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a weak start and im the first to admit

21 years ago, December 27, 2001

i totally screwed the pooch on this one last year. looking back at it.. what was i thinking with the aliased.. but not REALLY aliased lines.. jeez.

21 years ago, December 31, 2001

from shanks response, i tried to keep in the spirit of religion v. science. i was fairly satisfied with the way it was headed.

21 years ago, January 3, 2002

again. looking back i could have done so much better. i think i wasnt really into this conversation much at the time.

21 years ago, January 7, 2002

shank, even though you werent really into it at the time, you really made a good point with your last image. i think that was where the conversation started to go somewhere meaningful. even if you could have done better, the point was well taken.

21 years ago, January 10, 2002

this is me trying to be philosophical. i think. i really just used to get so wrapped around the axle thinking about the infinite nature of the space around this little planet.

i try not to think about it too much anymore.

21 years ago, January 14, 2002

we’re in agreement at this point, methinks

21 years ago, January 17, 2002

cosmos… dedicated to the men and women who have paid the ultimate price trying to reach a little further into the unknown.

20 years ago, February 16, 2003

Congrats shank - this is the first designologue completed under the new system!

Dangerously sensational, yet taste- and skillfully done.

I’m going to take this opportunity to inform everyone that you can edit, or create if one doesn’t already exist, your past image comments


to be honest. i think if there was one thing i could die right after doing… it would probably be to see the earth from outer space. then from there… just push me in a direction… any direction away from this planet.

give me a radio and i’ll keep everyone posted on what i see until i died i guess.

screw space stations.. just get a couple of volunteers with nothing better to do and shoot them out in all directions from the earth. a very low tech solution.


nice finish Shankd0g. classy and clean. props.