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start the races.

20 years ago, February 25, 2003

I just dont konw where to go with this one. Damnit.


is this an 8-bit PNG? there is lots of dithering it in.


ok. i havn’t had much time to think about this one. but i finally sat down and tried to come up with something. i initially wanted set up the theme to be a continuous chain reaction, where the person who is about to be kill in the first image is about to kill another person in the next image, and on and on. but that old man was just so harmless. i couldn’t think of how he could kill someone. so, i chose to have a sort of a line up. first the sabertooth, then the dodo, and now you. this was a really hard one to work with.

20 years ago, May 3, 2003

i realy dont like the fact that there is not much difference between these images… there is some movement between #1 and #2, but.. its counter intuitive… like, shouldnt the dude be dead? or atleast all mangled and bloody. not out hearding sheep and cattle…


did you even read what i posted above?


yeah, i did.


I’m not sure I really understand these at all.


i dont even understand it completely. i wish there was a way to just drop inprogress DSGNLGs cause this makes 2 that i just dont care for.


dont stress bmccollum…

i think i may have made the WORST dsnlg image ever..

people HATED it..

and I hated that people hated it… and i had to redem myself.. .. atualy.. i am still trying to redem myself..

have a look at this piece of crap

no. 170: dry skin


Don’t bow out yet, bgmccollum - there’s six images left to do something kick ass!

Well, provided laniosz posts something…

And bharper, I think you’ve made great strides since dry skin, so don’t be so hard on yourself.


I think it was a great idea, but not so great execution, that’s all. I mean, what is he doing? Cleaning up their poop? The saber looks like he needs a little help getting it out…. LOL…. just kidding.

Like bearskinrug said, you have plenty more to go on this DSLNG.


its just kinda fustrating when you get a first image like this. i mean, what am i supposed to do? totally mix it up? and the other thing was the whole step one in the top left. implying there should be a step two? i mean, step two, he would have been dead. end of DNSGLG. we’ll see. im just not happy at all at this point.


Someone mus have slipped me some date-rape drugs, because i cant believe you people can rate this higher than my highly offensive but true pieces. The Motion blur is bogus. and the empty space pisses me off.


ps Keep hating

step two is a step in the right direction but you could have changed gears a little more. reinvent the piece.


i think its time to junk the population rat race.


ps… that kid Bemor loves to post at 4:20