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22 years ago, December 18, 2001

22 years ago, December 22, 2001

22 years ago, December 27, 2001

22 years ago, December 31, 2001

22 years ago, January 4, 2002

the red cause the death

20 years ago, February 23, 2003

Is commudesmax back?


I don’t know what she is doing. I haven’t heard from her in a couple of weeks.

Euphie where are you!!!


wee~~~~~~~ When I finish blow dry my hair, I’ll see you all in a new look^_^ wait for me


id really like to finish this one up if possible. it irks me everytime i see it in my menu.


2003 is just not working for me. I was living without a computer that allows me have photoshop for almost half year, that’s why I have been disappeared. I want to apologize to all my people!!

I totally forgot how to use designologue, so I need sometimes to get use to it again…bgmcollum, if this one sucks…I’m sorry. I’m still trying to get my life back together^_<

This is my last image of this topic (it’s about time) while that commie drawing a pic of Mao on the floor, the arrow just point at him straight forward… Is he really a threat? may be not! Is communism a threat? dunno…

20 years ago, December 9, 2003

is this the longest ever gap between images?


i think her designologue with me has a longer gap. :D


come on now people~~ me do things slow… haha…but I do things faster than a pc..ha ha ha I’m so funny….whatever


Every Maoist dsnlg needs a Long March…


I dont understand at all which is the existing relation between comunism and incorrection… I don’t want to start a politics discussion here but, are there any political correct politics? so why that focus on comunism?

Anyway I like the color contrast on each image. They look so nice.


Xavi’s a Red - get ‘em! ;D

I think communism gets picked on because most people have/think they have a general understanding of it. Besides, what other political stances have such a strong color association?


I started with communism was because I’m chinese. (But I’m not a commie…)

may be we would have more variation or even more clear images if I didn’t take FOREVER….to finish it..


unfortunately the hunt is over… I’m blue! XD

The only thing I miss here is some conceptual evolution. I feel a clear evolution between images but they all makes me feel almost the same thing… and maybe the concept “political incorrect” would arrive far off.

The political incorrection should not just mean politic tendences… this could be an attitude too, like the punk way or the rock and roll… or going to bed with childs.

I agree with inman in the color association… but in my opinion the conceptual side is not so ripe to let it finish as is…