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19 years ago, February 8, 2004


That was one of my ideas for this dsnlg as well.

Guess it was the obvious choice.

Great job!


can’t wait for the funky style coming back~ It is the retro hour~


seen on my office screen funkenstein character seem a little low-bright/contrast. I’m seeing it too dark (more than intentioned). How are you seeing him?



Nice Work, love the colours and style. It all mixes in very well. The clothes do seem abit dark on the character, so abit of the detail is lost there, but good none the less.

Keeping an eye out for the response…


looks dark on my LCD - but looks fine on my CRT monitor.


This is AWFUL…..

Mind you….NOT the design, but the fact that you reminded me of how I once embraced this style. Agh ! Maybe as this designologue progresses I’ll be inclined to search hi and low in the trunk that contains my red, white, and blue bell bottoms.

Unfortunately this chap reminds me of people I knew at that time.


Frankie sez Relax - the devil made me do it.

19 years ago, February 18, 2004

Looks like Funkenstein knows when to chill, hang back, and let the Devil runs his OWN party…


Listen - if you were in a club and the Devil was cuttin’ it up on the dance floor, you’d best not be gettin’ in his way.

This was a bit of a rush job, but you’d really be surprised how many different images are really in this picture.


I’ts really hard to simulate disco ambient…

anyway, here we have funkenstein going to take his 11th consumition… he’s at the point where present and recent past are basically the same thing

19 years ago, April 3, 2004

The Monster looks great, the colors and the hair, I’m loving it (Please McDonalds don’t sue me).

Those chicks, I would almost want them a little more out of focus, there is a fine line… hey the legs are missing! Ghosts?


i think what it really needs is gwenith and drew or who ever those to chicks are to be holding their nose… then it would truely be a funky monster…


Like the monster in the image, but the background does not work as good as your first pic.

The 1st image you did was nice, with the vector work in the back ground and the colour scheme. It all blended in nicely together and came through a stronger design.

This image seems more like a happysnap of a rave or something, doesnt seem to have that thought process as what you did with the first one.


The one thing I do really like about the third is the fact that funkenstein has obviously gotten his swerve on since the first image.


The 1st is something like the preparing of it. Funkenstein gets dressed and there is an amazing night waiting for him, or something like. In fact, it

The jeromius’ 2nd image takes place inside the disco. If you see that one, funkenstein seems to be just arrived there (contrasting with the party-involved devil) and he’s going to meet his friend before taking some drink together.

Our funky night goes on and he is still on the disco. There I’ve tried to keep some disco ambient, hotter than 2nd img and funkenstein is just more drunked. At the point of intemporality that ethilic intoxication gives on nights like those, some chick images are appearing closer than background but a little confused there. Next morning, funkenstein will not be shure about almost anything, he will just remember some faces…

I was happier with the vector way, I’m attatched with inVzbl. But if it seems to be the happysnap I reached the way I was searching for… I can’t wait to see jeromius response….!


long live the king!

19 years ago, July 9, 2004

Super cool!


I met this guy at my sister’s wedding, he bummed a smoke, tried to talk me into a business venture and eventually passed out in the ladies’ room. Good times, good times. One hell of an image!


this image is great. i like that you cleaned it all up yet kept some elements from the previous image(s). i think it’s awesome that the goatee is still in there too.

that’s one funny elvis!


thanks - this is sort of my comeback image, and I decided what better way to celebrate than to have an Elvis-like image.


great image, probably best one of the bunch so far…


I want this on a billboard.


pleased to be here again :)

19 years ago, October 19, 2004

Gotta love Funkenstein - he’s my wallpaper for Oct :grin: - but who is it that’s showing him up?

Oh - welcome back. :D


is that marky mark?

glad to see one of my dsnlgs is active again.

I’m not doing any new ones until my olds ones are completed.


maybe I’ve been too fast. Is THE ROCK STAR! Blurred because he is coming (back, in fact) stronger. Funk was really on scene after r’n’r. Maybe more like a cousin than like a son but comes from the same root, historically. Funk arrives, funk funs, and rock comes back… still blurred, to become metal (middle 80’s right now).

How are things going here?


D’OH! Rock Star!

Me and my imdb-brained self should be shamed. ;p


jeromius, so sorry for the amazing delay on the image posting. I’ve been f++++g busy lastly. I promise I won’t stop until I end my pending dsnlg. Don’t take it personally ;)


not if i can stop’ya jeromious..



marky mark is indeed a funky monster.

This is my favorite Funkenstein yet. Thoughtful. Melancholic. perhaps even shameful? It is a Funkenstein of the past. lost in a new time.


Funkenstein is just a little glum, nothing a fresh tape-up around the edges cant cure.


rockin’ like it’s 1984.

19 years ago, October 22, 2004

Godzilla should play the drums for EVERY band… if he could find his sticks. :D

Jeez, in ‘84 (and I hate to make some of you perhaps feel old) I wasn’t even rockin’ yet… not until ‘88 and GnR. LOL - in ‘84 it was Beach Boys and Michael Jackson. :P




Yeh, I was 9 and listened to what my parents gave me. o.O


… and James came back with his design to set us free from r’n’r…

19 years ago, October 25, 2004

what the hell happened to the monsters?


Well little Jimi from the hospital told me that our ole boy james brizzown sold his soul to the devil just so he could do that split flippy thing again.. That’s kinda Monsterish if you ask me.


they are burning on hell!

I tried to put them at ozzy’s back but I’ve not found a way to fit them there. So basically I took the fire as the conduction from your last image.


but the one theme that has tied the entire logue together has been eliminated. I mean, you even got rid of Frank who has been in every single image up to this point.

Well … guess I need to finish this on a high note.


you’re right jeromious. But in this last image I tried to do a last turn. Maybe the title for this ‘logue whould be funkenstein rather than funky monsters, don’t you think? With this spot as reference and following your last image, I put together a monster of rock and a funky monster.

Though I agree that with this image I’ve been thinkin’ more in the unit than the whole sequence. Sorry for the redirection!

I’m sure you’ll end it in a great way.


James Brown = Funky

Ozzy = Monster

James Brown + Ozzy = Funky Monster ;)

I still miss Funknstein tho…


James Brown looks like a child molester in this picture.

Now that’s pretty scary.


Image 7 just seemed like a step backwards…



16 years ago, March 16, 2007

Wow! 3 and a half years later the designologue gets an ending. All it took was for James Brown to pass away. The Devil looks pretty chuffed to have The Godfather of Soul’s soul.


Dude, that’s dedication on my part.

I thought he would NEVER die, but I held out.