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Here goes.

17 years ago, June 23, 2005

Like the idea, but the blurred background seems out of place.

Good start though


a slightly more organic approach…….

17 years ago, June 24, 2005

inVZbl- Thanks for the comments, I’m glad to see some interest in us two newbies going at it.

haydn- I’m liking the response. Nice use of color and a bit more subtle than my original. It has the gears turning for img 03 already.

I’ll be a few days in responding, but look for something Monday evening (will that be Tuesday morning in Australia?)


I liked the clean feel of #1, although the background was a touch distracting.

Dig the colors and feel of #2 -


somewhere in-between

17 years ago, June 27, 2005

Nice work on number 3.

It would have been hotter without the grid landscape at the back.

Love the flowers, and the depth of field though.


i’m diggin’ this series so far. i think #2 was a great response.


i only like #3.


Agree with inVZbl that is would of been even better without the grid landscape.


Lovely flowers on #3. Strikes me as popcorn which also works with the theme “grow”. [Popcorn grows when you heat it.]


I am new to Designlogue, and this was our first Logue’, it’s great to get constructive feedback on the work possitive or negative but I was very dissapointed to read the comment by “pell_me”! What a pitty!

Kyoti I will have the next installment up very soon:)


The popcorn just did’nt want to work for me:) Thought I would take a new direction keeping with the developed ideas, sorry about the delay Kyoti!

17 years ago, July 5, 2005

Hottness… The spacing on the O & W is throwing me off a bit..


Am I missing something? How do you get from 3 to 4?

Regardless, I like the colors and the use of trees in the background.


cJw…..It was about progression and what the first 3 images provoked, I feel recycling elements is not always needed, I think it’s great to see how different people around the world respond to a certain image and take the theme somewhere different.


love the hair / butterfly area


Kyoti…………. Kyoti…………. You out there?


Sorry about the delay. Busy with work/life but I have been working on img05. img04’s strong departure from the previous images has caused me to stop and restart on my response about 10 times now.


I REALLY like this one. Everything in it works really well together, from colours to concept. Great going, I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses


After too long of a delay something obvious and garish. None of the directions I wanted to take this seem available anymore. I was initially building on the concept of urban sprawl and the ability of a city to “grow” in a way that is often harmful for many other things that grow. But now it seems like too much of a stretch from where the responses have gone. So here is something else.

17 years ago, August 10, 2005

eep…that was a big jump to a big white box.


Aww, would have really like to have seen something done with the past image instead of scrapping it altogether. It was so lovely.


I gotta agree with the above; this seems like an attempt to ‘start over’. :shrug:

I do like some of the grass itself, though. : )


“I was initially building on the concept of urban sprawl and the ability of a city to “grow” in a way that is often harmful for many other things that grow.”

Man that would have been fantastic. I think coming up with a great concept like this and bailing on it is worse then never having any concept at all. I don’t know how you would have pulled it off, but I would love to have seen you try. The idea could even apply to Kudzu or other vines that grow around trees to get up to the most direct sun and kill them in the process.


I’ve had some stuff happen in my personal life over the past few weeks that just took everything out of me. I knew this image was going to fall flat on its face, but I thought if I at least put something up then haydn could take it from there.


“I was initially building on the concept of urban sprawl and the ability of a city to “grow” in a way that is often harmful for many other things that grow.”

Something simple as a Large building blocking the sun from a meager Plant or Tree would suffice. Use the Trump towere just for fun :)

good job otherwise


did I kill the grow designologue?