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can american culture infest its neighbors in the world? proof positive.

20 years ago, March 4, 2003

The sad thing is that any human being that can buy a pack of ground beef can make a better burger. Makes you wonder what is in the magical McDonald’s burger.

You guys ever heard of this site?


The McBiggest™ turnout since the McSecond™ coming.

20 years ago, March 5, 2003

LOL… Taco I love you.


I love you too my children.


That’s awesome…McChurch™! Can I get fries with that?!?


Señor Tacos, you rock!

Well, at least your design does ;D


Really going out on a limb here people. back me up, don’t know if I can do this alone. If I get struck dead because of this post. Make sure that I am shot from a canon to the grave. PLEASE. It is my last request. Gunpowder, canon size, trajectory and dead-weight are all factors you need to take into concideration.

God just e-mailed me…he sounded pissed.


ShapeShifting to another megacorp… this is one dude i’d never do work for!

20 years ago, March 5, 2003

Yes, i guess you can tell that i am a fan of adbusters.

Corporate Greed is bred here in America!!!! The fatter the pockets, the slimmer the payouts.

To read a true story about how one graphic designer is fighting the corporate cola giant over stolen design work, please check out Coca–Karma.


Just Thought This was an interesting picture. A girl I work with is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria (pictured), she brought it in to work to show us the architecture, but I couldn’t get past all the american corporate logo fesces smeared across this SINGLE block of a beautiful european town. There is no escape from their stranglehold.

Pepsi™ gets the Award for Highest Ups. Coca-Cola™ gets the Award for Most Ups. McDonalds™ gets the Award for Biggest Ups.

Rock On Corporate America. Whoooo-hooo!

20 years ago, March 6, 2003

Very cool!

btw, you did leave out the “West” logo. I always thought theese were American cigarettes as well.. am I wrong?


pretty sure West is a european brand.


The McDonalds™ banner says “Welcome” in Russian/ same in Bulgarian. Translates roughly to english- Dobri Doshli.

Nifty Trivia.


how about a dream sequence… i snapped this pic of my roomate yesterday, he had just gotten his wisdom teeth yanked. so i figured with his “loss of wisdom”, a dream about becoming one of the seven most power people on earth might be in order.

20 years ago, March 7, 2003

for all those who don’t reconize…

in order to give full props on this image i need to thank my friends the future farmers

they have been on point in bringing the next level shizz plus keeping an eye out for corporate big wigs.

in order to understand who they are, one must accept the fact that they rule


Those sites are sweet.


“Like most of you, when I opened my newspaper Sunday morning, Feb. 2, the front page featured the terrible loss of the seven astronauts aboard Columbia.

It wasn’t until much later, after having read every section about the seven, that I turned to page 13 and found a brief article about 70 people who died the same day in a train wreck in India. Seven people made the front page; seventy made page 13.

It set me thinking about how we value things, and people. Seven people who died in the extraordinary circumstances of a disintegrating space shuttle minutes from landing captured front page news and days of media coverage, while ten times that number killed in an all too-frequent train wreck in India barely made the first section of the Sunday paper.

It set me to asking, who are the page 13 folk of my life? Who are the ones that barely make it into my consciousness? Is it the drunk and obviously homeless woman who mumbles to herself with an occasional outburst of profanity as she pushes a grocery cart loaded with a rag-tag assortment of goods through the center of Philadelphia? Is it the hapless immigrant who has died of heat exhaustion in the back of a locked truck left stranded in the desert in Arizona? Or is it the people of Iraq, or those desperate youths who strap bombs to their bodies in their rage at Israel? In my calculus of human worth, who makes page 13?

The truth is, for the most part, I’m a page 13 folk, myself. In Mission and my local newspaper might carry a notice of my passing some day in the future, but by and large my passing and your passing will really be quite unremarkable in the lives of all but those closest to us.”

-ABCUSA General Secretary A. Roy Medley

Tacosaurus say OTAY!

20 years ago, March 8, 2003

Yo! That shit is UGLY!

The way it is supposed to be…



could you abuse helvetica any more?


I love how the rating on this image is just falling ever so rapidly.

Controversy within a bad design gone good, gone really tasteless.

I love shock value and all its blunders.


start strong

finish strong

that’s the key?

bring it 212!


quite the power statment you have in image 06 there taco…..reading that massive monolog you had there I don’t the relation to what you said and image 6. was there supposed to be?

Creeper still is the illuminati on the cross which is said to be a montary super powered religion and then it all equals out to being baptist. interesting indeed.

This whole DSNLG went from interesting to WTF.


the comments were not mine. They were that of the secretary of theABCUSA. Creepier still is his repetitive use of numbers 7 and 13.

the cross is intentional.—>it doesnt represent just baptists, just a correlating religious corporation. It was basically a reference to my first response. Comparing Coroporate power and religious power. Religion has its own beurocracy and power structure, and acts like a corporation in America. And Baptists are extreme examples of this, especially in the south.


Any baptists out there to TESTIFY?





i used to be baptist, then they tried brainwashing me, it almost workedbaptistsforever. But now I am in a new religion that is actually becoming it’s own relgion and then is the non relgion called non denominational.

as far as design goes I think the “dreams are made of this” could have been deep sixed and the same thinng coudl have been said with the rest of the elements. somethign a little cleaner purhaps.

but this after all your designologue. However it is not the religion that is the coporation it is the church and those the run it that treat it like a coporation. The label just gets a bad rap.

I type to much


I never attacked the people of the church. Have you ever seen the amount of Christian related nonsense floating about. Have you been into a christain bookstore. Creepy places despite how inviting they are.

They sell things made by CORPORATIONS. We are talking about POWER STRUCTURES. Not the people in the church, but the people behind the church. Tammy Faye and Jim Baker->christainity has a history you know. I dare you to watch the Trinity Broadcasting Network for an hour without being suspiscious about who is taking who for a ride.


Yeah… you’re right dude. I should have asked you for it. But I’m making up for my mistake now and if you want me to take it out I understand. Once again, sorry for my abuse… hope you’re in a good mood and let it stay there…


My artwork is posted where it is posted for specific reasons. I do not want my artwork reproduced anywhere without at least a notification.

I will let it slide, since I caught you…