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Contrast in size.

19 years ago, March 28, 2003

and weight!


and color.


and flava


Ah, but they are both fruit.


Bauhaus-a-licious. Nice work!


stick a fork in the Bauhaus, cause its done.


ummmm, where can I go to get a 56”/ 256lbs watermelon? That is like a person or something. Frickin’ Huge!

Nice design though! I like.




Ok ~ long time in the making…. well, long time in the procrastination.

Execution of the piece represents “contrast” through content and stylings. I will comment more soon.

19 years ago, April 22, 2003

….so, and since this is my first Designologue, my ideas are a bit scrambled. Feeling that “want to do it all” feeling, ya know?

I’m not entirely happy with the results of Image 2, but as the conversation continues I hope my contributions become clearer. Alot of initial concept thinking went into this image, yet the execution might not bring those ideas across. I dunno….

Very nice first image there bearskin. Lotsa inspiration and avenues to work from!


Ahhh. Contrasting synthetic with organic. Duality. Seminiferous. Tacosaurus Jests.


i like the second image when looked at seperately from the theme. but, i dont immediately grasp the connection from the first to second. i was VERY impressed with th concept of the first image. and was really hoping to see a very literal contrast represented in the image. but enough with the expectations.

i like the humor. a future in plastics. isnt that a line from somewhere? a song maybe? this image has a west coast, sprite ad, feel to it.

i like the dimension with the white spaca contrasting the greenish sky..

ill go with the latest trend, and reserve my rating untill furhter notice.

good work.


Nice post, cash! Clever way to contrast the first image!

Good colors, font and layout… what is it you’re not happy with?


He is beating himself up. and he doesn’t know why.


taco: did you say “seminiferous “..

heeh eheh he said seminiferous tubules…


Reduce, Reuse & Recycle


Ahhh, I remember now what I’m a bit disappointed with.

I should have used some restraint w/ the photographic background. I think its not needed…

Also, bearskin used complementary colors in his image and a “contrast” to that would be simply a black/white image… the greenish color doesn’t follow the concept.

To add some clarity to where I was going: Bearskins image has obvious connection to the Bauhaus/Constructivism movement. I looked to the “contrast” of this…. freeform non-functionalism design. With using type as image, alot of inspiration came from the concrete poets.


I like the use of the photograph in this image. In BSR’s image photographs were used in a more classical, illustrative way. Your design uses the photo for texture in a disconnected Carson-esque way. Rock on, ccashdollar!


bharper: future in plastics is from a well know movie, does this clue help? well, here’s to you mrs. robinson, doo do doo doo do doo do doo doo doo doo doo

if you are still clueless (the graduate)

ccashdollar, this is sweet, other than the color in the photo in the background i think this is a really good response. i agree that the black and white would have been more of a contrast. this designologue seems like it is off to a fabulous start. Really strong discourse and designs between two designers. NICE


ccashdollar: Have you ever heard of a designer called Martin Venezky? He was the art director of the now-defunct Speak magazine, and my personal design hero. Your style reminds me very much of his. I dig it.

True, the contrast within your image could be played up a bit more, but there is a great deal of contrast between this image and the last. Type-wise and style-wise.


Thanks for the encouraging words and excellent feedback folks!

Aarseth… no, i haven’t heard of Mr. Venzky. I would be interested to find out more. Does he have a URL?

If anyone hasn’t checked it yet, Beaskin’s online sketchbook has been listed as a Link Extraordinaire on k10k this morning! check it


bearskin’s da bomb..

ccash, your typograrphy is really nice…also, pulling the white section out in the middle really made this composition dynamic. way to go..


Martin Venezky’s design firm: Appetite Engineers

The Flash in the site is extremely lame, but if you can wade through that to see some of his printed work, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Looking forward to the next image!!


Yeah - the flash isn’t impressive, but that work is great. Their style of typography is amazing in that a slight shift in size or position, or even the tiniest change in font and the whole design could look amateur. Yet it stays professional, balanced on the edge. Very skillful…


Aarseth…Venezky is one of my favorites as well…I have every issue of Speak, and “Bordertown” is actually really interesting as well. He was really influential in my student-days…


I fucking love this first one. Bearskin, you rock.


Contrast in language.

18 years ago, April 28, 2004

I had forgotten about this one.

Clever clever!


nice image here. I like the texture on the next page!! Bravo~ But where is da asian language now? me want see asian word…hahaha


looks good nice carry over with colors

Whats with the part on the right?


I’m happy to see this one back in action.

But, bear, I can barely (pun intended) believe this is your work. It’s sorta suck-ass compared to what i’m used to seeing out of you. The type looks wierded out. I don’t really get the image, or care to.

Whats up with that shit?


If you are too dumb to get it, maybe you shouldn’t comment about it!

What’s up with THAT shit? Boyeee!

Type does look to be the victim of bad compression though, I’ll give you that. The rest is smart, funny and well layed out.


Ah Ben, such a way with words.

Funny how his “suck-ass” is still better than 71% of the rest of this site’s content.

Don’t think it’s a compression issue Rev. Photoshop has teh suck when it comes to anti-aliasing smaller text especially when on a slight angle.

