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Okay, I never want to see another pixel again…

That was hella time consuming. This was the thought process: Pixel. Isometric. Common objects. Beatle’s songs. One line each. I guess it evolved into isometric pixel art featuring common, everyday objects as inspired by the Beatle’s song, A Day In The Life.

18 years ago, June 21, 2003

Oh and just for the record the anti-aliasing on the large USA TODAY logo was done by hand…that’s why it sucks ass. Actually, the only things that weren’t laid down by hand are the three gradients (two on the newspaper box and one on the large text border).


ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now you see why they made photoshop.

This is a sort of return to the womb of computer generated art. Better get used to the arduiosness of labor intensive pixelization, you have three more to go.

Chuckle. Pix-hell.

Tacosaurus Wrex. Remembering Lazur. Crazy Pixel Man.


holy cripes.. is that lazur work pixel art? man o man..

i like this one inman.. admire the effort.. and the outcome.


Not sure what you mean by “lazur?” —Duh, nevermind.


i dont see any gradients on the newspaper box. the gradient on the text is so subtle that i didnt even notice it till you said something. am i going blind?


on the vertical post.


Also on the front of the box above the little window. I had to account for the extended lip. You may not be going blind if your primary monitor is an LCD, BG. No color looks flat on those so it’s stands to reason that it may be inversely true for gradients. ;D


lcd? never…

i see the gradients now, i think i was just a little tired the first time around.


I waited till today to rate this one. I wanted to give it a 3 at first, cuz I like the concept and the isometric view…but I was looking forward to more. then taco posted those incredible lazur links (especially that last one…ca-razy) and I wanted to give it a 1. psh. this’s kid’s pixel art. bah. Then all this here gradient-talk caused me to get up close and take in every detail and carefully weighed line. definitely a 4. but now I’m frustrated because I can’t see the gradients (like those damned magic pictures) so 3 it is.


3, huh? That’s pretty good for a newspaper microwave on a stick. It’s even better if you see it at 50% (300x175px - the original size). You really appreciate the jaggies on the sloped front of the box.

And come on, you can’t fault me for trying. I doubt that Mona Lisa was Lazur’s first piece of pixel art… ;D


so, not to be dumb. but did lazur just like, get out a pixel pencil and just start drawing those…. or what was his process.. i mean, it could take eons to do that shit..


I’m thinking that the recognizable ones are just scans saved to a certain color depth and then tweaked. Look at his other, original work - not so hot. Email him and find out. ;D


they aint scans homie.

If you break out his website, hidden in the abyss. He has an entire section dedicated to his process. It is just like painting, you have to see it in your head at the same time you are painting. The need is in visualization, with the use of a grid and the good ole’ crafty math trick, you can do anything………..

You limit yourself to a screen, the power goes out, but the light stays on inside. A suggestion to you all, keep it real in some other mediums. The computer is a handicap, with too many +’s………….

Tacosaurus’s self justified rant. SUPER-CRYPTO-EBONOTRON™ overenabled


Two sites that might be some inspiration down the road: Pixelation pixel tutorial


Hmmm, 16-bit Final Fantasy III.


Franc? Franc? Can we stop at Honey Dew? Donuts ma!


I heart pixels. Can’t wait for more!


how come there’s no newspapers in the microwave/newspaper box/thing?


Um, cos I read the news today (oh boy) and apparently so did everyone else and now there’s none left—I mean, everyone but you thadwiddle! :P


ha ha ;)


yes, and where is Franc?


Pixels in Print? What will they think of next?! 1x1

PS: Still waiting Franc. Heart, Inman


Shaun, do I need to bring this DSNLG back to life with you like Lincoln did with no. 026: Birds on a Wire? I’ve been dying to get into the fray with you — might this be my opportunity? We can take our time with it….promise.

BTW, I was reminded of this after seeing The Anti-Bush Game, which is a gem.


I’m a big fan of the pixel (and the Beatles!), nice first image, it’s an awful shame this hasn’t got any further though! Check out the Beatles Minipops at Flip Flop Flyin’


you do have to be sick to do this.