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Beware of the MOCTOPUS. He lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce. MOCTOPUS MURDERS and causes general MISCHIEF with his robust tentacles. He MUTILATES and MAMES victims with his sharp beak. MOCTOPUS is a MACABRE and MOROSE MONSTER. Are you prepared for his MORBID MAYHEM?

I will spell the end of you,

m o c t o p u s

17 years ago, August 20, 2003

what’s this all about? kinda funny!


not crazy about the dropshadow and blurryness. Looks a bit like some random ps effects.

But it’s nice to see some activity around here! welcome!



MURDER is often messy. My sincerest apologies (for this and a premonition I’ve devised). WATCH YOUR BACK!!!

m o c t o p u s


could this be tacos long lost cousin? sounds strangely familiar…



Cthulhu? Say it aint so!


Welcome aboard moctopus.

The image critique:

I’m not feeling the insane bevel on the big M…not the type treatment in general. The typeface is nice and overbearing, along with the coloring, giving it that murderous feeling, but that white background doesn’t quite fit. I would have liked to have seen the texture used in the type mapped on the background instead. Readability would’ve increased…and would the overall mood.

And that outline on the big M doesn’t jive with me either.

However, I do like that varied blurring on the text on the right — I would’ve liked to see it pushed even further.

Maybe I would have more to say if I could see the concept behind this a bit more — or rather, more elaboration on the theme…i.e. what does the theme mean?

All in all, good start. I think this one could be an excellent typographic explanation.


yeah, I need to know a little more about this concept before I give a critique …


I challenged Mr Shape because his name was the closest active participant to Moctopus’ name. Because this choice was based on the lettering in his name, the theme is alphabet oriented. The challenge might have been worded less as an invitation, and more as a threat. As a result, the alphabet theme has taken on a horrific slant. Each of us is meant to terrorize the other through lettering. This is perhaps why many of you complained about the white spaces, but I was trying to rely solely on the lettering for visual effect. This was a first atempt on a blank slate, and my first designologue foray. I appreciate all the criticism, and hopefully I can address certain design issues in my next atempt. In the meantime, I will continue to plot the MURDER of everyone on this forum. I have this lovely idea, that murdering for design might bring more attention to the field, and shed light on the many amazing MASSACRED designers. Sleep with the lights on,

m o c t o p u s


Hmm, there’s a surprising number of terrorist designologues going on right now…a whole two. This maybe something that the design community as a whole needs to address. Did mommy not cut the crust off of your peanut-butter and jelly sandwich as a child? Were you subject to the crusty-dryness of dry crust every day at lunch? Did you rub all of your erasers down to the little metal bits at the end of your pencil? Did you tear holes in your math homework and self-portraits as a result?

Don’t bring your hate to Designologue - you need to watch some more after school specials.

  • The More You Know

You can’t kill me!


M is for “Maybe a little bit scary.”

There’s nothing like a good murder mystery…However, in this image I miss the mystery aspect. I think it is ok to use textures and background elements like creighton suggested. If you want to keep it purely a typographic treatment then maybe try using type as texture.


“Without hate, there is no love.” “Without death there is no life.” “Without moctopus, there is nothing.”

“m o c t o p u s,

passion amplifier.”

(all quotes taken from the holy book)


I’m going to have to complain about your type here. The words with black on the bottom are kind of hard to read… They blend right in with the drop shadow. The word “Mame” is kind of pixelated on the edges (actually, I think that should be “Maim”…Check your spelling) for reasons I can’t explain. I’m not really sure your choice of font or the layout really gets the bloody, murderous poinnt across. Maybe something bit edgier.. A less organized layout (or more organized, if you’re going for the cold, calculating thing).

My favorite part is the tentacles inside the big M.. That is really pretty cool and a little freaky.

What an interesting way of picking a topic. Welcome!


I really want to see how this one develops…original concept. It’s taking a few hits now, but I think it just needs time to visually mature…hey, that’s another “M” word.


M is for MATURE

16 years ago, July 21, 2004

oh man. i love it when someone posts an image to a DSNLG that hasn’t been active for a long time.


M is for Meal, M is for Mmmmmmm…

16 years ago, July 23, 2004

Nice work getting the octopus on the garbage bag.


looks like a character from funky monsters.

puts a new spin on the word “funk”