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I often deal with motivational issues, but once I came up with the idea for this piece, it all just came together. This is also my first designologue piece so hit me with as much critisism as you can. Hope you all like it.

20 years ago, May 11, 2003

I’m sitting here staring at this image trying to come up with mine…and a story for yours in unfolding in my head. Here are possible explanations (?):

1) Some idiot designed this ‘ingenious’ stool that had spikes for a seat. The person at the drafting table finds this to be slightly cumbersome, so we find him/her improving upon the wonder-chair…creating the first ever cushion to make sitting much less painful for the rectum. Necessity breeds innovation.

2) Companies and/or individuals use this specially designed chair to, in fact, motivate their employees to work. The faster and higher-quality the work, the less time they must spend on this wonderful seat.

Just jogging my mind to possibly pull this DSNLG into some interesting directions — because I know Diamantis is quite the crafy devil and can definitely keep up with crazy train of thought. The only thing I don’t care for is the typeface and treatment — I would have liked to see a rounder, tech-ier font with outline/cartoon-shading treatment. But a great image, concept, and execution none-the-less.

Okay — no more 3AM critiques.


Mike, Thank you for your awesome critiqe and I apreciate you doing it so late!

I agree, the text gave me the most trouble out of everything. I was going for a basic look, but it does come out looking a bit boring!

I thought of doing it in 3D, but it was getting late and it’s getting even earlier!

I can’t wait to see your responce


i like it. the first explination diamanitis gave seems to explain is very well. i didnt even think of it like that, but its great. greatt idea and concept.


you’ve got a very wacky mind diamantis, there is no doubt about it. i love the concept and the overall execution works. but, i agree with creighton about the type, mostly the glow treatment is what bugs me. it’s a little harsh.

this is a great first designologue!


nice very nice. That would definetly motivate me


YES! I am the wacky-minded crafty devil!

and if it was up to me, you would ALL be sitting on painfull-for-yo-ass seats.

I don’t know! I was just trying to come up with a situation that would motivate someone to do some work. I often put projects on hold to start on a new idea.

Now that I think about it, the dude on the image is in a way a representation of me. My ass is always in pain!… No wait! what I meant to say is that the dude was probably working on something else, but he couldn’t finish it because he was distracted BY THE PAIN!

I’m not trying to lead the story towards any particular direction, I just think it is interesing the way this first piece relates to me. I do tend to get distracted easily, and I can’t start working on part B unless I am comfortable with part A

If I have a deadline, that’s different, but if I’m doing something for myself, it never seems to be good enough.

Art can be so theraputic! (but I still suck at spelling!)


Seems that seeing green can be quite the motivator for all of us, since we need it to live and all. And this, is the perfect machine, which we’re all taking part in.

This piece evolved from a sketch…then found its way into Illustrator where happy accidents started taking place. The large ‘chunky’ elements were initially extended shadows from the human design-o-mill…but didn’t work as that, so a little copy-pasting resulted in using the elements to join TheMan™ and the worker, and at the same time it managed to produce this caged/cyclical feel to the image, which fit quite nicely.

Anyway, I just wanted to take Diamanits’s street sign humanoid victim and use him to demonstrate my idea of a motivation scenerio.

20 years ago, May 12, 2003

tight I don’t know if its just some subconscious conditoned response in me or if its your drawing, but I love the way the wad of cash looks. it did take me a a sec to see what’s going on…I think it was the chunky area you were talking about, but I like it in there anyway and I think the image has a good use of space


and what’s wrong with 3am critiques?


that’s what I’m screaming!


Well somebody seems to be motivated!

I am pleasentlly surprissed, I didn’t think you would respond so fast!

I see where you are going with this. Your depiction of the perfect corporate machine is definitely on the money (punn intended!) when I first loaded up your piece, it instantly hit me like a ton of one-hundred-dollar-bill bricks… and I didn’t even see it coming! The cartoon classic bait-on-a-stick motivational insrument. it’s perfect!

There are a couple of things I would have done a bit differently:

I agree with Lincoln on your use of space. It is very well balanced and it makes the eye move around the whole piece. The backround represents machinery in a simple, yet efficient way, but I think it draws attention on the main character a bit too much. I would like to have seen a bit more emphasis on the bait, since it is the object of attention. Maybe a thicker outline or some sort of glow or something.

