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First designologue.

20 years ago, February 24, 2003

Come on man, I’m glad it’s your first designologue but say something about it. What’s this image about? What are you trying to convey?


I think these are “Sadu’s” more then holy men. These are the guys that give up all earthly possesions and just walk around india asking for Alms and not speaking too much. You can find these guys on an curbside on any street in any town or city in all of india. they are really a majestic sight to behold… awe inspiring.. but i agree with inman, what are u trying to say?


I was fascinated by a couple of things. One, the faded photograph itself. It’s age was nice. Two, the contrast between the two men, the older, more benign man and the more passionate younger man. It seems that the older man has seen the sights, while the younger man wants to see/bee the older.

Okay…now I’m feeling bad. I was looking for a subdued start to this designologue. Let the photo tell the story to start with. I guess I’ll have to really pick it up next round. dammit.


Nah, no dammit. The image can be sparse (and in this case, appropriately so) it just helps to have some context. I had no idea about “sadu,” everything gels now that I have a general understanding.

That’s what this comment section is for, flesh out the concepts of your theme and provide a little background for the ignorant. :D

I’m looking forward to seeing where this designologue goes - especially given the religiously charged concept.


…give up all earthly possessions?

This young cat on the right is sporting some jewelry. Four rings and a bracelet. Who knows, maybe he’s got some Rupee in his wallet.


sweet photo, it looks like the younger guy just had a big old relaxing crap or something.. great job


wow - that was tough to generate a response to your opener. what’s this one about - it’s about me being tired of controlled lines, and clean solid colors. how holy is it? i’m not sure…

20 years ago, February 26, 2003

Holy crap! Did you print that out, modify it and scan it back in? Goes right along with your statement if you did, excellent! It’s all about process.


printed it, and then used couple of different pens/markers/highlighters, white out, tape (bet you can’t find the tape), scanned it back in, then added the image/copy on top of the tape.

thanks for the comment - i was really debating about putting this online, or starting another one. something about this image, i like (i don’t think it’s great, but it has a quality that i like).


I think that conceptually it works great and I think with this designologue that’s what matters. And it’s in no way a bad image. As I said before, the process involved totally supports the statement you’ve made.


i see the masking tape.. blends right in there, in plain sight.

in response to the jewels on the hands.. sometimes they give everything up, but do not refuse what is given to them in gift.. so who knows, those four rings may be his only possesions.. furthermore, they are probably indian gold at best, and are hardly worth a ruppee (48 to the dollar when i was there in 2000).


those lines kinda look like henna, or whatever that orange stuff is they paint onto their hands…


See here’s where I would make the mistake.

Instead of printing it out, tracing over it and using real life tape!!! I’d have tried to do it in photoshop… and failed incredibly.

Nice too see how people got the effects they did. So simplistic.

Now if I could only get that tape in some sort of filter…


no. 2 is really excellent!


Okay, this was a tough one. It was hard to follow up. Goes back to the basics. What makes a person holy? Do they choose, or are they chosen? Do the clothes and the funny hat make you holy? Or what you’ve seen or done?.

Seemed right to go to one of the more recognizable “holy” men for this one. I wanted to to a contrast between the last picture and this one, but they really didn’t want to play together on the same image. Go figure on that one.

20 years ago, March 3, 2003

Good direction, ToeKnee. Or redirection. Or whatever. Nice Job.