. Joshua Davis has done a bunch of great looking stuff with randomly generated images. Bar graphs are so PowerPoint. :D


I can’t say that I like this first image too much.. It just seems so uninspired. And I guess technically speaking, it is. It might just be my taste, but I enjoy images that have a lot of thought put into them.

#2 is better, you’re at least taking it to a more interesting place, visually. And I guess conceptually as well.. Does that actionscript in the background have anything to do with the story you told up above?


mmm, not really, except that it uses Math.random() … that’s a screen capture of the code that’s creating and placing the bars… I was mostly trying to expand visually… it is a cool topic though… we’ll see where it goes…


i dont think the first one is that bad. its a bit plain. but its similar to no. 186: Rhythm where it starts out simple and gets more “insert name of theme here (random.)”

If you go from image 1 to image 2 quick enough it sorta creates a little animation, like a fly by of the first image. like, all 3d and what not.

i realy realy like the colors in #2.


Not my strongest effort, but what the hell. I like colors.

17 years ago, May 28, 2003

I am such an amateur. Rated this one a big fat 2.

Aw yeah…someone hooked it up with a 1. Sweet!


i gave it a three.. i realy like it. its funny. its nausiating. and random.


why so self-deprecating ?? I like it… doesn’t seem to connect to the first two… but that’s the beauty of “random” as a topic.. it makes more sense if there’s no connection :D


random ala John Cage I started with the red dot, a button that gives me a random point on the screen, and a random width and height (within 100px) I pressed it once for each widow I had open at the time (10) and did a screen grab of that size at that position. I pasted each of those in the fla and then made the button place them randomly, rotate and adjust their alpha randomly. The red line approximates a circle with variations of 100px at each point. I’ll put the swf up when I can get into the server.. I can’t at the moment for some reason…

17 years ago, June 11, 2003

i keep trying to right click and zoom in, but i cant(jk). i love the idea of taking math flash and turning it into design work. neato!


Anethon, I am thoroughly impressed. 4 all the way. The image is understated and sparse (luck of the draw, huh?) but the supplemental material and your reasoning, excellent. Cheers!


I’m with Inman here.. Process is a big part of the Art, and this is Art all the way.


thank you both. The way I chose the variation to post was random too. I kept clicking and trying to find the best composition, but it wasn’t working. So I chose an arbitrary number, clicked that many times and the took what I got…


the image is amazing anethon, the only problem i have with the SWF is when one of the text objects lays ontop of the red dot… i dunno if its the fact that i’m viewing on a PC but when a text object is over the dot i cannot click the dot anymore, all i get is a text selection tool. other than that… beautiful.