The other thing is the limbs of the character. I’m having a hard time figuring out which leg is going back and which is forward. and with the shoulders, which hand is typing and which one is reaching. On one hand, it DOES relate back to my simple street sign figure more. On the other, however, I would like to have seen some sort of outline separating the thighs and shoulders like you did with the fingers.

Yet, I think it’s a very strong piece and it definitely represents motivation in a more direct way!

I have to say though that it did hit me with a mild wave of depression, or should I say harsh realization! Something about “the perfect machine, which we’re all taking part in” idea kinda creeps me out. I don’t know, maybe I’m just an idealistic 25 year old that still lives with his parents! Oh wait…

Anyway, I got a couple of ideas as to were to go from here ,but the sun is coming up so I have a better idea…

I’m going to bed!


this is excellent. i love it. i dont know what to say. just refer back to the post above :)


I like the color and the composition a lot. The only thing I would say is I think the style on the running figure isn’t consistent. I generally don’t like those cartoonish/stylized kind of hands… but if you had used that style on the whole figure…. or used the flat ‘traffic sign’ kind of style on the whole figure, I think it would have been more consistent. but as color and shape the whole thing works well..


yeah, i agree that the cartoon guy in the middle doesnt mesh well with the rest of the image. but i bet its like that because that was a carry over from the last image and so it had to reference the style of that last image. i get a weird taste in my throat when i look at those stick figure guys.. kinda like the emoticon dsnlg. no. 200: emoticons :)


what kind of taste are you talking about Bharper? kinda like the taste you get when you put a 9 volt batery on your tongue?


yeah, or a 12 volt.


OK here is my response. I’ll comment on it later. Got to go to work now!

20 years ago, May 23, 2003

OK I’m back, turns out I didn’t have to work after all! Sorry Lincoln.

It took me a while to figure out were to go with Creighton’s response. I wanted to step away from the concept of the corporate machine, but I liked his classic cartoon scenario. With that in mind, I decided to give my piece an even more cartoony look. I used Flash to draw all the foreground elements, and Photoshop for the background.

The theme for this piece is “self-improvement is masturbation”

The idea is simple. The overweight dude is trying to get in shape to attract the ladies.

So far we’ve gone from pain, to money, and then sex.

Were do we go from here?


ok. quickly as my birthday party is about to start.

i realy like the running person and the hotdog. great work on those. the rest, i could care less for. photoshop and flash dont always go well together in my opinion. anyway, theres a disconection between the characters and the background. and i dont care for the green guy. but i realy like your flash work. i realy dont like the shape of that treadmill.


Happy birthday Bharper!

The shape of the treadmill came straight from Creigton’s image.

The same applies to the green trainer dude, I tried to keep him simple to mach Creighton’s corporate figure of “the man”

The disconnection between the characters and the background is intentional. The background represents the thoughts that are going through the chubby dude’s mind. It is his motivation so to speak, or better yet, his vision of the ideal body.


that bitch is hilarious. Runnin’ fer cheesy dawgs.

He he te he ha ha ha ha

Tacosaurus Laffs.


yeah, this is some funny sh*t. good variation from the last image. there is something I don’t like about the foregound/background relationship though…maybe if the background didn’t have any color ‘cept for the purple…don’t know

love the fat man’s hands right next to the crotch in the background….thas some motivation


FYI ladies and gents, as we speak with our fingers, I am in Calgary, Canada visiting a friend. I’ll be here until June 1st, so don’t expect any responses from me until then.

Diamantis, that fat dude is the shit. as is the hot dog. Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded seeing a transition with the rest of the elements (the man and the treadmill) to the cartoony style that you obviously pull off famously. And like the rest, I just don’t know about the background.

However, the concept is definitely there, and it’s a great transition from my last piece! I’m going to have to think hard for a good response to this one. BTW, did you use a wacom stylus to draw those elements in Flash (I find Illustrator’s stylus support is a little lacking and doesn’t respond as well as I’d like to the stylus weight).


I use an Aiptek stylus, and after experimenting in photoshop, illustrator, and flash, I found that flash’s pressure sensitivity, and overall painting methods, is the best.


A great couple of images… (Lots of comments too.. you’re the only game in town!) My comment is more of a comment than a criticism… And I think Taco made the same mistake I did; That dudes man-boobies make him look like a woman. I mean, yea he’s bald and everything, but I thought it was a woman until I got the sex thing.

Of course, maybe it’s just a fat, bald lesbian. What do I know?




its a week later and i’m still ROTFL!


Sounds like good excercise 2one2.


Diamantis said “So far we’ve gone from pain, to money, and then sex.”

