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Here we go… Down and dirty… :)

19 years ago, June 23, 2004

ahhh you move quick. I’ll have to work backwards and get to this in a little bit. Cool start and this is the way I figured you would go. Ha! just thought of something that would be funny.


I like it… particularly the fragile word up top with the glow burning colour looks kewl… also the script underneath it works well.


oh, i like this one! especially the electric cables..

ye the script makes it look older and more “believable” - cause modern stuff is often pretty clean and non-dirty..

i get a “late 19th century scientific” feel, probably from the sqaure grid and the script typing, nice.


Oh god, you are so so dirty~ ^_^


19 years ago, June 26, 2004

the problem with this image is that there is no explicit content or even a decent hint of explicit content. it’s like ALL TALK, no Content. The parental advisory is way plaid out as an image/symbol for it to stand alone as it is and the bevel looks cheesy. the background is interesting but seems kinda disconected from the rest.


I was working with the idea that Explicit Content is enclosed. Yes I am sure it is played as with most things but still a symbol that means something. As for the bevel look, I was working with Image 1 and there was the light source on that one. So was working with the light hiting my images. And I didn’t now use the bevel effect, just a white version of the same image moved over a little.

Thought I would add that is not a stock backgroud image either, a recent picture I took mixed with image 1. Thank you for the coment bharper. I do agree that the dirty words is a lot of talk.


I think IMG02’s background is rather nice. It keeps with the dirty industrial feel from IMG01. I dig the colors.

While I agree that the label means something and we all immediately know what’s in a CD sporting it, both it and the lady just seem slapped on. It loses some of its implications and the girl doesn’t look dirty to me. She do gotz da booty tho. If the label was a subtle element, say, on an object in the photo, maybe.

Ultimately, I am not seeing any dirty words (explicatives or otherwise).


Nice work… I got some ideas for #3 at once… ;)

Really nice blending with the background picture.


the backhground looks nice, i like the inclusion of the parental advisory sticker, and the chick ( i would have had her doing some dirty shite though, but then im perverted).

Dont like the white edging it on though that makes it look bevelled, would have been nicer just black.


Alright… Here’s nbr 3. Hope it’s not to explicit for this site… ;)

It started out with an idea to make something similar to that b/w music video where they project black words on white bodies (is it erotic by Madonna? I can’t remember) but ended up like this.

I’m kind of happy with the result though.

19 years ago, June 28, 2004

sort of drifted from the colors.. but I like these too. The girl is sort of hard n the eyes almost wish it was just the type. It also might be that I get lost in the legs … hehehe…. I do dig the background


i’m liking this logue. good treatment on the new one. i love the color. and..ya know…heidi, damn.

but why’d you have to take the one thing from the last image that i didn’t like? feels like an afterthought.


Lincoln: What is it you didn’t like that I brought from image #2?


I bet he didn’t like the woman — and you go and bring another in. Lincoln HATES women.

Seriously, I think it’s the parental advisory stamp. The image really doesn’t need it.

I absolutely ADORE this image. Feels like the colors and general aesthetic of Prefuse 73’s One Word Extinguisher album art — just dirtier and more interesting.

I love this last image.

Oh and I like it a lot too.


Right, I thought it might be women but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings if i would be wrong. Glad you could help me with that…

As for the stamp - I wanted it in the picture in order to keep some continuity from the previus image, but also to show the ridiculus function of it. Here the use of it has been extended to stamp even art/design - which in my opinion should be free of cencorship.

Thanks for all the comments and nice words though!

Prefuse? I got to look the up. And they’re on Warp?! Niiice.


i like this shite…bloody nice work…. nuthing much to say after that… :)


Nice recovery, hbruce.

Immediately, this image is dirty. It has words. They are also bad words. The word dirty is used in the two most common ways. The girl helps.

Based on my previous post, I didn’t think the porting of the label would have been successful. However, it is the fact that the image is so unnecessary that its visibility only brings more attention to the ‘dirty’ girl, thereby making the label this ridiculous joke with regard to censorship.

It’s like going to a porn theater and there being a small sign out front that says “Adult Content Inside”. Nooo… really?! Well, I’ll be jiggered!


If this is a porn theatre, what is that stain in the upper right hand corner?

Great Image!!!


Man, this is one of the best images I have seen on here in a long time.

I think what really makes it successful is that there is a lot of care taken on the way you have treated the overlay of text and imagery on the woman. Nice detail, good shadow and it’s not too obvious. The words don’t really say too much, but the concept is clear and comes across well.

My only gripe is the parental advisory, just doesn’t need to be there. If you had to use it, you should have made it relate to the central image. Right now it’s just hanging out, floating in the right hand corner.


bharper: Yea, at first I thought I’d make the stains sortof whiteish but then I figured I’d might be kicked out of here in an instant so I went for the more coffee-like hue instead… ;)

And as for the Explicit content stamp, again. ;) (why am I trying to defend myself? This is just a dialogue with images and not some heavy duty political statements. doh :) ) Personally I wouldn’t want it there either if the image was a stand-alone. But since I wanted the consistency from Beerads previous image I thought that would be good to bring it in. Regarding the placement I wanted it in a similar fashion to how they put them on CD-cover sleeves. They often seems to be placed there without ANY thought of the rest of the image, kind of like a stamp randomly placed on a contract or something. And as tamashii helped me point out - it’s only there to state the obvious anywhay. :)



I have to say… this image holds the dope factor…


It might have been clever to tuck the advisory label in behind the girl, sticking out from behind her hip, maybe making it slightly transparent, as if she were hiding this highly cliche icon behind her.

just a thought.


now, if she was actually holding it behind her back and it was slightly peeking out from behind her, that would even be coooler!



Went out and spray paint some newspaper. Isn’t the newspaper just all dirtywords? =)

Note - I used no Photoshop Brushes

18 years ago, August 26, 2004

Mad respect for getting down with the paints. I love the piece but I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more saturation in the girl to really bring out the contrast.


WOW! Didn’t think it was that bad that it desired a one, but I guess I was wrong,,,


#3 still rocks my world.

Beerad, how did you make this last one? It’s interesting. Definately not a 1.


Yes #3 is my favorite in this DSNLG. For #4 I took some newspaper and sprayed a bunch of paint on it. Found a nice sexy picture of a girl on the net. I took her into photoshop and took out the background. Then I begun playing with with the hues and transfers modes. I then took it into painter used some brushes in there. FInally I went back into photoshop inverted. adjusted levels again, and added my text.