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Different. Play.

18 years ago, December 22, 2004

lol, totally different to what I was expecting so it definitely hits the mark - nice start :) I’ve got a few ideas for the return, I’ll get working on it


Just out of curiosity, what were you expecting? :-)


He probably expected something different :) So did I. That’s why I had to give it a 4.


I’m not sure what I was expecting… something more illustrationish, I guess. I was caught out by the minimalism, although thats not a bad thing by any means


I was expecting the left side to be black and the right side to be white. gave it a 3


Come on Lincoln, it was different than what you expected. That deserves at least a 6.


It needs something else, but I’m not sure what. I’ve been sitting on it for a couple of days though, and I’m not gonna be able to work on it for at least a few days, so I figured I’d upload it regardless.

18 years ago, December 24, 2004

Nice volley, Bumfluff. No offense, but I am a bit disappointed. This is a similar image to the first, which defeats the theme of Different. I see that the white has been replaced by the black and vice versa, which are both complete opposites, but the piece as a whole is virtually identical to the first. I would have liked to see a drastic change, which would have fit more with the theme.


I can understand that bit about being disappointed its so similar. Don’t worry, no offence taken.

My reasoning was that differences aren’t always that different. You get big differences, and small ones - but however drastic they are, they’re still differences.

I had a bunch of ideas that I started with that were totally different, but then I thought that would be what everyone is expecting. So I made it as similar as possible, to be different. As an exploration of the theme “Different”, it would almost be an easy way out to do something totally different, because then I could do whatever I wanted.

I know it probably won’t chagne your opinion of it, but thats the explanation :)


I stand corrected. Great justification.


The thought behind it was good, But the general look, I am not a fan of.


nice idea, but execution good be better…

Is that thing in the image supposed to be chalk? The perspective looks off, which brings down the quality of the image.

Also curious as to why there is a drawing of a cheese slice on the chalkboard area…


I was also wondering that. It’s been troubling my response. I just don’t know how to answer that.


Try something different ;D


er yeah, it is supposed to be chalk. That was the best pic I could find (I didn’t have any here I could take a picture of). I didn’t want it too big, but I’m thinking that if it was larger, perhaps it would have been more obvious.

The cheese bit was to do with the phrase “as different as chalk from cheese” - thinking about it now, maybe that saying is a bit too regional. Or maybe I just didn’t show it clearly enough.

Looking back, I’m not that keen on the image, to tell the truth. I think there were too many ideas floating around in it, but they kind of worked against each other in the execution, to the extent that none of them really came out clearly. The simplicity only highlighted that.

Ah well, we live and learn :)


One-eyed primates should be banned from commenting ;P


chalk and cheese i get it now, wasnt too obvious for me but maybe thats just my interpreting skills…

anyways im sure it will all get better as the dsng progresses, these things are good for developing technical and concept skills…


If different things can look the same, and the same things can look different, that makes for an interesting conversation. Hope you didn’t forget about me, bumfluff.

18 years ago, February 21, 2005


The same isn’t different for long.


Nope, I haven’t forgotten :) I just popped on quickly to say I AM still about, and I’ll pop up a reply soonish, jsut up to my neck with work stuff atm, so it could be a little while - I will do it though!


No problem, I’m in the same boat. Take your time.


I’m curious to see how this ‘logue will progress; I like image 3, it’s very… :wait for it: symmetrical. :grin:


Man, couldn’t load the “Manage Designologues” page for ages..

OK, with this one, I wanted to get away from the formality and control we had going in the others, try and get a more organic, handmade earthy kind of feel to it, but keeping the same structure (cos I still think it’ll be boring to do something TOTALLY different). I think I’ve ended up with a Moroccan carpet or something…

18 years ago, March 7, 2005

well, whatever it is, it’s certainly… different ;)


this site only works in mozilla.

it takes forever in IE


S’ok. IE is a necessary(ish) evil. I only use it for checking cross platform stuff, otherwise its Firefox all the way…



IE @ work (blech)

Firefox @ home - so much prettier here from there.

And oh, yes, is this different.


It is different from the previous image, but alone it doesn’t say “different”, so that is what is different about it!

The word Different has just lost all meaning to me…


PS Yes, the Manage Designologues page took forever to load for me last night, tried Safari & Firefox, come to think of it, this whole site is a little slower than I’d like, but it’s such a good site I’ll forgive it that - just makes it harder than it ought to be to flick through loads of images that’s all…


“It is different from the previous image, but alone it doesn’t say “different”, so that is what is different about it!”

Yup, you’re right there. The image doesn’t realy say anything outside the context of the logue. I was thinking about that when I was working on it, but I figured the look and feel of it was quite a jump from the previous image, and I’m kinda wary about changing it too much. Sounds silly, but I didn’t want TOO much of a difference (for the reasons I’ve said before).

That said, I don’t think we’ve moved that far, considering we’re halfway through now, maybe its time for a kick in the pants.

I’ve got a couple of ideas for progression, but I don’t want to influence the response, so I’m keeping quiet for now :)


maybe you guys have been moving too much in the direction of “opposites.” you should try more of a compare-contrast thing. showing differences…


I like the kick in the pants idea (purely from a slang perspective, not from a realist perspective!). You’ve added some color and ideas to this ‘logue with IMG 04. But these are all still variations on a theme; these are all still very similar. I’m interested in seeing where this goes.