Looking past the limitations of the software, I think this image successful responds to the theme while introducing something new. Besides the text quality, my only hesitation is the English copy not starting on the same base line as the other two languages.

I’m digging that letter mark Kevin. Clever.


71%? you are a frikin’ stats machine shaun! how can you know exactly the amount of worse content inside xD

In my opinion, this image (and this dsnlg) really fit with what I expect to find in this site.

Attached with the english-text mistake. It seems really copy-pasted there, but composition is still nice.


Commudesm - I would have LOVED to throw in some asian characters - but unfortunately that’s a language I can’t fake my way through. :)

Man, I didn’t mean to let you down, Ben. But if you want more explanation for why I went this way, let me know…

Inman’s right - the type is a victim of being shrunk (and rotated) in photoshop. And as for the wrong baseline and being copy-pasted? This was initially laid out with the english on the left, but I had to move the english to the right and the headline to the bottom of the “headlines” to fit it all in. Details, details - I lost the details…

You’re up, Cash…


I guess I like it more now then before. It’s not total crap.

But, the first image in the series is like one of my all time favorites and one of the most clever things ive seen.

So, I was expecting something like that.


YAWN! Oh, Rip Van Bearskin has awake from his slumber!

Expect my next frame…????

Nice image, btw.


Look, I had to spend a year learning TWO foriegn languages - get off my back!


My 2¢ here. (And an apology for the length. You’ve been warned.)

IMG01 - killer. Ginsu sharp. The clean type on top of an otherwise dirty background (old paper?) is my favorite part of this. The larger italics right next to smaller bolds turn me on somethin’ fierce. What ever that orange-red color is, it is perfect against that green. Aside from the freakish watermelon size, the shape and interaction of the type is spot on.

A critique: The centering of [WATERMELON] re: the image and the dotted line works and makes the [CHERRY] look awkward. And not in a contrast sort of way. I think I would have liked to see the cherry and dotted line w/arrows centered with the [CHERRY].

IMG01 gets a 4 for concept and aesthetic. —

IMG02 - a righteous effort. Alone, the image looks nice. Personally, I am not a fan of Carson, but I am not disliking this and can appreciate the appeal Carson layouts might have to others.

The light pole in the back is so understated and a nice touch. I actually like the color of the sky, though it does blend (thus not has harsh a contrast) with the white portion at the top. The word “Plastics” is not working for me. Every letter being different doesn’t automatically mean contrast. I think two fonts (for the entirety of the type) that don’t work together well could have gotten the point across better.

Conceptually, I don’t see it. There isn’t enough saying “contrast” to me. And I would have liked to see a pull from IMG01. So with regard to this DSNLG, I don’t think it conveys the theme. Again, alone, I can see some success. Aesthetically, I’m afraid I’m not feeling it either.

For the effort and your (and other’s) posts, I can see an average rating, but I will hold off until more are completed to rate. —

IMG03 - I am starting to feel biased. Well done, bearskin. Visually, this is just fantastic. You’ve pulled from IMG02 by way of color. Even with a focus on type. The blue(green?) of the sky is beautiful as an accent mixed with the black type. On white, everything pops. Contrast, in a typographic sense, is achieved.

However… I think you could have pulled more from IMG02. Specifically, when in the context of this DSNLG, all of IMG02. The planks on the right seem out of place. Instead, if IMG02 was seen on that “page”, I would have been in love. It would have made IMG02 that much more successful. You could be a designer -AND- a metaphorical lifeguard. I would have loved to see a book with a spread like that.

Forgive me, ccashdollar, if I have tainted any ideas for you. I hope this DSNLG doesn’t go away. I really want to see more. Quite a bit already achieved and so much potential.


Wow – that’s some great reaction, tamashii! I love to hear that kind of observation! Alright Now it’s choice-defendin’ time for me..


The first image deals with organic material, in a structured layout.

In the second image, Cashdollar has contrasted that specific ideal – an organic, free-form layout, with choices based on intuition, and spontaneity. But his content deals with a topic that reflects planning, artificiality – very un-organic things. A well-crafted reply – beautiful (to me, at least) with a legitimate point.


In the third image, I chose to create a contrast in language. Cash’s copy dealt with people adopting plastics for safety. So my copy deals with rejecting plastic structures that keep people safe and embracing organics materials that don’t care about safety. So the wood on the right is quite appropriate for the right-hand page – its plastic’s replacement.


An important thing to keep in mind with these images and their message is that the most successful images aren’t always banging you on the head with their adherence to the theme. Cash and I have both focused on one particular aspect of the previous image to contrast; any further contrast is just the result of serendipity (it is hard to avoid, after all). In fact, my color choices in the third one were influenced by my attempt to not add more contrast…

And as for bringing over imagery from the previous reply, I always break that rule :). Saying what I wanna say is worth the slap on the wrists…

Whew! I probably sound pretty windy here, but you took the time to share your opinion – so I will too; plus I don’t know if cash comes back here enough to voice his defense.


Who left the window open? hehe


I’m lobbying to get this logue started again. There aren’t many people that can think this far on the conceptual level and execute just as flawlessly. Come on, image 4!


here here!