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Word. it’s been a long time since i’ve had to bust out some photoshop, but by round 4 i should be back in the swing of things… i saw beca at work and she was telling me about what you do in your spare time (this). it sounded pretty cool so checked it out and now i’m all up in it =D

19 years ago, March 16, 2003

funny funny funny… I always get anxious in the garden.. living in the city now, im more anxious about getting back to the garden..

great iimage.., altho, im not crazy about the dullness of the background image..


yeah i hear ya, i’t been awhile =S this is going to be good for me, getting back into design on a regular basis.


Just a question: Why is there a man’s head in the ground?


You must not garden often.


wow okay I think i was looking at the head in the ground while i was readin the text cause what i read was “Seems I can’t put a shovel into the ground with out maiming a woman.”

I see it says worm but the head I transposed words and stuff….yeah anyway I do not understand what the head in the ground is for…. it makes me question the concept


I garden a heck of a lot and I don’t think I understand the head in the ground either. Guess I’ve been missing something all of these years. Can you explain?


One thing for sure, having just bought my first home, the head in the ground is giving me anxieties about gardening…


fashionvictom: you’ve never seen a head in the ground? you’ve just been gardening on Jones St too long. I know this guy, that knows this guy who took a bunch of kittens and…okay that’s not true


somebody needs to grab that shovel and give that poor man a hand, at least while he is still ahead. hahahaha. I kill myself. Funny shit Arien.


Just can’t have fun anymore… it’s a worm from the planet tulip… now stfu ;p


Actually worms DO make you garden look good. It’s those grubs that you have to watch out for. Damn grubs.


i need to stop drinking so much, damn St. Patties day…


So the placement of the human head in the lawn is to show that the maiming of life for a better garden is an act worth worrying about.

How does your headline support that?

I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything, I’m just inquisitive…


you answer your own question…



Here in Savannah, Ga St. Patrick’s day weekend is quite out of control. Today is the first day I have been sober since last Wednesday. I wrote that post after drinking a bloody marry, a few shots and about 6 double vodka tonics. Drinking for about 8 hours strait, I shouldn’t be posting comments. Now that I’m finished shooting myself in the foot…

I was just tring to have some fun with this. I was gardening in my cortyard about 2 weeks ago, cleaning things up and such, trying not to step on all sorts of little creatures. I just thought is would be funnier if there was a head sticking out of the ground insted of a worm…


Hey, don’t sweat it…


FUNNY STUFF! the above link is a satirical link of an adult nature, enjoi.


Most people don’t believe in reincarnation. But if it is true, then this guy was probably Jeffrey Dahmer. Or one of them bowling for columbine kids. Some low life high brow criminiminal. Me myself, low brow high life illigitament child. The dimmer side of the spectrum on the brightest side.


If Jeffrey Dahmer was reincarnated, I don’t think he’d hit human status…


Jeffrey Dahmer would be the worm Personified in the picture. When you take your special designogoggles off, the man dissappears and all you see is the worm poking out of the ground.


where’s that taco at???


Will it work?

19 years ago, April 13, 2003

Well SinplexC.

The official ruling is NO. Hiding an .swf with a .png extension doesn’t work. It uploaded fine, but is lacking in displayability. Oh well. I tried. Only 52k too.

Unless CodeMaster Inman can make it work.


Sneaky sneaky.

The problem with a SWF is that it needs an EMBED and OBJECT tag to display properly — to alert the browser of the need to implement the good ol’ Flash plug-in.

So, in short, your answer will most likely be no. A for effort though.


So what was the post supposed to be, Taco? You should post the swf on a website or something…


Taco, send me an image version of your swf and I’ll replace your pretty red x.

What platform are you on? My image validation script should have caught that (regardless of extension) unless you explicitly changed the file type (or your OS did it for you based on the extension).

designologue @ shauninman . com


BTW,drag the broken image to your desktop and change the extension. Open up your flash player and choose the file in the open dialog box.

Taco, let’t not have this happen again, okay?


Yeah Creighton that is what I figured. I changed the extension and it worked on my desktop.

I just animated Earthworm Jim running across the background. I was trying to be all subversive and figure out a way to sneak a flash file in.

Nothing spectacular, just an experiment. Sorry Inman.

I got the First Strike! On April 13th. Hooray.


Check out Taco! Red X. Taco send a response, I’m anxious to see were the worm is headed. Speaking of…that head is starting to freak me out.


thanks inman. I was busy making my Religion:: (Good and Evil) response. Earthworm Jim is outta there.


Hope you don’t mind; I just took a screenshot of the swf.




What does ROFL mean. Is that Rolling on the Floor Laughing?

Hey inman, why did you take my strike away. I kind of liked being the first person to get a strike. April 13 made it even more symbolic. How many until your out?


You never received a strike. Just a motion to strike. If your image had been voted inappropriate then you would have received a strike. But the motion (not being a real motion) was dismissed and you got by unscathed.


oh drats!


I had a funny little idea i wanted to share with everyone Garden Anxiety


Are you my neighbor?


I dont know are you the guy that gets the paper wearing womens panties everyday. Cause thats why i started shitting in your yard. Bemor_Bolo “Da King O Bling”


so..i don’t get it. ehat does the shovel stand for? Deep.

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