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Choose your weapon, you filthy animal!

18 years ago, October 7, 2004

I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but that word bubble sticks out in a bad way. all of these various elements seem to be unintegrated into the image.. the word bubble, the cartoon figure, the text.. the red and green, the bridge.. all sepearated and not cohesive…

the bloody vengeance text is sorta interesting but is almost falling off the page… the cartoon figure is mildyly intriguing but that word bubble just makes me sorta go “huh?”…

overall, it’s sorta funny.. but the execution is poor.


Is that Samurai Jack ?.. :o


I gotta agree with Harper. This image makes no damn sense. Maybe it is introducing a narrative? I like the typeface of “Bloody Vengeance” though.


a day at the gallery..not much vengeance in this one :)

18 years ago, October 7, 2004

I’m in total agreement with bharper on this, and the only saving grace for me is Samurai Jack in IMG1. The tree heads, although failing to see the connection with the theme at the moment, is worthy of mention too.


Look, all in all you’re all right about my img01. It seems I had trouble concentrating yesterday, although that’s no excuse.

The word ‘sup?’ is short for ‘what’s up’ - if any of y’all missed that - and was meant to encourage Splidsboel to make the next move. Is it really that bad??!

… And the ‘bloody vengeance’ part … well a’ight, I hope you like my next one.



“Oh, mad one … We see your trap. You can never escape your fate …”

18 years ago, November 1, 2004

in the mood for some dark colors..

18 years ago, November 1, 2004

You’re really into the squares, huh? I’m reffering to your last IMG @ the ol’ school battle … no. 321: from the old school A’ight. Well I’ma tear this one up! ;-D


“This man is your FRIEND” … However, Mr. Splidsboel, I am your competitor in this Duel of the Iron Mind and you just got took! Oh schhhh ….

18 years ago, November 2, 2004

whoa! is that a doctor who robot?


Mildly confused on what all of these images mean and how they reflect the Duel of the Iron Mind …?


Well … My intention was to do a series of images that provoked the next man to do something even tighter [in the sense of cool/wondahful] therof ‘The Duel of the Iron Mind’. The title also refferes to an early 70’s kung-fu flick called ‘Duel of the Iron Fist’ , so of course I was thinking some martial arts as well. Any way thanks for paying attension. Unfortunately this logue doesn’t get that much respond …


martial arts upon soft cotton..? Yes that must be the title..Værsgo’ Theis..fyr den af! :)

18 years ago, November 9, 2004

Oh, okay. So you pulled out the pencil and went analog. A’ight, I can deal with that, you dirty pessant. Watch how I perform my deadly DSGNLG fist …


Looky here, son. You take your crayons and your finger paint, and you go play outside. This here is for grown folks now you hear?

18 years ago, November 24, 2004

Too bad this ‘logue is almost finished!


Yea well. IMG8 is probably just gonna be a few teardrops scanned …


Nice work on the last image, everything mixes in well… This whole logue is kinda nice too…

Nice job fellas


Thanks a lot.

We were in for a ruff start, but I think the logue has been developing in the right direction.


those are some big crayons!


i like that one the most out of all of your entries in this dsnlg. The crayons are a bit big tho arent they :P


Spildsboel is a big boy. I’m sure he can handle them just fine.


Well I missed most of this, but image 7 is my favorite. I love crayons, haven’t done anything with them in so long…


image 7: Totemo kawaii desu ne!!


IMG 07 really makes the Logue.

I like how Bruce has been transposed in the last few images and his expression takes on totally different connotations just by shifting the context.

It changes from the look of I’m-so-insanely-pumped-I-will make-your-freaky-dalek-head-explode-just-by-flexing my-back-muscles (whew!) to the look of, ooooh-that’s-a-woman’s-bottom-should-we-be-looking -at-it-even-if-it-is just-a-cartoon!

Notice the Sumo(?) in the lower panel trying a little back-flex-of-death of his own

Absolutley love it!


there you go…

16 years ago, September 19, 2006

Holy smokes!

The duel has ended with an unexpected move. I see, you’re holding an ace there …

Thank you for participating.


That’s one cool designologue!