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now that she hit the jackpot, flo’s gonna retire and tour the country on her hog…

18 years ago, April 11, 2004

I would like this more if the lady was not centered. Also it would have been cool to see a little more detail/integration in the vector work. As is, it is like half rastor, half vector with little to blend or merge the two styles.

Like the colors and the concept. Could do a lot of cool stuff with this theme.


cool, colors seem alot like “Bird on Wire” and I like them. I am going to have to sit down and think about this one.


rev: i dig your work on this site, so i value your opinion…

what’s wrong with having the vector/raster contrast?


There is nothing wrong with using both vector and raster artwork in a single piece. I just feel like the vector art here is not detailed enough to hold its own. You missed an opportunity to do some real sweet line work to go with your slick photo (think Design Chapel), but instead it looks rushed and a in-cohesive.


The image is kinda nice, i dont mind the simplicity of the background as well, i think it works well. Dr Luv was right in the composition though you shouldnt have centred the woman, would have been better her framing the piece on thr right or something.

Also the piece of paper looks abit weird to me, namely the “Jumbo Buck” text.

Nice work though, love the colours…


I like it overall. I do not mind the bg being the only vector in the art. It seems like you could have gotten away with adding a little more interest to that area. A pattern maybe?


yeah - i tried some patterns, but everything i did seemed to take away from the contrast i was going for. i really wanted the background to be smooth and flat, so the woman would pop out a bit.

i appreciate all of the feedback from everyone.


I agree with inVZbl. The mix of use of vector and raster. The juxtaposition if the reality and fake makes it very surreal.

While balance is imprtant, the center/off-center thingy isn’t that important to the overall design. But you could have just cropped the right side off at her JUMBO arm and had the same effect…

Nice work…gotta get working on my plaid response.


I never said I disliked the mix of raster and vector artwork here. I actually was saying that I wished it had been pushed further. It looks like there was not much work or thought put into it.


ran out of time this week and gone for the weekend sorry zdoob. Look for something late next week.


there actually was a lot a of thought and time put into this… i’m sorry it doesn’t show.


Ole’ Bitches Wit’ Da’ Whack Tatoooze… Rawk Hawd as FUNK!


Ok well I have the idea all sketched out should have the image up Wed. night.


cool. lookin’ forward to it!


Just had to do a scratch and win ticket…

18 years ago, April 29, 2004

I like it, it turned out well…I love the side line…My grandma had bingo sex in church… no wonder why old people love bingo so much!!!!


nice shot man!

I like a lot the idea and colors used… but I miss some dirty on it. Usually that kind of ticket use to be wrinkled, isn’t it? I use to miss contrast on dsnlgs, but that image is too contrasted for my taste.


What’s tough about this is that there is three elements of relative size and weight that are all fighting for my attention. I think the headline, the ticket, and the snipe need to figure which one of them is the most important… be it by overlapping one another to establish some kind of depth, changing their size, or changing their tone…


I feel that is such a vegas thing to do. You have all these elements trying to get your attention, so you play the game. Still there is a fine line, how much is too much.

Thank you for the great feedback.


looks good beerad. i put the number 1 in my first image hoping you would put the number 2 in this one… oh well.


wow! I was sleeping on that one. I should of made mine $2 …


coming soon on FOX…

18 years ago, May 9, 2004

I really like this one, i think the pattern and colour work really well together… nice job


It is something I would of thought doing… Great!




I whould love it with more subtility on background… but is a matter of taste, not execution. Really nice stuff man


What’s the reasoning for the curvilinear forms on the left?


bearskin: for some reason, i really felt like i needed to add some weight to the left side, and have some white vector to complement the camels.

i went in and exaggerated the powerlines/poles, but couldn’t get them to look as good as i wanted them to… so i just messed around with these until i made a design i liked.


i like this image a lot, i think the shades of brown and red work really well. it reminds me of an add for camel cigarettes. I think it’s the pattern and the colors that do that.. so even though I don’t see the granny actually smoking it makes me visuallize her as the typical bingo grandma… fox would do something like that!


Very nice! I love the way the apperence of the pattern shifts when it moves over the different colors and contrasts.

I think the curves to the left fits in nice as if it’s all part of a bigger picture. The camels however seems a little malplaced in my opinion. I like the fact that there are camels but I think the position and color should be different.

Anyway, best image so far in this designologue!


I love the idea of this image. It’s funny and yet seems oddly possible. This is a nice comment on the reality TV phenom (something I hate with a burning passion).

I’m not as much a fan of the execution. It seems like this should be an actual photo of something, at least that’s the sense I get due to the fact that the background pattern isn’t on the billboard sign. That looks odd to me. By the way, I really like that pattern, but it should be the background of a less real image. Since it’s the background of a photo, it looks really strange (or maybe it just needs to be faded back more or something…).

I like the camels just because they are odd and cool (I would have done penguins because I have a penchant for penguins showing up in odd places, you got your camels!), but I don’t think they belong here.

It might be a bit overused, but I’d think that some kind of grungy photo edge would have worked better on the left. This is a great picture (the telephone poles fading into the distance, the “middle-of-nowhere” feel, good sense of setting), but I’m not sure about the left, the right, or the background. Hope I don’t come off too harsh here! If it works out for me, you’ll have your chance to get back anyhow.

Now I’ll twiddle my thumbs while awaiting the next image. Right by this pole looks a nice place to squat for a while…