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Er…music graphics, like a bootleg, taking two records and pasting them together, add some ‘grass and moss, a few sales stickers - referencing the MP3/Sales dropping music debate, stew over them for a couple of hours and this is the mess you end up with. I’ll be the first to say… Must Try Harder!

17 years ago, July 8, 2003

the thumbnail for this one is great!

dont like how the radiohead logo sticks out so far from the rest.. everything else is muted or alpha’d or something..

but the little mouse sticks out way to much.


Interesting concept. Take that Hilary Rosen!


Your right bharper sir - I was hoping the colours of the beatles would balance it out but they don’t.

Come on Wolfboy Attack Attack!


Dance monkies DANCE. The evil Norman Cook goes about his business with terrible cackles. What’s the point for poor Ringo when this man has had his meddling way?

17 years ago, July 10, 2003



I think this one is pretty self explanatary inman my man


As an image I think it basically holds together. Paul and George fit into the image better than Ringo and .. who is that on the stick?

You’ll have to forgive my ignorance. I had to look up Norman Cook. I’m only somewhat familiar with Fatboy Slim.. and I had no idea he was in the Housemartins… They were one of my favorites way back when. So … uh … do you mind explaining a little of what this is about?


I’m sorry, I was looking for The Monkees. You mentioned “monkies” in your comment. I saw a bunch of marionettes and logic dictated that I look for Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork and Davey Jones. ;D


okay, I wanna know Inman, did you know all their names, or did you have to look em up? and yeah, who is on the stick?


looks like Bill Gates.. or the Science Guy..

and the guy in the back looks like that jack ass from that show, JackAss.

yeah, i know. i don’t know who anyone is.


In a slightly Rottenesque Britainican accentuation…. The Tacosaurus replies to this designologue in such a fashion that bewilders buffoons.

”I ate the Beatles!”



OK, I will explain a couple of things. The original image (this is what I took from it) was about the throw away nature of the contempory music scene, certainly in the UK. I have to say that mainstream music is even worse in the US. It mentions in particular the trend of Bootlegging; for the unanitiated, this is when a DJ takes two different songs and does nothing more than splicing them together and creating a new tune. I have taken this theme (and remixing), tried to show how you get these boring, unimaginative DJ’s who use the real artists fot their own ends. Fatboy Slim is one of the worst. He has a standard beat that he will put over a tune and tart it up a bit in Pro-tools and release it. I hate him. OK, the person on the stick (I can’t believe I have to tell anyone this) is John Lennon. Even if he looks a litle strange you can work out who he is by process of ellimination!! Finally, I agree with the comment on Ringo looking bad. He is not a puppet, Fatboy Slim has no need for him because he has hi drum machine. So Ringo can jut naff off. He don’t need no Ringo dude. My image of Ringo should be more real.

Hope that is alright for everyone.

now I will say sorry in advance for poor spelling.



I think i may be just too english


Well I got it straight away, the clues are all there, in the subject, the initial image, the comments - it illustrates your point nicely.


Lincoln, two words: Gewg Uhl.

I think I ‘ate the Beatles too, Taco. Didn’t they have a short lived oats and marshmallow cereal back in the Reagan 80’s? You remember, it had yellow submarines and…that’s all I remember.

“Mean Mr. Taco, sleeps in the park, shaves in the dark, trying to save papah.”

Wolfboy, even though it follows that the fourth figure should be John Lennon the fish-eye lens effect and his image appearing to be from a different era than that of the other three doesn’t help with that inference. I don’t think Ringo picketing him helped either.

I do dig your thought process though. I wonder what you thought of Moulin Rouge? (Is that where the red curtain came from…)


I haven’t actually seen Moulin Rouge, i am not the biggest fan of Baz L - I did enjoy Pracilla, Queen of the Desert though.

Of your points

Lennon: I have not altered the shape of the image, it is a photo from on-set during the filming of pretty good film ‘How I Won the War’ also starring Micheal ‘some mothers do ave em’ Crawford. This isn’t important but it is quite intentional that all the Beatles are not from the same era because to the likes of Twatboy Slim (I like what I did there) it doesn’t even matter who the Beatles are as long as they wrote a decent melody he can steal.

