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little bit of terror on the open seas

19 years ago, March 25, 2004

Very nice mood setting / atmosphere work.

Sort of feels like it wants to be framed in somehow though.


Like the piece, the type and sea scape work well togther. As nuance9 said it sets the mood quite well.

The only thing i think didnt work as much was the blending of the eye and sky… looks abit squashed (the clouds and etc) where they meet up…

But good start none the less


is that the eye of Sauron? Are there maybe hobbits on the boat? ;D


haha…yeh i had thought of that as it was taking shape


full steam ahead! Ay Captain.

19 years ago, March 26, 2004

ha…nice type..nice monstah response in progress


I really dig the style of this latest image, however I wish the type was much bigger. As is all of the elements are roughly the same size so everything is competing for your eye, but nothing is really winning. I mean, the word “Behemoth” itself warrants overtaking the composition. Would be much more dynamic.


i agree with rev - bigger type. this reminds me of old movie posters…is that what you were going for with “monster matinee”? like godzilla, king-kong reminiscent?

i like continuity of the ship and ocean…do i sense a moby dick reference lurking in the near future!?!


more vintage movie madness…

19 years ago, March 28, 2004

Love the latest two images… the responses are becoming more stylised.

Very nice.


These have taken a cool direction. Where did the behemoth come from? Was that an original, Villi?


Gay terror cars. They are burning rubber and heading to Massachusetts to get married. Nothing can stop them now!

19 years ago, May 19, 2004

The overall background and car looks nice with the dark feel too it. Feels like the 4 wheeled bastad wants to crush your head under its wheel, create skidmarks with your blood…umm okay.

Not too sure about the type though, its good, but could have been played with abit more to add that feeling that background portrays.


Most of this image’s elements are really nice, but the composition itself seems to have been an afterthought. I like the Bride of Christine type, but the tagline’s typeface selection and placement leave me cold. What really grabbed me was the car, though. The 666 on the license plate is a nice (if obvious) touch, and initially I was really excited by the white stripes/ribbons on the car, because I thought they were meant to evoke the streak in the Bride of Frankenstein’s hair. If that’s what you were going for, that’s a fucking great idea, but upon closer inspection, I’m not sure that was the intention.


The car looks great! Your photo? I agree the type athe the bottom is out of place, its almost centered with the text above it , needed a better alignment. The Bride of Christine text is great, what font is that?


the Christine font is from the orginal Stephen King movie…not sure about the other

nice image


“Bride of” is a font called Banshee.