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Control can be a lot of different things. Lets see where it can take us…

19 years ago, June 30, 2004

Who’s in control bitch! =) I like everything but the red…. blood? I don’t now, makes something that is good and bad. The background is great.


I love it. even more than heidi. I like the red too. nice stuff hbruce.


Even more then heidi?! Man - how can anyone like anything more then her?! ;)

I’m a little bit uncertain of the red myself. I wanted some strong color to balance the mellow hues in the rest of the picture but I somehow thinks that it may be a little bit over the top. Anyway, red is a symbol of power and force (and blood also, true, but that’s not really what I was intending) and I wanted Poseidon to be in control of this great force. The rings around it is a slight reference to the atom and the small balls would then be electrons swoching around the core. Is that movement visible or am I so caught up with the concept that I see whatever I want to see? :)


Oh, I almost forgot! Here’s a challenge: Who can spot the shark first?!


great image hbruce! it really begs to be looked at.

i like the red a lot.


I disagree about the red. It’s too saturated and thus doesn’t work with the rest of the colors. A more burgandy red would have been a better match imo.


besides the wacky tone of the red…i would have preferred to have seen it treated differently, so that it matched and fell more inline with the water color vibe the rest of this has. maybe it could have been dripping or streaked instead of spattered.

not sure you needed the word control in upper right corner, a bit too literal for me.

other than that i totally dig this. the rest of the image has a lot of thought, detail and subtlety. i am all about the subtlety.


I forgot to say that this is a top notch image! If it weren’t for my quibbles with the red I might have even gone for the 4.


without cupid, poseidon never would’ve had a love affair with his sister…

19 years ago, July 2, 2004


Great concept. Great execution and use of previous image. Amazing save of the red color.

How the heck did you spy that curve to highlight with a horizon line???


Agree with Dr. Luv. You guys are really “in control” of the images. I can’t wait to see this DSLG finish. Keep up the good work^_


I’m liking it alot. and the miner chnages like the hearts in the control box, very cool.




nice one zdoob, nice play on the previous and the background looks awesome…


Best fucking design I think I’ve seen so far.


Mmm… Very nice! Lovely treatment of the theme, color and composition!

I’ll see what I can come up with now… :) Have some ideas but I think I’ll have to play around a little.

One thing I just noted about the image now. I like the subtle hearts in the Control-textbox but I think the heart on cupids body is too sublte. When I look at my (lcd) screen from my usual angle its to little contrast for it to be visible at all.

I’m happy you kept the shark! ;)


c’mon hbruce. i want more. and i still don’t see a shark.