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August 6, 1945

19 years ago, May 3, 2004

I gather this refers to the oft-used phrase that regards the rebuilt Hiroshima as a “phoenix risen from the ashes,” but I was only able to gather that from the date you provided in the comment that accompanies the image. The composition and colors are nice, but I wish the image&#8217s approach to its subject was a little less vague.


I agree upon first viewing this image I had no clue how the concept and image went together… without the comment I would be lost.. I also Don’t care for the shade of blue.. but the contrast with in the blue is a saving grace…


time has come to project the dissatisfaction towards the society and inviting the new being.

19 years ago, May 4, 2004



Yes hmmmmm


Ok, well I didn’t know what to think at first. Now,, image 1 gave you so much to work with, you had a huge area you could have put your image into.

Looks like another type problem… I don’t know what to say on this that hasn’t been said. If the limitation of a clean type is trouble, then I say don’t use it. Still the type matches the other hard to see images.


hmm… need to warm up to this comments business. as of now, i want to keep the interpretation open. i had the japanese buildingscape in mind, but i dont know… lot of other things also…

19 years ago, May 5, 2004

I’d like to see the theme explored through more than just one concept. Certainly “Phoenix” evokes more than just Hiroshima. <snipe>I’d also like to see the use of Arial abolished.</snipe> ;)


well…yeah! true. just thought DSLG is about adding layers (or replying) to existing strands. need to explore other DSLGs before working further.

it’s not Arial. But anyways, if you are referring to sans serif, i thought using it instead of serif would lend more to the contemporary value associated with the now-seen signs of resilience evident in Japan. hmm… on second thoughts i could have used both in a hybrid way to communicate my point. again, why Japan or Hiroshima is something that i should have questioned at the very outset.