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does not look good for the incomplete man

19 years ago, April 2, 2004

me likey!


very cool, seems like a hard theme. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.


Very nice treatment, good to see designs taking on interesting themes.


I also like this theme I just hope it doesn’t live up to it’s name..I’d like to see somemore incompletions or would I…


this one really hits a sweet spot for me.. theme and image.


Somehow, I found this image….kind of soothing in a way.may be is the floral pattern. nice theme, i wonder how the rest of the images will go^^ keep up the good work^


There’s some really nice textures and shapes interacting here but the type and composition seem kind of stiff. Still excellent work. I wonder if jeromius’ angle is to just leave this designologue incomplete forever…That’d be clever but too often done regardless of theme to be able to pull off successfully.


i think i see what you mean by it being a little bit rigid…i thought throwing in the hand-drawn arrow might ease it off some…not quite enough though…

i actually got the idea of incomplete because some of the designologues i had run into had not been updated in 3 years… since i am new to all of this i am too anxious to get my first or next image up to even imagine leaving someone hanging…but that is just me

My only solution to this is to get involved in more logues I guess…and hope they do not suffer the same fate


Do that but don’t feel bad if they wind up stalled in your conspirators’ inbox(es). It invariably happens. I have at least four designologues like that and I am even a guilty perpetrator too!


right, being new to something makes you want to really get immersed…and i will probably be stalled on a few myself…eventually


What’s the thought behind the patterns your using as fills, chickenafro? Why did you pick em?


actually, if you read the excerpt, it has a lot to do with a man being disconnected from sentiment and being closed to expressions of the heart. To me, it read as if he were not able to recognize his own feminine emotions (for lack of a better term). I was trying to bring this feminine aspect into the design with these floral patterns as well as the pink and the brown (somewhat contradictory colors, brown having more of a male personification and pink quite the opposite)….


Oh, I’ll do an image - no doubt.

I’m just under a lot of work right now - eventually I’ll surface and complete all my logues!


no worries on the delays jeromius… paid work first

most of my comments above were for the 3 year old logues i had run across…


see . . I t ld y u th t I wo ld upl d a new i age!!

18 years ago, July 9, 2004

The style from the first image was lost which is very sad. So many whys… donkey, clown?


dude - just be glad I uploaded an image.

As for the donkey and the clown. I just decided that I wanted to use them - why? Who knows … haven’t you ever wanted to see a sixty foot donkey coming after a clown on his day off from the circus?

I didn’t give this one much thought - hence the title.


It’s an interesting image, but it’s totaly disconected from the first which had a great feel to it.. so.. i dunno…


There is a deeper meaning to this image. I want to see who’s the first person to get it.

I think you’ll be surprised.


does it have something to do with the brainpower of the candidates in the US presidential race? ;)


nope - but I can see how you could get that.


a deeper meaning?

/me trembles in his boots


sorry for the delay…

17 years ago, November 2, 2005

Yeah, it’s only been like over a year.


you had me stumped, what can i say? ;)


no worries - I think it’s been a year since I was on the site.


I hope this ‘logue doesn’t end. I like the lonliness of the photos. It’s a strong theme to develop. Plus, donkeys are pure gold. Sorta.


I love this piece. I’m curious as to what all you did to make it look the way it does and how many layers it has, it looks like a LOT.