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21 years ago, January 7, 2002

I love how this seems like you are looking at the boots from the soldier in the image before.

21 years ago, January 11, 2002

21 years ago, January 15, 2002

This song was a favorite among kamakaze pilots. Strange and beautiful, especially when one considers what they were about to do.

After a year I still really like my concept here, but maybe it was too complex to fit in one little designologue box.

21 years ago, January 19, 2002

21 years ago, January 23, 2002

So why Michelangelo’s Pieta? Why the glow-in-the-dark Jesus? Why the use of designologue aesthetics? Why no sign of .hiro’s last image anywhere?

OK, so after .hiro’s version of heaven I thought about examining the death of Christ. After playing with many ideas I thought I would examine the iconography of Jesus, and see if they may give some insight into the meaning behind his death. Does the Pieta show the glory of his falling? Does the Glow-in-the-dark jesus signify a death of the ideals he stood for.

I used the look of designologue in order to make the background more invisible and highlight the two icons. Also the use of the website elements like the drop menus are to encourage you to switch the words under the two images or make them the same and see what that means to you.

So many great and horrible things have been done in the name of Jesus. Was his death simply that of a man, or was it something glorious? I am not asking for your answer, just your thought.

20 years ago, March 6, 2003

Very nice baby.

umm ahem, I mean RevDrLuv


I feel it´s kind of strange that your image has to be backed up by your comment so it makes sense to me. I feel that the image should convey it´s own explanation.


Did it really? I think having the words death and glory applied to to the pieta and the plastic jesus implies a lot.


after some consideration I think I apreciate the image better now than when I first saw it. I like the dropdown menus and the notion that you could choose or switch “glory” and “death between the images beacause it could be considered both ways.


I guess the problem could be that I didn’t choose to illustrate one point-of-view or make a statment with this image.

My goal was just to present a question for others to think about. So the only point is the thought process it provokes, I can see how that is not an immediately clear concept.


I can’t figure out where you might go from here .hiro. Good luck, can’t wait to see it (although take your time, I know you are moving).


This is the last image posted to one of .hiro’s designologues. You must have overloaded his fragile, over-designologuing mind Good Rev. Where is .hiro the masses askes? Finding glory in meat space while dead to the ether? We miss you .hiro!


I loved how this started. #2 made me smile not only because of the whole translation of the first image, but the amazing angle that he chose to portray it at. Loved it loved it, its going to be intresting to see how the regilious thing goes, hopfully .hiro runs with that.