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Ouch, first dsnlg ever. What a nightmare.

The fire I put on the house lincoln and I used to live in is pretty good though.

21 years ago, December 15, 2001

just to clarify to anyone browsing…Rev.Dr.Luv and I are from NC and SC respectively…the Reverand came up with the idea to have a DSNLG feud like the Hatfields and McCoys

21 years ago, December 16, 2001

My posse is harder than yours.

I love this image, makes me smile every time.

21 years ago, December 16, 2001

21 years ago, December 17, 2001

I guess I killed Don so good he died twice… oops.

21 years ago, December 18, 2001

that’s me riding my ol’ cat Crunchy in the corner…finest damned cat that ever lived

21 years ago, December 19, 2001

This image would have been much stronger in black and white.

I always imagined this being said in the voice of Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now.

21 years ago, December 20, 2001

21 years ago, December 21, 2001

this isn’t the prettiest DSNLG series but I always find myself coming back to it…good fun


Ooh Lincoln used to be one of those guys that would put a border on his thumbnails even though I told him not too. You bastard! I still don’t really feel this one…but it’s an inside joke so who am I to feel it? Clever title though.


This is one of the best “inside-joke” DSNLGs on here. Yeah, inman, you really had to be a part of the whole 414 Gwinnett experience to really understand this one.


agreed. that family feud no.3 is classic. so funny.