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made in a hurry. i nearly broke up with my girlfriend yesterday.

17 years ago, September 2, 2003

Elektronaut, you definitely have a sense of color unique to this site. Cheers!


I like the theme. sounds like a Granddaddy song. I like the image too, but I’m not keen on the blending of the layer with the guy with his hands in his face


oh how harsh the “machine” can be.

17 years ago, September 2, 2003

-2 for me. i guess this is way too unrelated to the first image. even though it contains the original image.

when i read the theme, about a machine with feelings, i could only think of a cartoon.

so, i guess i messed up.

i could also interpret it as maybe, people who are not satisfied with love, as a result of the machine… i dunno.


I like these pics a lot. Yeah, they look unrelated a bit, but they do tackle the theme very well. And I can see the little bit of the first one in the second :oP


Did designologue go out clubbin’ or sumthin’? Never seen the bump factor in full effect like this.

Tacosaurus Welcomes Then devours all Del Wrex style.

T-Minus 2.2 weeks till Tacosaurus, Wrex da west-coast.

Curse me luck. TAKEOVER>!!!!!

….two lines per thought.


This I like. It as the excellent style of something that you would have sent to Tony Hart as a child.

‘This weeks subject is robots, firt we have this from young bharper (7 ys), I epecially like the use of light and shadow’

For all the Yanks and various none English, Tony Hart had various childrens art shows in on Blighty TV. There was a section where kids would send their drawings, paintings and pasta collages and Tony would pass comment.

This gets good marks from this wolf


Here he is, the Hart man: Tony Hart


What do we have this week in The Gallery?


WTF?! Is that the WTC? Whoa. (Sorry, that’s re: that Tony Hart pic above)


i like it!

the theme title is a add n to (x) song, by the way.


I didn’t notice that at first, I always suspected he was an evil mastermind. And to think, all this time you bastards have been bombing the shit out of innocent arab countries. I guess this means junior president will be dropping bombs on us in The UK next. We are now part of the axis of evil.


YEA, that’s a fukin creepy picture. WTC for kids? I don’t get it.


that’s just the measure of the man


Man, I really want to give this image a good mark… It may be one of my all-time favorites, as a stand-alone piece. But it’s really hard to visually connect the two images. I’m torn…


you can give it a one, now that you’ve made my day with such a nice comment!



I’m bored with the machine…as if! I just got a new G5 and I’m in love.


I’m so jealous… alright stop bragging, inman.

some of us are still trying to find jobs and only have 5.00 to their name. ;D


The second image reminds me of something from exploding dog, in the way that something abstract becomes literal.