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This logue could/should go anywhere.

(Vuur is the Dutch word for Fire. Remember that the next time you’re in The Netherlands, Belgium or South Africa, you could get a date out of it. :-) )

(or at least get someone to light your cigarette)

19 years ago, August 12, 2004

nice work, love the vector flames in it and the composition is good… ill reply as soon as i can…


Defiantly a fresh design, Love the contrast.


fire that burns…

19 years ago, September 6, 2004

Now thats cool, um hot, you know what I mean… real sense of heat there + I like the contrast


Looks a bit like a Dave McKean, which isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing. Just an observation.

And I’m undecided whether to view the figure as a soldier or a fireman.

IMG#1 - 2 IMG#2 - 3

A bit more for #2 as it seems to convey the natural intensity of fire more. #1 isn’t bad, just a bit too ‘controlled’.


the slihouette in image 2 sets a fresh feel. nice contrast. i think some grunge textures layered on top might add to the over all feel of the image, just a thought… nice image


the slihouette is actually a picture of a…. Ill let u decide.

I was going to add more shite to this, but i didnt want to clutter the image too much that it lost its connection from the first image.

Sorry i took so long in replying, just been so bloody busy…


No rush inVZBl, it’s nice to see how long an image ‘holds’ before it gets boring :-)

I like the fact that you left a connection, let’s see if I can do the same..


Dope Image.. Looks to me like a Fire Starter, Maybe tank missile by chance.


I think this second image is a step away and down from the first. You didn’t really carry over any of the illustration / designy feel that made the first so successfull and instead made a more ‘real’ looking image using photos and textures that frankly isn’t nearly as good.

But, please don’t take my word for it as i apearantly can’t say anything nice these days


The illustration from the first image is there, but i decided i didnt want theme of my reply to be so obvious with writing fire randomly across the image…

Dont worry, next time i will make it simple enough for u to understand;P


Here we go: I got references to my own first image (controlled flames, hardcore rastering), I got references to inVZbl’s image (soldier, stormtrooper, same difference) and I got fire icons strewn across my design randomly. Job well done, I’d say :-)

19 years ago, September 8, 2004

I like the contrast in the imagery as well as the colors, I would have liked to have seen more of a flame like pattern/design in the background, that kinda looks too smooth or like a flower for me to associate it with FIRE. (But I guess it’s kinda sun like)

Overall - fresh design.. Storm Troopers Rock…Until they get blown up or get blasted upon.


well, inVZble’s image was literally HOT, I mean, I could’ve tried, but in terms of fire and heat, he hit it spot on. So I decided to leave ‘real’ fire for now (saving myself the embarrassment) and to violate a pic of a 70s lamp in my living room instead. (The colors fit well with the first image, so I figured it was OK.) I was thinking of grunging it up a bit, making it less clean and more fire-like but then I thought: nah, let’s leave it like it is and see what will come of it.

So, no real fire. But the stormtrooper is real, that ought to count for something. :-)

Maybe next time I’ll throw in an ewok for good measure, they don’t mind a bit of heat. The poor sods.


I love the background man, nice bloody job. I think it works well from the last one, with the use of strong colours and the heat it generates.

I hate the fact some people want obvious connections to the last image. I means its bloody dialogue, people dont always repeat the last sentences that someone else says.

Open ur bloody minds.

On another note, not sure about the treatment on the trooper. Dont know what it is, just looks out of place in there for me…


ewoks tend to do that, repeat each other in conversations. the poor sods.

on another note: once i uploaded the image and i looked at it, I thought: Fck i should’ve would’ve could’ve done the trooper a bit different. So I agree. i think i should’ve buried him a bit deeper in the ‘flames’. he’s kind of pasted on top right now.

oh well.


in image 3 i like the background,but it doesn’t seem to work well with the storm trooper. They just seem not to really blend or work togeather, maybe if the white was color selected out so you used just the black pixels ,that way the orange funk behide it flows threw it. Did you create that orange funk yourself or is it scanned?

Post bills for life


No, that’s a picture of a red 70s lamp , taken with my trusted Sony DSC 828, in my appartment, by myself. Yep. I did that.


how do you like the 828?


I love it. I started with the 505v (seems like ages ago now), moved on to the 717 and then i went for the 828. Don’t ask me to compare it with the Canon 300D or the Nikon D70, because I never really ‘worked’ with them. What I like about this line of Cybershots is the fact that the lens rotates, allowing me to shoot pix without assuming the ‘photographer’s stance’, a photographer is ‘the one that looks through a machine’ and sometimes that influences the way people behave. you know how it is. I love it.


That’s what I really love about my (now ancient seeming) Nikon Coolpix 990. The lens and screen swivel independently, which gives great freedom. I can shoot pictures with the camera as high as I can hold it over my head, yet still be able to frame the shot by looking in the screen. I don’t have to bend down to get low shots either. Because of this no one ever knows when I am adjusting the settings, or shooting them candidly.

I think most people didn’t understand the idea of a relatively expensive camera not looking like a film camera, so they since abandoned the design. Shame, cause there is really no need for a digital camera to be shaped like a film camera.


i disagree with that. some people are very comfortable with film SLR cameras and want that same “feel” in a digital… especially if it allows you to focus with a ring on the lense instead of some incremental buttons.

don’t get me wrong, i totally see the value of a swivel display - but i wouldn’t say there’s “no need for a digital camera to be shaped like a film camera.”

if you want to be discreet, the swivel cameras can’t be beat.


well, the thing is, the 828 has a great Carl Zeiss lens (28 - 200mm), it alows you to focus and zoom with a ring, instead of the buttons. So -for me- it’s the best of both worlds. It looks enough of a state of the art piece of machinery (so I don’t have to be embarrassed when guys with digital SLRs are around ) but it gives you freedom, freedom i tells ya!


begin nerd comment

Don’t know if I’m allowed to drop ideas or not, but the perfect response for image 3 seems like the darth vader helmet luke skywalker throws in the bondfire at the end of return of the jedi…

or maybe I just need to go buy the new Star Wars DVD.

end nerd comment


I kept looking at the last image thinking this would be nice as a 60’s type psychedelic poster, so i decided to push it into that direction….

19 years ago, November 24, 2004

I like that!


usually not a fan of pop-art. but this is really interesting…maybe it’s the color or the dark nature of the piece that add another level of involvement. no. 306: Fire


love the turn around on this one ~ nice volly