Logically we can deduce that sex is pain. But that really doesn’t say much. I guess.

Anyway, I like the progression so far. Especially the “Capitalistic Machine” from the second image. Nice work so far.


A year in the works, I felt it was time to pick up where we left off. In the first three images, we pretty much covered all the bases of general human motivation: sex, self-esteem, money.

I thought it was time to get a bit more specific and a bit more personal. So that brings us up to this image. Problems. These motivate me more than anything. Finding that path to the solution, the most efficient, the most appropriate. I was once quoted as saying, “Now that’s a beautiful problem,” which is a pretty good way of summing up my outlook and approach to life.

19 years ago, May 29, 2004

get a bicycle… trip’s a snap…


plaça espanya, gran via, paral·lell, rocafort, urgell, calàbria, mercat de st, antoni, tamarit, floridablanca, sepúlveda and a long etc… I will always recognize my city man! ;)


Hey everyone! It’s been a while.

For having “motivation” as the theme, things are moving rather slow-like. But fear not, were back! This time for real! I promise. Just give us another chance!

OK Mr. Creighton, I can see you like Green! It definitely gives your pieces energy, especially in this one. It reminds me of an LCD of a GPS or somekind of display monitor, and it also alludes to circuitry. All very computer/work related (in my eyes at least)!

This is how I interpret your image:

You start at point A (faced with a problem) and have to find your way to point B (the solution to the problem).

Something about this doesn’t settle with me. When I think of a city map and “problem,” I think of navigating though traffic. With that in mind, I would have liked to have seen the “problem” in the streets instead of in a building as the “beginning.”

Then again, maybe I see it that way because of the impact DC traffic has had on me over the past few months. So, I guess your solution represents the process in a more simple and direct way! “things start with a problem and then we work our way to a solution.”

At any rate, a good change of pace, and I see a variety of ways I can take this to. Now I just have to motivate and reply!


Welcome back, Don.

Alright, as I figured, you’d critique the shit out of it. Heh. Well, you pointed out a lot of things that were not intentional at all (i.e. the likening of the image treatment to an LCD or GPS…or even circuitry). The image wasn’t intended to be green. but I did most of it on my laptop, and I’ve been noticing a significant color shift between it and my CRT — it was intended to be a desaturated gold/yellow…but close to green. I didn’t even realize that my last image was green. Shoulda picked a different color.

I was really trying to create a visual metaphor for problem-solving, but that in itself became a problem. I was merely trying to convey the idea of a pathway or flow from point A to B (as you aluded to at the end of your comment). I would have preferred to leave the “solution point” completely out of the picture (no pun intended), but I felt it wouldn’t have read nearly as easily.

I was toying with the idea of a chalkboard and a mathematical / logic problem of sorts, but that was too immediate and tangible. I don’t enjoy imagery that is that straight-forward — a big gripe of mine on here.

I also didn’t want any puzzle imagery (like rubik’s cubes or any of that). Anyway, just wanted to get us going in a new direction and wanted to present a more “design-oriented” image — leaning less towards illustration. And believe it or not, your original image is in there functioning as some visual texture…and the placement of the points correspond to the placement of some key elements from the previous two images.

Blah blah blah. I’m anxious to see what you come up with. Let’s just keep it fun and experimental — that’s what this forum’s all about.


I’m not quite sure what you mean in the second-to-last paragraph, but I understand that my entries have been more on the illustration side. The “fun” aspect of all this so far, HAS been (for me) the creation of “puzzle imagery!” That’s just my way of cramming as much symbolism as possible to express my ideas!

But you are right, this is “DESIGN”ologue not illustratologue. It’s been a while since I’ve focused on JUST design esthetics (ever since I started at SCAD it’s been all characters and story for me). So for my next image I will try to NOT rely on illustrations to “pull” my design.

Also, it’s a good thing you told me about the “LCD/GPS” thing not being intentional, cause that was fueling my illustrative ideas about my next image (now I got to start all over again, Thanks)! And the other funny thing is that the idea of a rubicks cube did cross my mind!

Sorry I critique the shit out of your stuff. I hope you know I got mad respect for you. I know I’m always looking for things to bitch about, but that’s just my way of “constructive” criticism. I always hated sugar-coded class critiques in college (and I’m not saying that that is the case in this community) and as a result, I tend to focus less (or sometimes not at all) on complements, and go straight for the jugular, especially with people that are my friends or are better than me. And you being both, is the reason chose you to do my first DNLG with!

