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What happens when we get old?

18 years ago, February 22, 2003

is that a wake? a funeral? and are those smiles on those faces? are they at a frickin shopping mall?


HEY. i have that SAME outfit!



I have to admit that half of this conversation was to laugh and the other was to see reality. hmmm….


Holy crap!! Where did you get that picture of the old guy?? That’s AWESOME. Old guy whering a Walmart bag… hehehe….

Oh yea, the rest of the image is ok too.. Makes you think, and all that…


Got the picture from this guy at work that always finds these kinds of pictures. I looked at the picture and thought about how this poor guy probably worked his whole life so that he could retire to have his wife make him wear a Walmart bag just to have a laugh. Wonder what the grandchildren think?


Guess we will never see the completion of this DSLNG. I have to admit, it did not start out too pretty, but that was the point.


Yeah, I have to say that I started out with some wacky tripping crap. I think I will motion to strike it myself if no one else does. Man come on. Somebody get rid of this crap or let me redeem myself on this topic at least. For crying out loud!


:) Like the gear.

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