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Searching for that one clear thought…

19 years ago, August 2, 2004

But there are 2 tracks there :D


sweet! lemme think this over…


Ah, my one-eyed primate friend, I think you will find it is the same track, superimposed on the less detailed and monotone nature of its former self. The thought begins its journey of definition.


Searching for that one clear thought is not something that comes easy to the urban dweller. Our surroundings force us to focus simultaneously on a myriad of things, basically rendering everything a bit blurred. Anyway, that’s how my life is treating me, I don’t know about you. (All this to say that at the core of this design is a picture I took whilst traveling from Brussels to Paris, by train. What you see is gray industrial France (to the left) and my traveling companion (to the right). (She was coming down with the flu at the time, but that’s not really relevant, is it? No, it isn’t. ))

19 years ago, August 3, 2004

I understand the blurred focus, from time to time. ;)

I like the industrial look of IMG02, so I brought it back to some old school train boys and their chugger. I am sure their lives were centered around keeping that engine on the rails. Running like it did when it swallowed its first shovel-full of coal.

The Industrial Revolution was a fascinating point in our history, don’t you think?

19 years ago, August 4, 2004

i like image 3. the grung really works with the flix well. i think the red in text could be toned down alittle


Portrait of the conspirator as a product of the industrial revolution!

19 years ago, August 6, 2004

hmmm… let me get back to you on this… ;)


hey, be gentle, that’s me underneath all that crap :-)


I like this… something different and unique that i havent seen here in a while…


why thanks!


I really like this conversation. Can’t wait to see what’s next :)


hmmm… 7 months… Well, back to it then.


18 years ago, April 7, 2005

I Like, But I like it because of the last image. I don’t feel you really added anything to it.


you stole my comments exactly.

i really liked it, until i saw the image before it. you basicly just enhanced the previous image without contributing to the dsnlg.

img 5 could replace img 4.


meh… maleachi said IMG04 was him being a product of the industrial revolution. So I “ran him through” with said industrial revolution.

One of my favorite DSNLGs is no. 186: Rhythm. Notice the small difference from IMG01 to IMG02? I am, in no way comparing this DSNLG to the fine work seen there, however, I do think I contributed to this DSNLG with IMG05 and my “enhancing” of the image.

I am trying to steer this “conversation” towards actually being a conversation. IMG02 has absolutely nothing to do with IMG01, though it does relate to the train theme. IMG04 has absolutely nothing to do with IMG03, though IMG03 incorporated IMG02 in order to give flow to the dialogue.

So, maleachi wants to discuss the industrial revolution? Then I am setting the track for it.

But this is good — I like the discussion all the same.

-Terry Tolleson