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Provider, the father’s familial role. What if there is no father? What issues does his absence create for a child as far as security, academic success, and masculinity (since we’re both guys) are concerned.

21 years ago, December 15, 2001

21 years ago, December 24, 2001

Someone’s taunting you…

One of my favorite images. No brushes here, all that grit was created by scanning old paperbacks and making selections out of the greyscale channel.

21 years ago, January 2, 2002

21 years ago, January 11, 2002

The color scheme and texture on image 3 are great. The joke is much better..


This designologue wears the names and bruises well but there is still an unaddressed theme lingering underneath it all. What do you say we treat this as a fresh start? Four images (three now) in which to explore our original idea that got lost in all the taunting and name-calling.

Check out the history of this designologue in the ‘lounge.

20 years ago, March 9, 2003


you should have saved this one for mothers day.



Very nice no. 5. I really feel for the kid.

Question: You said your “general approach with this conversation [was] to state an assumption that people have about children [in this case boys] without fathers and then use the visuals to disprove the statement.” First image did that, but this last one seems to be agreeing with the misconceptions? Maybe I’m reading it wrong.


Ah, one of my favorites from back in the day. Although I almost completely forgot about this one. Now to pick it apart…

Here’s my read: a) All children are dependent, by nature. b) This one is a momma’s boy who’s constantly getting into fights to protect momma’s honor (“words and fists relent”). c) This child sets himself apart from his peers, because he feels he is not being provided for.

Or maybe he doesn’t know why he gets into fights. He just knows that something is missing, he’s mad at life, and he’s taking it out on the other kids.

So how close was I?


Would you look at that little punk? He doesn’t even seem to think that he’s done something wrong.

I thought this DSNLG was supposed to be kind of semi-autobiographical?


Good observation ohsoquiet. With this image my focus was simply to get back on topic without compromising the flow. It was hard enough maintaining the original idea and reacting to the previous taunt thematically. I admittedly lost sight of my original intent.

I think a new approach was necessary since the original didn’t seem to be working as far as fowarding the conversation was concerned.

You were pretty close with your first observation Aarseth. All children are dependent, financially and emotionally. Not all children from broken homes are socially maladjusted. Not all children from nuclear families are “normal.”

I think the true deciding factor is the level of support and security the child feels. The level of support and security the child’s family (in whatever state) provides.


I get a strange sense of deja-vu from this image. Is there any chance I have seen this (or something similar) before? I am not trying to be funny, the left side of this image really seems familiar.


Both the boy and the reclining man from the first jobless are lifted from Saturday Evening Post covers done by Norman Rockwell. Maybe that’s it.

Or maybe it’s the combination of shapes and gradients behind the boy. It reminds me of some turn of the century poster graphic design.

I get that same eerily familiar feeling. Anybody have any ideas? Canniffe where are you, you History of Graphic Design-teaching plonkah!?


Hmm…I don’t know how much this could be compared to turn of the century poster design. Rockwell’s illustration reminds a little of Maxfield Parrish, but that’s as close as it comes for me. Elsewhere in history, the star pattern reminds me eeever so slightly of Peter Behrens’ famous AEG Poster.


i really identify with some of the concepts in this dsnlg.. i realy like #5 alot innman…


cps, I think we’re talking more geometric composition of the left third of the image than the actual illustration style. At least that’s the part that’s spooking me out but maybe the Good Rev meant something else.

Damn, this is really going to bother me…

Thanks B. I’m glad someone is getting something out of this. ;D


Yeah exactly, it is something about how the geometric shapes in the upper left interact with the type and figure. It’s very haunting.


Don’t worry Inman, I am going to work on it tomorrow. Good Job BTW.


As usual I’m underwater with a ton of work, so there’s no need to rush…


same here. Im glad that I don’t have to rush either. I hope we can finish this off better than it started.



I know this took awhile, sorry abou that.

What I was trying to acomplish with this image, is the fact that your statement is true, but is also very sad. That is why it is placed over the man’s mouth.

A lot of older people have given up (“When words and fists relent”), because the system doesn’t always work. And those who are supposed to be provided for, are not.

Whether it be young or old, people still need help.

