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ok, finally.. i’m slow.. (or read busy..)

erh, rather than doing “perfectionism vs kung-fu” a just did “perfectionism” and thought that my conspirator could do the kung-fu part.. or not.. yes.. done.

19 years ago, June 21, 2004

cool image but the type kills it. Also feel the drawing could of been better. There are pieces no linked I like the pictue of the room with the city. What city is that? And is this your photo?


I like the composition a lot, but I do agree what Beerad said. Did you make the room yourself? I would stay in a hotel like this… but I think I would have to bring my own tv, and lighting huh?^_^

I’m really looking forward to see how this DSLG will goes!!


In a more perfect world you would have turned anti-aliasing off.

I dig the colors and even the low quality illustration (it has character) but the blurry type doesn’t serve the design.


Oh. Niiice color, I agree…

Is there something metaphysical about the fact that the person is only outlined? Looks ghost-like to me.

I don’t mind the anti-aliasing on the type except for the heading “Perfectionists’ choice” where I think it’s messing up the words to much.

As for the room - I don’t know if I could sleep on that bed. Looks to hard for me ;) but I could definitely put up with the view. :D


this image is all over the place.

it’s not sure if it want’s to be a 3d CAD drawing or an Advertisement.

The text is pretty poor. the integration between the photo image and the digital stuff is not believalble.

the line drawing is unrealistic.

the words “Perfectly square bed” and “perfect view” are all messed up.


I like this image, but agree with the other comments that the text kills it.

Mainly the caps text doesnt work nicely within the image. It looks blurry and rushed.


Wow! that’s a lot of feedback, thanks :D ok, erh I agree with all of you too..

I actually don’t know what city it is. Anyone? The room is in 3d, yes. I think I did the person ghost-like because human beings aren’t really perfect so they really don’t fit in. Hehe. So yes, there’s something metaphysical about it. I thought about making the clothes filled in (because they can be perfect) and only the actual flesh of the man outlined. But that was..erh.. well..

..i feel the urge to explain why the image is so poor, but i will resist another bad excuse and just shut up and listen :-)


and kung-fu arrived…

18 years ago, October 20, 2004

Is KUNF-FU the same thing as KUNG-FU? :d (or perhaps that was intentional? oh, so clever…)

I love the type in this one - the colors are great: all in all well done! :)


awesome. xavi, you’re back with a mission eh??


omg, what a silly mistake! :p Let’s find a meaning for it! As Yi Chuan said, “If you write KUNF-FU instead of KUNG-FU you are a lamer, but the visual effect will remain”



That shadow keeps impressing me; is there anything more special than what I’m suspecting? (duplicate, desaturate, distort… )


I use to draw fugue points and shapes to drop shadows. Nothing really mathematical, just an aproximated layout… but it works so well as a reference giving more realistic results.

The process is quite simple: a square with the whole composition witdh/height (not just the grandma, I’ve included the typo space too), distorted following “long” fugue lines. To do that fugue I take a little care about where the light is coming from, but not in so precise way or it looses freshness.

You’ve described most of the resting process. Duplicate, color overlay (is faster than desaturate and fills out everything), a bit of blur, low alpha and distort the result as we did with the shape. It is not really necessary, most of people is using just the eye (as I do so many times too) but in some cases the result is really better :)


I have to be honest, I’m not quite sure I know fully what you mean by ‘fugue’; I somewhat get it from context, perspective?

Research doesn’t give me any clues… can anyone else re-phrase for me?

Thanks for the explanation, Xavi. :)


KUNF-FU is far away from Perfection, so I guess that makes sense. Cool image.. im excited to see what soul comes up with.


great type..image sits a bit low on the page tho..


Very nicely done.

And there’s that red, white and black again. Gotta love that combo :)


I agree, the figure could have been better drawn (he has a lovely ding in his leg). Especially since the topic is perfection and you are noting everything perfect in sight…it looks bad to draw a scribble.

I would have used a photo for the room…because I’d rather be sleeping on the floor (yay carpet) than that bed. It may be perfectly square, but it wouldn’t be perfectly comfortable. I would sell the comfort because when people see that, they can connect to it easier.



17 years ago, February 17, 2006

oh, this update is such a good new! I can’t wait to reply and I’ll do it asap.

Interesting response… :D


I like it, i think the people could have been layed out abit better, maybe focus in on the people closer to add a better depth of field.

but nice direction anyhow…


Woot! I’m so glad to see an update on this ‘logue. :D

For a few seconds, I though this one was perfect; glad to see that’s not the case.


… notice that I’m using the same warrior!

In spain we say something that could be translated like “my kung fu is the best”. Does it exist in english? I begun with “My kung fu is the best, even if I wear pink” but I was afraid to get lost on transaltion…

17 years ago, March 3, 2006



Color and layouts cool, The Indiana Jones “kick Ass Kung-Fu” Font looks out of place.


I agree. It should be smaller, absolutely bigger (behind the buildings), softer or just away.