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A question that begs to be answered, and some nice colors :-)

17 years ago, October 3, 2003

I’m really not a fan of the colors and text treatment but that’s just my opinion and I can’t hold it against you. However, the blurry/pixelated “Order?” and general placement of objects on the canvas need work as I’m not really sure if it’s the best way represent entropy. What does this theme mean to you? How did this image come about? Am I reading this right “Do Order? Exist”? What were you trying to achieve with that message? I’m not trying to razz you, just give you an honest critique. These questions will inevitably come with all the images you submit… Welcome to DSNLG!


Welcome aboard Mr_Shark. Okay, here’s my take on things:

I believe this is supposed to read “Do Order Exist?” —> or rather, “Does Order Exist?” (maybe a bit is lost in translation due to Mr. Shark’s being from Sweden).

I have to agree with randy on the color treatment and overal composition of the image — I’m just not feeling it. For a DSNLG about entropy, this image seems rather structured, especially the treatment of the overlaying textures cut into clearly distinguishable horizontal and vertical lines.

The only thing that seems to be implying any sense of entropy here is the haphazard treatment of the type. I’d like to see a bit more elaboration on the theme (verbally) so that I can critique this image based on a more-than-visual critique.

But I don’t know if you and jimmeeruckus decided to start with something more static, then let the entropy unfold through the DSNLG or what…


Entropy, how can I explain it? I’ll take it frame by frame it, to have you all jumping, shouting saying it. Let’s just say that it’s a measure of disorder, in a system that is closed, like with a border. It’s sorta, like a, well a measurement of randomness, proposed in 1850 by a German, but wait I digress. “What the fuck is entropy?”, I here the people still exclaiming,it seems I gotta start the explaining.

You ever drop an egg and on the floor you see it break? You go and get a mop so you can clean up your mistake. But did you ever stop to ponder why we know it’s true, if you drop a broken egg you will not get an egg that’s new.

That’s entropy or E-N-T-R-O to the P to the Y, the reason why the sun will one day all burn out and die. Order from disorder is a scientific rarity, allow me to explain it with a little bit more clarity. Did I say rarity? I meant impossibility,at least in a closed system there will always be more entropy. That’s entropy and I hope that you’re all down with it, if you are here’s your membership.

You down with entropy? Yeah, you know me! You down with entropy? Yeah, you know me! Who’s down with entropy? Every last homie!

Defining entropy as disorder’s not complete, ‘cause disorder as a definition doesn’t cover heat. So my first definition I would now like to withdraw, and offer one that fits thermodynamics second law. First we need to understand that entropy is energy, energy that can’t be used to state it more specifically. In a closed system entropy always goes up, that’s the second law, now you know what’s up.

You can’t win, you can’t break even, you can’t leave the game,’cause entropy will take it all ‘though it seems a shame. The second law, as we now know, is quite clear to state, that entropy must increase and not dissipate.

Creationists always try to use the second law, to disprove evolution, but their theory has a flaw. The second law is quite precise about where it applies, only in a closed system must the entropy count rise. The earth’s not a closed system’ it’s powered by the sun, so fuck the damn creationists, Doomsday get my gun! That, in a nutshell, is what entropy’s about, you’re now down with a discount.

mc hawking


That is the greatest thing I’ve ever encountered!


Hello, Mr_Shark.. Those fonts are great! Did you create them?

MC Hawking… Awesome.


I thought you might like that.


MC Hawking is my hero.

The image, on the other hand, doesn’t quite live up to the ideas offered from the song.


fuel for thought…

17 years ago, October 3, 2003

perhaps they can draw some inspiration from it.

after all, if you’re not down with entropy, you ain’t nuthin’ but a beeeotch.

word is bond.


Sorry about the delay, I got swamped at work and then caught a cold. I will get back with some comments later.

17 years ago, October 10, 2003

did you do this in MS-Paint?


yo errormius: is that suppose to be derrogatory?

if so, then do please, send me a package of your latest dung, as it must be sooo deliciously delightful!!!

if not, what’s wrong with MS-Paint?


No, I think MS-Paint is the coolest program! You can do all sorts of stuff in it. In fact, I think that there aren’t enough people that take advantage of the program, it really is quite good.



17 years ago, October 10, 2003

ha ha ha!

freaking great!


Wah? I’m reminded of elitism


this reminds me more of a dissing contest then a dsnlg.

but, sometimes you gotta do it..

i dunno what else to say…


I’ve participated in better dissing contests than this.

you don’t need to say anything else B. I think the image speaks for itself.


all in good fun lads…it at least led me to get to know jeromius a little better, graphically speaking. great work btw…

i come from the dj battle scene, so dissing each other is a show of s[kills]…

so jeromius, you up?


hey man - anytime you want to dsnlg - I’m game.

Just like you said, it’s all in good fun.