20 years ago, March 17, 2003

yes, this last one #6 is incredibly sad. Reminds me of some old midwestern mining guy… unlucky golddigger who gave his whole life and has relatively little to show for it… the color is great… the words are cleverly chosen and placed… good one!


Conor, when are you going to say something on topic? Ben, in case you didn’t notice, that text is from my previous image. And while I agree it’s a sad image, it has nothing to with the theme…


Two cnvs in and we are already bumping heads. Just like old times.

I was under the impression that when you start a DSNLG it is supposed to take the path it takes, while staying on topic as much as possible. An evolution of sorts, and since the first half of it took a downard turn, and we are reaching the end, I thought the images could evolve along with the DSNLG. Progressing from the boyhood theme, (which was not properly examined, mostly due to me) to something more mature.

I could take quotes from the posts in the lounge regarding this thread and manipulate them to suit my needs, but I do not feel I need to do that. I was just trying to move this topic to the next level while staying as far away from the first few entries as possible.

This image was meant more to be the flip side of the orginal topic than something that has nothing to do with the theme.


i think often times the comments in the forum influence the flow of the dsnlg. not sure if this is good or not… but i think it happens..

i think what i mean is that they theme of the images often responds more to comments, then tot the theme..


Inman, are you that mad? I wasn’t trying to “stray” off topic puposley (sp?).

Should I consider this DSNLG dead?


Nope, not dead, just in a convalescence home. ;D

Sorry, I dropped off for a while. I’m trying to respond to images in the order I receive them and had some catching up to do.

Going back and reading through the posts and reexamining your previous image I think I may have reacted hastily (as we’re all given to do sometimes). I see where you’re going with the security, old age, and how the more things change the more they stay the same. We’re cool Conor. I’ll try to respond to this soon. I’m worn from providing for myself :D


Certificate of Regret… …A consolation prize

Sanctions on all but 256 colors… …Dither-dated and washed out for supper… …Finish your life or you can’t have any dessertologue

20 years ago, April 15, 2003

I think my message has been intercepted by some pirate CryptoEbonoTron™ station and rebroadcast…


Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, and if I die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take…knowing well some provisions come too little, too late.


Nice image, inman. Where’d ya get a death certificate?


Dinos and Batmen aren’t the only ones with wonderful toys. I just hopped in my ChronoLux™ Horseless-Time-Carriage®, and hit up my children for their daddy’s death certificate.

Or … both would be cool toys, it’s a shame neither exist.


In the spirit of conversation (and the dead guy) I guess I should explain my image.

With Conor’s last response, we fast-forward to a weathered old man who’s entire life felt devoid of provisions or at least felt empty at the end.

Film is the most common medium for illustrating the passage of time so I created a couple frames of a pan across the man’s face and laid them out sequentially. I liked the way the man could be perceived as moving up to the right or down to the left, the ambiguity of death and his place in the afterlife.

The boy is pensive, posthumously realizing that as needy as he may be he also has a responsibility to those around him, who are more or less as needy as he.

The living receive a certificate of death. The deceased here bears a certificate of regret. Or something like that.


great work! i really like all of the suplimental materials you submitted with this image. poems. stories. commentary. certificates of various sorts. nice package!


Was that a pass? (Running away)

:D Thanks Ben. I like to reflect on these things, let stories, histories, rantings develop before and often times after I create the image.


Damn, I need to start inciting riots like that fossilized tortilla shell. It’s lonely at the top…sniffle.


inciting riots? Why?


Sorry, that last post was pretty vague. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate praise as much as the next guy but my images never seem to generate prolonged conversation. Nobody’s fault but mine.


Pipe down Inman! You sit right next to me and I will beat your ass.


Don’t sweat it, inman. Sometimes there’s not much to say about a well-done image. Just step back and enjoy.


ill beat your ass too… shit.. i think i get timid about critiquing your shit out of respect.. but ill make an effort to be honest about your work too…

but, honestly, this theme, and these imges rittle me to the bone..


Why do they rittle you? Wait, what does rittle mean?


Don’t worry about respect Ben, noone is above valid criticism.


looks cool, but for some reason i find this disturbing. What the fuck is he providing you people with. Never mind, i dont want to know.