Ringo: I have cocked up with Ringo in general I think. He doesn’t look how I wanted him to look. The hand is not his, that is a random free floating hand, controling Lennon in a myserious way. Ringo should have looked a bit more sheepish and just be sloping off because he is redundent in Slim’s evil master plan.

The Curtain: It’s just a stage where the puppet show is played out.


oh and Wilco, you got it but you are English as well.


oh and Wolfboy, you made it but you are English as well.


I know my parents told me


Restecp. Precilla Queen of the Dessert? Batty Boy.


What can I say I just dig on the ABBA vibe and a little sensitivity goes a long way when it comes to boning babes.


Anyone know how to use a lawnmower? My grass in the frontyard is unruly.

Email me if you can help



How can one be “too good for pussy?”

duh! Pussy is the best, be it in abundance or in lack.


We can trade our baseball cards at the bowling alley. Is tuesday good for you?

Sounds great.


haha.. your a riot pinkTaco.

i think that is the most straightforward, legible and understandable post that ever came out of the chromo ono meter machiney thingy you got over there in Taco land.

i admire your interpretation of “pussy.” and i can identify with your search process. in the begining, you cant tell the good from the bad, and im sure some guys spend their lives with the bad, thinking its good.

but, there is another section of the spectrum that is not good on the inside and ugly on the out, nor pretty on the out, and completely without an in.

there are a few girls, who are dumb hot, in a elegant and beatiful way, who are also AMAZING people.. and man, that’s when the pussy is damn good.

that’s the pussy you fight for, with all your might. and if and when you find and get that pussy, you mount it on a wall in your shrine, and you pray to it with your tongue, morning, noon, and night.


an ode to THAT pussy:

i woke this morning, to the pussy on the wall, i opened my mouth, and gave it my all.

i licked and i licked, and i plunged and i plowed, i kissed and sucked untill that pussy Meowed.

it shook and shimmered with fury and might, man i licked that pussy, morning, noon and night.

oh, that pussy, that pussy, that pussy, oh my. theres only one pussy at the top of her thigh.

at first it’s closed, like a flower at dawn, then it spreads and wettens like a freshly waterd lawn..

i go to the garage and get out my tractor, at this point she’s so wet, size aint even a factor..

pull out of the garage and what do i see? the fruits of my labor dance before me..

i turn her quickly over, as not to spill, oh that pussy, that pussy, i must surely fill..

oh, and p.s. thank god for the PILL.


Holy crap!~ When was the last time you laughed out loud at your computer? I just did.

Thank god for the pill…. lol


Woah, what is this penthouse forum?


…and I am sure said girls love to be referred to by the name of their sexual organ. REAL elegant like. Seriously needed to stop short on that last bit (by short meaning before the beginning).


Interesting ideas but lackluster execution here. First thing to do is to work on a more cohesive composition. All the elements are the same relative size and don’t relate to one another visually.


oh and for an actual critique. i have to say img 02 made me laugh and i really like the idea of the photo montagey thing, but, i loathe the obvious use of photoshop fiters.

the scratchy text bubble is nice, but i would have liked to see more of this style somewhere else, just kind of sticks out.




Pleasure doing business with you Jeff. I hope we can do more in the future.


umm, i did read the whole post twice actually because i couldn’t believe how ridiculous it was to create an ode to the puntang on designologue (not a porn site, if i remember correctly)

And i still think, Penthouse Forum.


I’m gone for the weekend so the kids decide to throw a party and demolish house…I’m so fed up with this shit. I have no problem censoring you. Check your in-boxes boys.

Happy Fucking Bastille Day


This is my formal apology to nobody. I am sorry nobody, please forgive me.


404’s, huh? Is that a threat? Tough love. Oh, is the dinos bottom sore?


edit: - you guys are crazy with all these edits..


Texas is really cool! I loves me some Texas!


I think we’ve all seen Fight Club too Taco. Next you’re going to tell us that you were the guy forcing yourself to kneel in the glass. Wow, you are one crazy secure fuck.


Nope, invisible story.


edit: …yeah texas


come on Wilco


dont know exactly whats going on…but go texas…san antonio to be exact…


do you still do all that breathing stuff Wilco?