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18 years ago, May 5, 2005



Has a Generation X kinda feel to it, which I like a lot. Some bits jar a little though. The main font feels too heavy, and I don’t quite get the dead end sign. I can see the significance of “dead end” in relating to the subject, but I don’t think the connection is realised as strongly as it could be. Nice start though.


Real fresh G. Agreed, the dead end sign is almost contradictory. In heaven there is no death or end.. Holla


Fresh and clean as always, Nice work. I think agree on the sign, also u used that in our last logue. all in all Great clean feel to this.

Now Let see where this logue takes us.


So does that man have an afro or is that a halo?

I like the simplicity of this. The blue gradients are nice touches of color to liven up the image. I think the dead end image is a reference to hell?? Since it’s pointing downward (the direction typically associated with hell), I’m just guessing, but perhaps a better explanation for that sign is yet to come.

Parts of this image even appear fuzzy, perhaps simply due to the shade of gray you used. The “(next exit)” bit and the bird closest to that are what I’m speaking of. The man meditating could even use a bit of sharpening. In contrast to the dead end sign, those things look less focused.

Interesting beginning. -ts


“So does that man have an afro or is that a halo?”

I saw it as a sombrero myself, though I did wonder about it afterwards. I like it as a sombrero.. that and the birds, which I see as buzzards even tho they don’t really look like them, are what made me think Gen X


Concrete Landings

18 years ago, May 12, 2005

I’m really feelin that city EuRip, also liking the subtle blur effect, creating that soft vibe.. Taking this loge in a great direction.


nice one! i really dig this image.



I don’t think suicide = heaven, tho. =p


i really like this image, but i’m not so into your lil jumping dude. I think its just that he’s too big.


i love the subtle blur too. and the colors all work well together.


Thanks for the post, i was having trouuble with the jumping guy, i think your right lincoln, he might be a bit big. I had a fro on him but it looked like a big head .

Lets see where G goes with the next one.



maybe the first image is saying the search for heaven (solace in the idea) is a dead end. or maybe that’s just me and my morbid ways.

nevertheless both images spark my fancy


the second image looks like something I wouldn’t mind having on a tshirt. Although the jumping guy and the whole suicide=heaven isn’t exactly the most accurate message. =)

I don’t know if that’s what you were trying to portray but that’s kinda what it seems to say.


IMG02 made me “lol”, literally…I don’t use that term lightly.

Nice job!


just a simple diagram

18 years ago, June 21, 2005

Wow G, a pleasure to look at.. Great colors, great comp, Nice car. Is that desert sand mica?


top notch G


killer bro! love this one! (3) i must admit though, img 2 made LOL too, i’m with sketchygirl on that one……it’s hillarious!! Great #2! good work peeps!



that is wicked hot G!



Nice work, love the colour scheme


thats amazing. the colors, the composition, the flow, everything… woooo


Super Fresh G, the colors scheme and vector work is Bangin - Well done - i really like the placement of the elements.

Glad you like the last post- i was going for the lol - with the guy jumping - i could not help myself - Hey that guys heaven is concrete impact.


Lotus think we can build that thing - sometime in this century…….


Ok, ok, I just need direction.. You tell me, Shall I start nice and smooth or dark and grimy?


#1 & #3. Absolutly great composition. Amazing colours.

I love it.


heh nice 1 and 3..

2 is odd, on the basis that @cJw is right according to religion. not sure about suicide making it in heaven.. funny though.. damn leaping frog man. new Urban jumping sport. :)


I likey, these are very strong images, and about img 02, to me, it seems that the figure is not comitting suicide, but maybe, just maybe, trying to fly with the birds (we just don’t see his/her wings yet).


/*— Very interesting interpretation of a common spiritual theme. I enjoy the wash of the colors and the subtle tones in image 3.

Personifying the theme was a great idea.

I like the “reference” material at the right of the image and how there are bullets to push some description of the content.

Great work so far! —*/


I have got to say that all 3 images have a very calming influence on me. The shading and colour selection is excellent.

I know that there is a comical edge, to a certain extent, but the whole idea and artistic flair shown is absolutely brilliant.

Compliments to both G and EuRip.