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The confidence of a beginner is naively refreshing, yet the challenges he/she faces is so apparent to those helping him/her across the upcoming hurdles. We are all newbies to something everyday, whether it be in our chosen field, or in something else, cooking, a new relationship, owning a pet, refinishing furniture, changing a light fixture…

17 years ago, December 19, 2003

Ugghh that’s terrible!

And terribly funny!


I know it won’t rate on the “aesthetic quality” scale, but it’s all about concept for this intro piece.


Cool Bevels!!!

This should be an interesting one to see develop :)


that’s great. looks like it was carefully planned to be as painful to view as possible.


wow…that’s a lot of fonts. i think you captured the concept awright, ilustren. hats off to you ;) btw, who’s sargent pepper?


Sergeant Pepper is an escort to her Royal Highness, Elizabeth II. I used him to exaggerate a novice’s lack of research into a “tin-soldier for xmas” image.


I think you should have covered this img with a dirty brush…


Hey man, don’t be knocking dirty brushes!

This is still better than some of the worst images on this site (Even before with the self-mockery).

OMG Ilustren, do you have an interwebz0r webpage!? I bet you’ve got dancing babies!


inman, now I feel like a novice! What’s a interwebz0r page? No, no dancing babies, back in 1996 I had a screensaver with kraftdinner® noodles doing the macarena…tackEE!


Dancing babies are lame. Dancing jeebus on the other hand… priceless.

Sometimes I miss the old school web, when and were new and exciting. Then I find pockets of it everywhere.


there is always a nice scary feeling that comes from being new

17 years ago, December 23, 2003

I reallly like your image, but I can’t read any of the text! When the text color is the same color as the drop shadow, the whole thing becomes a blob.

… Or was this intentional? Is this a subtle irony of novice mistakes?


keep climbing

17 years ago, December 31, 2003



filters galore!


ah yes…the classic grass and sky. i’m looking forward to a tribute to the brush tool. autumn leaves ROCK!!!!


Nice. I wish I was as good as you guys.