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Sorry this took so long to get started Bearskinrug.

Been caught up in reality and all? Here we go with the Retarded Artistry! Thought I would start off on a directional note. We will follow these rules during this designologue. Your finger up in vigour can finally rest. This is gonna’ be fun…


20 years ago, March 8, 2003

Don’t worry about the delay, tacosaurus. I know you’re a busy… uh… mexican lizard.


Man, taco. Your creative director is a bitch.

20 years ago, March 9, 2003

Ted… Don’t get me started on that guy. I have a stack of drawings like this at home, all of em’ on notes he has written’ me. One day when I decide to just walk out of this hell hole, I am gonna’ leave all of them posted up in my cubicle, with a fresh steaming turd on my keyboard. There will be a note poking out taped to a kebab skewer which will read, “This Turds For Ted!”

just some ole retarded artistry.


20 years ago, March 10, 2003

funny shit (literaly taco) boys…


Nobody seems to “Feel me” like me. I love how everyone bashes my shit on the ratings. Bearskinrug is feelin’ it. Or is he?


Feeling what? Ratings bashing? I’m not sure…I’m getting a pretty low rating on hot or not…but then, I don’t think I’m showing enough nipple…


Thats the spirit! Thats what I want to hear. Show some nipple! Bring out the BIG GUNS. Lets put this shit to shame. From now on—> Artistic Retardation Will only refer to retardation of the illest sense of artistic application. We can go all line art and handrawn from here. No Fonts! Straight from the brain! Who cares how it is done! Like that cannibus song that sucked, but got better when the X-Ecutioners remixed it mad years ago. If you have no clue what I am talking about, then this is a poor analogy, but BRING OUT YOUR BIG GUNS! Cold act ill and get retarded! Don’t take this as threatening at all, I just want some one to blow my mind. That is what this thing is all about isn’t it? Save your real talents for the truest challenges. Test me and my abilities, I need someone to really test me. I am humble to the point of ARTISTIC RETARDATION. -Tacosaurus…an online unit. the sleeper cell of the artworld… , but not in the terrrrrorist sense… although I have every intention of fucking it up! Oaftarded Worldwide!


Well, Taco. I like that idea. But will Ted?

20 years ago, March 11, 2003

Hmmm, Artie. Line Dancing is my bag, but I need to take a raincheck in order to work on my response.


Those are some impressive illustrations Bearskin. Are those originals made specifically for this designologue?

Either way, it’s still an awesome image.


Yes they are originals - but all the credit goes to Artie. He’s one hell of a comper! (wink, nudge)


this is a sweet DSNLG…don’t follow the ratings, follow you heart..this is great stuff guys.


I really can’t believe this last image hasn’t gotten straight 4’s!! Who wouldn’t vote 4 for it? It’s like Tony the Tiger great!


I didn’t vote a 4 for it.

It’s not because I think it doesn’t deserve it. In fact I think it is outstanding. The illustrations are great and Mr. Rug is doing a hilarious job playing off the tacosaurus’s wackiness. This image is a 4 all the way.

It is because of this problem I have been having with an overzealous clicking finger (inman can tell you). It seems to have a mind of it’s own. Maybe it is too much tedious copy editing. Maybe it is just too much galaga playin that has got the finger all worked up. I think the ol’ digits need a vacation.

So Mr. Rug just imagine that your image has a perfect 4 rating (or maybe the great dsnlg gods will perform another miracle to encourage us to keep the faith). Unless some one else didn’t give it a four. In that case I say we pull out the torches, assemble the angry mob and have ourselves a good ol’ witch hunt.


Exceptional. Splendid. Dare I say “fab?”



Bearskinrug, I love how you went from my interpretation of Ted as a pointie-shoed fat capitalist prick counting cash, to a smiley-eyed delusional republican out for the kids and american liberty( That is Magnificent. You done well. I have to work extra hard now, In order to maintain my already dimenishing rep. -Tacosaurus.

p.s.s Came up with a good raunchy comedy skit yesterday: ”Dental Dam Dumpster Diving Dan… Does It… Again And Agian And Again And Again” -Thats part of the theme song, kinda folky jingle. Its about a homeless guy who obviously can’t get laid, but hangs outside of a known lesbian brothel. He has a collection of…If you know what I mean? and that has nothing to do with the hilarity of the skit. too raunchy for HBO?


The designologue gods have looked into it and it appears that at least four other people have given it a three, the bastards…I’m sure bearskinrug isn’t worried about it though (and shouldn’t be).

Was it Lincoln who said “You can please some of the designologuers all of the time, and all of the designologuers some of the time, but you cannot please all of the designologuers all of the time?”

That was you right, Lincoln?


actually, I think you’re confusing me with the original Lincoln


You got me thinking hard now Artie, should I quit or not. I can’t take Ted and his bullshit much longer. I took a vacation, but that is just making me even more hesitant to come back.


Vacation? Ted’s been on vacation, too! Said he had to do some thinking in regards to your future with the company. You shouldn’t have eaten that client, Tacosaurus…



Sneaky Edit: I forgot what I was gonna’ do with this designologue.


Sneakier edit: you better hurry up and remember because I nearly forgot this one existed. Now I won’t be able to forget. Come back, taco!


Who in the world would give this a 3?

I think this calls for a swift kick to the nuts.


No shit! This is one of the most clever and well executed logues on the site. Whoever voted it less than a four needs to be drug out into the town square and stoned by an angry mob.


What up people? My finishing this logue is like the only thing keeping the world from blowing up. You don’t want me to finish this one, trust me, for all of our sakes.


The proof that I am incredible would be the fact that it is currently 3am in the morning on a shitty monday/tuesday fuck whatever day it is the weeks drag on and on and blah blah blah and I am suppesedly posting that last comment at 08:02 pm on the 25th when it’s actually the 26th.

Something like this. rightclick…

Good Morning Inman.


holy crap its taco if you truly love your taco set it free… good to see you how’s life treating you?

and I, for one, would like to see the world blow up, so get to work.


yo yo lincoln…

I’ve been busy working and harassing other internets. Nothing much interesting outside of that and my car dying on my birthday. Right now I have almost achieved transcension as I am still able to laugh and joke despite the fact that my life is in complete shambles.

What’s badass these days is that I am officially owned by a soulsucking corporation, without consent. The company I was working for got bought out for eleven million and now I’m a slave.

Inspirational angst is in overabundance, but I lack the funds necessary to express the ideas spewing forth. I’m sick of the computer/screen limitation, that’s why I’m not all over this shit anymore.

oh the things I could tell you if I my throat wasn’t being held at the knifepoint of secrecy…


Boy do I know how you feel. My company got bought by a larger publicly traded corporation a few months ago for a massive chunk o change. What did I get out of it? More responsibility, same old pay. Currently eyeballing the next thing.


From The Dead. I encourage you to be cautious in your pursuits…

Hell Tacosaurus Wrecked…

17 years ago, August 22, 2005

It must be old designologue revival month.


all i can say is farkn nice work…


Yeah, it isn’t like this is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen come from del taco, but it is the perfect response.


wicked ‘louge guys! :)