I will admit that your latest image struck me as “too simple” at first, but now I see it as necessary step towards a better direction.

So thank you, (you bastard)!


Aww shizzy.

There wasn’t meant to be any tone of distaste for your comment earlier. Just wanted to clarify the direction I was coming from.

You should continue with the idea you were going with. That’s what the conversation’s all about (me and Nick were just talking about that tonight). It’s a nice suprise when I have no idea what direction you’re going in and you glean more from the image than was initially intended.

Critique critique critique. I need it. And you’re good at it. Mad respect to you as well, fool, cause you gotz da skillz to pay da bitchez (no offense to the ladies out there).

Lastly, I personally just wanted to move to a more design-oriented approach. It’s the business I’m in and I need to get better at it. Don’t let it pull you away from any direction you were going in. Blast out the illustrative shit — it’s what you’re so damn good at. Blow me away with some narrative (that’s personally one of my favorite things about my favorite DSNLGs going on right now). It’s something I’m not so hot at, but want to expand upon.

Just do your thing.


I like the switch in style. Image 2 and 3 are my favorite so far. I flet they worked so well together. The color of image 4 doesn’t bother me since it reminds you of image 2. Did you make up the map or is that a real city map?


xavi called it right after I posted the image. It’s an obscured map of Barcelona. Twas the only thing I had handy at the time.


After Mike’s second response, I decided to step away from characters and illustrations (for now at least). And since we are getting a bit more personal, I decided to go with my #1 motivator… deadlines!

No doubt it works for all of us, but if I’m not under pressure, I almost never get anything done! I HATE IT!

Initially, I tried to keep this as simple and clean as I could. But symbolism creeped its way in there, again! Even though I like the kind of tension it created, I hope it didn’t’ turn out to be too busy!

I don’t know, what do you guys think!

19 years ago, June 7, 2004

And there it is. Game on.

Firstly, my initial impression of this image is that I like it. The composition’s great…I like the subtle layering and general repetition of the clock shape…everything about its dynamic feel. I also like the selective contrast and the direction of the piece — the way it makes your eye float around (due to the positioning of the hands, the winding thing, the text, and the red circle).

Then, I looked at the image some more. Don, why’d you use a handwriting font?! You should’ve written this stuff yourself. Handwritten fonts always look too fake. I just don’t like em. And you can’t use “bad handwriting” as an excuse (see no. 221: Highschool Notebook — no offense to B, your handwriting worked great in that DSNLG, but it’s definitely not the cleanest on the planet).

The other thing that bugs me is the weird cutaway-tear-thing at the top that’s darker than the rest of the “paper” in the image. At first I though it was just a tear-away of a calendar pad. Then I realized it’s the same text from the square that the text runs into (is this making sense?) .. except it’s scaled down a bit and moved to the left. Was this intentional? If so, what’s it supposed to represent?

But yeah…the image is a bit claustrophobic and busy, but works very well due to the theme of the image: deadlines. Feels like time’s spinning too fast and things are getting crazy. I almost chose this as the subject for my last image as well.

Anyway, I do like the image…just curious about some of the details. I give it a 3.


Yeah … the “tear” is supposed to allude to water waves. I wanted to give a sense of “filling up” and getting closer to the end as the pressure builds. I was “torn” between leaving it in or going without it, but I liked the way it framed the composition.

I should have worked on it a bit more, but I was afraid it might be too distracting! In a way, I think that the fact that it does look like a tear too, helps with building up tension! But in the end, I think you’re right, It probably just confuses the viewer!

As far as the handwriting goes, I was a fool to think I can fool you guys! Knowing me I would have to write the text on a separate sheet, like 15 times, and then composite the best one on there! Yes, I am a bit paranoid about my own handwriting, but in the future I will try to be less self-conscious!


What a compliment wrapped inside an insult. My handwritting was intentionaly sloppy in that image, but whatever.

I dig this image. It’s well executed. I like the font, despite the fact that I think real handwriting is hard to beat.

The clocks are a bit cliche’ but you pulled them off well.


Actually it is not “clocks,” it is “clock.” The bottom layer image is not a clock but a pressure gauge, which is a clever juxtaposition imo.


The fact that it’s a pressure gauge makes it even better. Yeah. I like this image.


hmm… why do I feel like I’m getting better at this, yet my image ratings are getting worse! I mean, I’m not doing this for the grade or anything, and I know I’m just starting out, I just… think it’s interesting!


were u @ creighton!