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It is a typographic world after all, but is it truely a happy one? Can these tree’s blossom and live once more?

Or am i just talking shit? you decide.

19 years ago, June 30, 2004

You’re talking shit.

I like the thought behind this image but I would have liked to see a more skilled use of the letters/type. I feel the scale of the text needs more variation to really illustrate how you created the image with text alone. Right now, I see small text, I see medium text. It just needs a bit of variation and the edges are a little funky.

But, I do like the concept.

Im not crazy on the flat colors.


yeah wasnt sure how to start it off, i was thinking 3d type environment of flat text, but ive just seen that done too many time’s…

Ive gots to work on my type, i mean i can do corporate shite till the cows come home, but when it comes to doing some funky type shite i keep losing it slighty. Well this will improve my shite anyway, practice makes mediocre.


I like the ground type.


whats with the phucken 2… if you’ll gonna vote for this shite, explain yourselves… hate that shite.

edit…. i suck, i had a shitty start to the morning so that y the sudden outburst is above… still would like to know more though but im askin nicely now… see, im good. I’ll be a good little boy now.


I´m trying to go further into this world made of type where letters and words become the landscape.

19 years ago, July 5, 2004

That poor font. What did it ever do to you?


i dig this image a lot. i think the colors work very well together… though the gradient is a little too light on the left side for my taste.

great job! looking forward to the rest of this DSNLG.


Nice work Villi, love the carry on from the first one…

not sure about the drop shadows behind the “typescape” word, but its good none the less.


Changed the sceneary around in this one, and focused on type within real world.

The typescape in the previous image reminded me of train graffiti or something, so i reflected that literally in this piece.

19 years ago, July 23, 2004



very very nice. Reminds me a bit of Psyops motion works. Check out the Lugs commercial it´s wicked. P:S:Y:O:P


Seems the typetrain has arrived at it´s last stop.

19 years ago, July 23, 2004

Nice work villi… love that link u sent posted as well. Love seing the combination of real world environments and type… Now i have to fgure out how to reply to ur image and keep up with this new high standard…


sorry for the lateness…

19 years ago, August 13, 2004

Redrum, redrum.. Anxious to see what’s next, I love all degree of creativity this logue holds.


Interesting.. Especially image 4 o.O


Sorry for the extreme lateness. Hope you can forgive me. I would like to call this piece “type on acid”

18 years ago, September 27, 2004

Image 6 is super fresh. luv the colors, nice text work!


no. 5 was, for me, typography from hell (in a good wicked way, not in the what-the-fck-is-this?-way); no. 6 is the perfect angelic opposite. Nice work, gents!


Great Work Vill, the colours and atmosphere it creates is superb. I agree with maleachi above, it is beautifully opposite to 5.


nice image wish the curves on the left where a little smoother


right on. i love this image. it reminds me of cheese. great choice of colors for the “hidden language” text.

Mmmmm. cheeeeeese.


The big yellow letters that are kind of hidden are from the Icelandic alphabet. [ þ ð ö ]

zdoob: Icelandic cheese is the best tastin´ cheese in the world! I´ll have to send you some one day.


When reading the line Hidden Language, it made me think of the news surrounding Da Vinci, the hidden language / code in his works…

18 years ago, October 19, 2004



this is the end my friend.

18 years ago, February 3, 2005

i dont get it


::SIGH:: Seems so out of place


Is image8 in the right ‘logue? :blink:


OK, I’m new around here so far be it from me to disagree on the last image but I thought I’d step up and defend it as I think it’s pretty clever. Obviously it isn’t the nicest visual image of this ‘logue but the point about NEWS driving the world and the compass etc is well made. Not too sure what the numbers mean, but I like the touch of pulling right back to view the entire world for the final image of the discussion.


For me, #1, 2, and 5 captured my imagination and thoughts on the theme the best. (except maybe it could have done without that warping and the word “typescape” all together? I’m sure there’s a better solution for that…) I liked the idea from #1 to #2 of that zooming out idea.

#5 was very well executed. :D

Congrats on finishing, too!!