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Please don’t sing the song during this dsnlg.


19 years ago, February 7, 2004

jeeeez alanis…. one year later. i almost forgot about this site!

where did you find this image? did you actually create this? that tree is fuckin sick lookin! so is the sky and grass. i kinda think the newly weds and text ruin it, but it doesn’t matter, for now is the time to destroy everything you worked so hard for. ;)

i’ll be back…


orange you glad? pff… c’mon.

19 years ago, February 7, 2004

is that a ….. hotdog?


Yes, spirit form, that image is a composite of about 4 or 5 seperate images.


I really like this image in response to the first. I guess the only irony i see is just the stark contrast from my original.

Anyway.. this is gonna get fun.

Where did you find the picture of that evil fat dick eating HO?


It seems Alanis-ironic to barbecue and eat up your husband on your wedding day…


yea, i hadn’t looked at it like that. but you’re right.



“I guess the only irony i see is just the stark contrast from my original.”

your right…. the irony is in that picture perfect moment of getting married. of course your glad at first, but you can never tell what lies ahead. the happy couple thing just didn’t seem like a reality to me, especially with your set design and how it was so fantasy like.. (you did an excellent job on that btw), it was alot of fun to use for my design.

this image portrays the dark side of marriage. the what if. the fact she later became fat and is now holding the groom’s cooked penis (“hot dog”) on a stick, was just a play off what was. the whole unity concept derived from the only fruit on the tree, (which is now gone, she probably ate it).

i was going to have the bride missing from the picture and the groom hanging from the tree by a noose, but it didnt work out that way.

the ‘evil fat dick eating HO’ was found off google…


amazing, that’s cool!


omg. i’m looking at this from work. and it is so dark and saturated (the 1st image and the 2nd both).. how does it look to you?


Didnt think much of the start off, it was okay, but the response is nice.

The mood it sets is quite evil for marriage… i love it. The big ol fat chick, with the white eyes and penis dog gives me the creeps, kinda looks like this woman from work. At least i think she’s a woman… Anyway it works well within the doom and gloom of the background.

Nice work.


I seem to be good at laying the groundwork for great images, but not for nailing the great image myself. I have been focusing on specific aspects, or skill sets and i think the image as a whole has been lacking from me lately.

I hope that makes sense.


I just love the whole feeling and mood you’ve captured here. I am grinning a bit as I view this.

OOOO…does she look evil. Oh dear…and what is on the end of that stick ?!


quick crying and upload something mr. harper… its all fun and games anyway. doesn’t have to be so serious.

millieroo: thats good, yeah, that happens to be a…

btw.. thanks for the comments guys.


I am finding it so bitterly ironic that I haven’t had time or like a good idea for img. 3.



howling at the moon..

19 years ago, February 25, 2004

wow - how did I miss this log?


-haha.. wtf !? this should be interesting. i like how you left the slice guide on. pretty ironic.


more like an accident. but ironic none the less.


you were busy having kids :P


OMG!!! my body is a bird cage and my doves have flown the chest.


bharper: I’m going to analyze this last one from my point of view - hopefully I’m close. Let me know how close I get.

You show politeness in the request and the ‘pretty’ context (flowers, trimmings, pretty cage). Is it in trappings of this pretty ‘prison’ of marriage where the irony lies? The dark background in this case would be appropriate, making the pretty context less so.


oh, and nice hot dog on the last one, spiritform. tres dark and creepy.


The irony is that some one actually married this pscyho bitch.



im gunna be a while this time. ive got alot of different things im working on at the moment and im also going to a wedding this weekend. theres some irony for ya…

i’ll be back soon.


i want to see irony. and plenty of it.


where’s my conspirator? has she left us and now only exists in spirit form?

hahahahhaah…. SPIRITFORM>…. i call upon your … uhh.. spirit… to perFORM the task at hand..

come to us now.. and give us thy art!!!!


-heheh… sorry dude. so much has been going on and i forgot all about this shit… :( - you probably got my msg on yayhooray already about it. just give me some time, im moving out of state real soon, but i shall return.

btw.. im not a she… funny huh?


i thought some one said you were a chic?

sorry (dude?)

You had said “Bro” to me before, but I was like, damn this chic must be real cool. LOL.

I think inman told me you were a girl.

Anyways, no rush. I just don’t have any active conspirators these days.


I didn’t tell anyone spiritform was a girl! You probably read some comment where I called him “Babe” (his real name) and just assumed.


Hey Spiritform… any chance we could continue working on this one? Image 3 kinda sucks, but I really enjoy working with you and I hope we can continue this conversation sometime…. It’s been a while since we started this one and I have all new ideas for it.